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My Newest App Addiction, 小红书 (For Now) – 22 July 2019

Lol, this probably looks like one of my sponsored ad posts, but I assure you – it’s not hahahahhaha 🤣

Figured that this would be a more interesting thing to blog about OTHER than my usual daily blog posts about my (rather boring/mundane) daily life because time is pretty much spent doing the same things now.

Eat. Sleep. Exercise/bounce. Lepak one corner. Keep a lookout for my next job etc. And generally trying out alot of new apps, reading etc.

Just that occasionally, it is a LITTLE more happening when I go out and such la, but generally, not so much :p

Anyway, I’m just surprised that I’m actually using a Chinese app esp when I’m so “ang moh pai” / English based. However, honestly speaking, you don’t really need to speak or even read much Chinese to be able to use this app efficiently or for fun.

Similar to TikTok/ByteDance – it can be VERY addictive so you’ve been warned.

To start off, their main feed is disgusting because the algorithm is damn smart and will recommend you everything that you will want to click on to check out based on your previous browsing preference.

In this case, this is mine – and you’ll notice that it curated posts according to my interest or what I last clicked.

– Cute animals

– Slimming (lol)

– Posing Techniques

– Artsy stuff

Plus many more as you keep scrolling and scrolling down. It’s never ending 😂

There are three types of feeds btw. The left most will be your posts and posts from people that you follow, the middle is the default feed (think of it like the Explore page on Instagram), and the right will be the curated posts posted by people around your vicinity.

Generally I’m the veritable consumer here in 小红书 rather than the curator/creator, though I’ve been starting to be a little active in mirroring the same posts here in broken/simple Chinese captions from my IG/FB 😂

Anyway, just sharing some adorable snippets of what I’ve discovered on 小红书 recently from this really sweet guy. I also shared this on my IG stories @mitsueki in case you’ve missed it out!

Tldr; this really nice guy found a bunch of kitty cats (a mom + 3 male kittens) who started treating the window ledge outside his home as their home, and he’s been documenting their progress and what he does everyday in his account from cooking/buying their food to getting them a kitty litter and cleaning up.

Perfectly mundane but yet..I can’t help but keep watching and just waiting for him to post his updates!


Oh and of course, you’ll see the kitties slowly trusting him as the time goes by too. From initial distrust and hissing at the start to being okay to being carried.


And more adorable critters 😍

Is your heart full..just like mine? 🐈🧶

Other than that, I also like the save function where you can save the things you view into a Collection on Instagram. Very good for creating inspiration boards and such and the most awesome part is that is a mixture of static/motion/video!

Plus the quality of the original content produced by the Chinese Content creators on 小红书 are REALLY good.

Note: Some of them are reposted content or ripped off from Pinterest / Facebook la but still ok.

In a nutshell, a very very addictive app to be on. Lol my attention span is pretty short so we shall see how long it can hold my attention for and whether I’ll get rid of it once I find that it’s not productive for my time 😂

Not a fan of such apps and want some video recommendations? Here’s a list HERE!

P.s and those wondering about my day to day life instead. Na, some snippets for today’s round up of #theunproductivelife. lol



Contemplating to publish all my old posts lols.


More importantly, thanks always for reading and I hope you enjoyed this style of blog posts! Meanwhile, stay tuned to my next post coming up tomorrow at 1228pm GMT+8~


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