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3D2N Solo Staycation | Day 1: St Signature Co-Living Hotel Review + Room Tour (Chinatown Singapore) – 20 Aug 2019 #TouristinSingapore

For my birthday this year in 2019, I decided to treat myself to a solo staycation and I chose to stay at a co-living hotel in Singapore just for kicks, and to just experience this new and upcoming co-living trend.

I actually stumbled upon this listing on Airbnb when I was browsing around and it so happened that August was their official opening month with a huge 50% promotion going on, so lucky me snagged a 3D2N stay at S$134.35 (offset using Airbnb credits!)

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Well, usually I would book a trip to Bangkok for my birthday as my yearly birthday ‘pilgrimage” but ah, finances are a little tighter this year cos I haven’t been working so a local staycation would have to suffice for now.

Still, it’s honestly quite fun to play tourist in your own home, aka #TouristinSingapore to explore different places. Cheaper too ;p

After packing up and having my usual caifan lunch + a yummy char siew pau = I was off for my staycation~

The best part of it all is that the bus stops almost directly in front of the hotel so that was super convenient for me, and cheaper as well to commute via public transportation instead of taking a Grab 💸💰~

St Signature (Chinatown) – Location

And here’s my co-living hotel, ST Signature located at Chinatown situated in a restored shophouse (no lifts)!

Prefer to watch? Here’s my room + hotel tour below:

The location of the hotel is fantastic for a staycation by the way, or even as a base to start off your exploration in Singapore as a tourist 🙂

Just note that it’s quite a walk from the nearest MRT station (Chinatown) so if you have luggages and whatsnot, I suggest taking a cab down or you’ll have to drag your luggage for about 15-20 mins+ to get to the hotel.

Still, I personally think that the hotel is located at a relatively prime location! Right opposite the hotel is Nanyang Coffee where you can grab a local breakfast and the famous Chinatown Food Street for local food (though at tourist priced) with Tong Heng Confectionery a few doors.

Meanwhile, there are two 7-Eleven convenience stores around the corner – Chinatown at your fingertips, Maxwell Food Centre and plenty of cafes/bars/nightlife at Ann Siang Hill/Dempsey just behind.

It’s also technically walking distance to Tanjong Pagar area and many other places to explore to your heart’s content. Of course, the only thing is that the nearest MRT is a walk away (10-15 mins? Without luggage).

Anyway, entrance to the hotel is via this glass door.

Head up the stairs lined with lovely photos and bits of our Singapore history to get to your level or room.

Checking In

Do note that it’s a self check-in hotel so everything is done online and there’s are no staff on duty unless you seek online help from your community host on the website.


1. An S$80 refundable deposit will have to be placed, so get your credit card ready, unless the card details are already stored in your phone.
2. You’ll need to upload a photo of your passport when you check in.

Once you’re done, you’ll get your room number and passcode details (either on Level 2 / Level 3 or Level 4). As mentioned, there are no lifts in this hotel ya?

Co-Living Hotel Room Tour (Solo Room)

Entry is via the passcode and I never ever remember it. I always have to refer to my phone where I took a screenshot.

Meanwhile, welcome to my very, very humble abode! Yep, my room is the smallest/cheapest tier, where I opted for a loft-style upper bunk (lower bunk available in other rooms) and it’s windowless.

This is the only space I have per se, a multifunctional dressing table with a nice mirror on the right and a singular power plug. A set of dental kit, tissue and a small bottle of complimentary water are also provided.

There are no wardrobes so the only place to hang your towels/clothes etc is at hangers at the rack above as pictured.

Below, you can find bedroom slippers and a safety deposit box along with a waste bin.

It’s a new hotel, but I’m not impressed with the carpet flooring however.

This is my study desk with a nice IG-worthy chair and there’s a TV with Netflix installed as well.

Power points are plenty and they even have the USB power points for charging.

To get up to my bed, you’ll have to climb up these steps, even using your study table to step on.

The steps are relatively set apart so shorter people like me might find it abit of an issue. However, you can always opt for a lower bunk bed without any climbing if you so prefer.

This bed and room is for solo single traveller but they do have bigger rooms with a twin or double bed, or even triple beds depending on the size of your party.

Meanwhile, the bed is really comfy and plush and they use high-quality hotel products as you can tell. A thick and plush duvet coupled with two fluffy pillows with an embroidered ST logo on the pillowcase – I had a comfortable sleep for the two nights here.

Oh and you can really Netflix and chill from this angle too. Just remember to bring up the remote!

The bed is also where you can find a quality hotel towel provided, very thick and of super good material along with the embroidered ST logo once again.

Finally, there are also plenty of power plugs at your bedside level and the master switch so that you can turn on/off all the lights without scrambling down.

Hurhur and setting up my “base camp” for the next 3D2N here!

More importantly, I think you might have noticed that my room DOES NOT have a toilet.

