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Results from a 4 Day Experiment x Sneak Peek at a Before & After (TCM Slimming) – 15 Aug 2019

It’s the day of my 7th session of TCM slimming with Han Dian TCM and this means taking the measurements in the morning and then going for the weight in later that afternoon.

Tbh, I was a little apprehensive wondering if I gained weight as I’ve kinda been on an “experiment” of sorts over the last 4 days where I:

  • Didn’t step out of home
  • Didn’t do ANY exercise
  • In a nutshell, I just ate, slept, played my Yokai Kitchen game, read my stash of books and mostly kept to myself in the comfort of my bed / bedroom like a true hermit or semi-hikikomori.

It was awesome btw, this self-imposed isolation of sorts and I think I can survive like this for a long, long time as long as I’ve got some entertainment (or Internet) on hand. 😂

Anyway, the main point of this experiment is to see if such a sedentary lifestyle will result in any weight loss or drop in measurements for my case.

Well, good news is that the measurements seem to have dropped on some areas while others maintained!

More importantly, I tested the theory by stepping on the weighing scale at Han Dian TCM later that afternoon during my appointment and woo, it actually went down by a few grams!

I know most of the time I haven’t really been showing any actual figures or pictures so you must be wondering if I’m just making it up right? :p

So here’s sharing a sneak peek of a before and after photos of my measurements taken on the day of my first session (29 July) and another one take today, on my seventh session (15 Aug).

Yeppers, pictures don’t lie! This is for my waist btw!(:

As always, if you’re interested to try – remember to use my promo code to enjoy the trial session!

Han Dian TCM (汉典中医) 
930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City #03-15
Singapore 769098

Consultation Hours: 10.30am - 9.30pm daily

Reader Promotion! Enjoy 3 sessions of either cupping or acupuncture @ $120! 
Mention that you are mitsueki's blog reader and book an appointment in advance in order to enjoy this exclusive promotion! (: 

Make an Appointment with Dr Huang: 67528098 / 96249486

Just note that it’s acupuncture and cupping and the former does involve needles ya? You can read about the acupuncture process HERE and the cupping process HERE which I blogged about back in 2014.

The things women do for beauty and slimming 😅

Disclaimer: individual results may vary due to body constitutions and other factors.

That aside, since this hermit was forced to head out – she’s gonna enjoy herself by..

Heading to the library to stock up on more books for another self imposed hermit session HAHHAHA.

Trying out another new author once again!

And I found two new books I haven’t read from one of my (many) favourite authors!


Btw, there’s a National Reading Challenge happening now where you can win some great prizes! Fingers crossed lols.

My last stop for the night => Cold Storage to pick up some healthy / dried fruit snacks from Alison’s Pantry!

Fyi, those most curious about my diet and what I eat for the weight loss:

Caifan lunch (note that I don’t touch much of the rice).

Very weird dinner where my mom donated her fish with pineapple curry and I added veggies and egg white (don’t even ask).

Before filling up with a whole apple and snacking on my almonds/cranberries and dried bananas!

Lol, and no – this isn’t the recommended weight loss diet, but my own weird rendition of whatever works for me as long as there are minor carbs and lots of veggies HAHAHHA.

Last but not least, I started on the new author, Katie Ruggle (pretty sure that’s not her real name 🤔) and it’s pretty decent!

And finally – yeesss I’m still addicted to playing my Yokai Kitchen, and this day marks my 4th day of playing it so far! Lol, I’m impressed with myself for continuously making progress in the game.

*Pats self on back

Ah, my priorities in life are so wrong, lol.


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♥ mitsueki

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2 Comments on “Results from a 4 Day Experiment x Sneak Peek at a Before & After (TCM Slimming) – 15 Aug 2019

  1. You made me laugh so hard about your self-deprecating humor towards the end – when you patted yourself on the back for playing games. 🙂

    And nice to see the improvement, despite a sedentary lifestyle. That’s very different from what I do in my slimming challenge, but it’s always good to know the available options as long as they work.

    1. Hahaha I’m glad you appreciate my brand of humour, some people might not get it

      Hehe and thank you! We all work differently for sure but as long as it works for us = it’s all good! Keep it up! I’m restarting my fitness routine now(:

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