And yes, you’re right.

As this is a co-living hotel, you also have to share the bathroom. Think of it like a high-end hostel with shared bathrooms lols. And nope, unlike some hostels where they actually offer room options with an attached toilet, I don’t believe ST Signature has this option.

The toilets and showers in this co-living hotel are located on every level BUT, unfortunately for me..the MALE only toilet was located at Level 2 for my floor.

To get to the FEMALE only toilet, I have to head up the stairs to get to Level 3. If it’s full, then up again to Level 4 for the MIXED gender toilet.

As such, if you’re a female traveller, you might want to possibly request for a room on Level 3 or 4 unless you’re fine with climbing the stairs.

For my case, I already resigned myself to this fate, but I have to admit that it was very inconvenient as I use the toilet frequently..taking me at least 5-10 mins to get there and back again from my room. Yars, I’m definitely not cut out for shared bathrooms as I’m so used to having an attached bathroom hahaha but yet, I survived!

Not to say that the toilets and showers are shabby hor. They are pretty “atas” / sleek and modern.

Female Bathroom (Level 3)

Here’s the female toilet on Level 3 with 3 toilets and 2 showers including one right at the end with a toilet+shower combination.

I used that particular two-in-one stall for the two nights that I stayed.

FaircosmEthics hair body shampoo are provided so you don’t have to bring your own. You do, however need to bring the towel from your room as well as your clothes etc to change in.

Marbled mirror area with Phillips high end hairdryers provided. Btw, the hair dryer is FANTASTIC and I approve of the quality!

Mixed Gender Bathroom (Level 4)

If you prefer a toilet that is more Instagram worthy, head up to the mixed gender shower/bathroom at Level 4.

Very very nice huh? There are only two toilet stalls and two shower stalls here with The White Company (London), Noir shampoo and shower gels shower condiments provided.

Plus the hair dryers once again.

Here are the other facilities and amenities of the co-living hotel!

Cook Lab (Communal Kitchen) (Level 2)

Breakfast is not provided, but you can cook/bake/heat up your own using the shared communal kitchen using the high-end Miele oven/induction cooker and other kitchenware, utensils etc available at the Cook Lab and dine there as well. There’s also a free flow coffee machine and a communal fridge.

More importantly for me – a water dispenser.

This spot is usually a hangout spot for the residents of the co-living hotel to hang out and make friends, or even work here but I mainly kept to my own hahaa. I’m not very social 😅

Often, you can find the Community Host of the hotel here as well if you’ve got any questions.

Patio (Level 2)

Further out back, there’s an outdoor Patio with lockers to store your belongings/luggage as needed. I guess it’s also a hangout spot if you smoke? Supposedly, there’s a vending machine but I think it hasn’t been installed in yet.

Reception Area? (Level 2)

I reckon this is a reception area or co-working space spot or something in the co-living hotel. However, there’s no air conditioning here, nor power plugs and it can be quite warm.

It does however, offer a nice view of Chinatown across the street.

And some tourist site destinations pamphlets for your reading.

Outdoor Lawn (Level 4)

You can also find an outdoor “lawn” located on Level 4. Fake grass ah HAHHAHA 😅

It’s frankly too hot to chill here during the day so I only took a photo. However, I did utilize this space when Candy came over for a visit the next day and we hung out here chatting for HOURS after dinner till midnight. A great space at night for conversations 🙂

Oh and there’s even a room here, 401 which I find really interesting.

Shared Steamer (Level 2) and Iron (Level 3 & 4)

Lastly, I think this is a garment steamer (please correct me if I’m wrong) or iron that is located on my floor.

Other levels have the iron instead.

And that’s pretty much it for my room / hotel tour of this co-living hotel I stayed in!

If you’re interested, you can search it up on Airbnb or Booking(dot)com! Remember to use my codes below to enjoy some great $$ savings!

ST Signature Chinatown
273A South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058822

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Meanwhile, for the rest of the day, I just recced around the area to get my bearings passing by Chinatown Street, Chinatown Complex and etc before landing up back to visit my old office and ex-colleagues at Keong Saik area.

Ended up with a super impromptu salad dinner + catch up session at Kraftwich over at Tanjong Pagar Centre with my dear Abi~

And last but not least, indulging in some supermarket shopping / browsing before calling it a night.

Oh and I actually did some work as well hahahaha.

All in all, a great start to Day 1 of my solo staycation!(:

Day 2 is a more touristy and fun cos I explored Chinatown a little more so stay tuned to tomorrow’s post to read up about it!

Read it here: 

Meanwhile, thanks always for reading!


🏨 Psst.. Love to travel? Hotel/Staycation Deals for you below:

Book your accommodations on using 
THIS link here for S$40 refund (min S$80) on your credit card!

Alternatively if you prefer Airbnb, 
sign up HERE for S$45 off your first stay (min S$100)

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