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Last Push Sunday x Goodbyes – 14 July 2019

Before any excitement begins, there’s always the mundane and dreaded administrative stuff to do first and that’s what my entire Sunday is devoted towards!

Indeed, it’s always a race against time to get things done but once you grit your teeth and get it over with, it will be worth it in the end 💪

Before anything though, it’s the usual fuel up!

Focusing on getting at least 2-3 posts up for SG Lifestyle! Yeah yeah I know I keep saying I wanna give up on it but I find myself still putting in effort. Idk why 😭

Heh and some parting farewell gifts. It’s been a pleasure getting to know my team and working with them over the last few months, albeit remotely! ♥️ Never say never though because we probably might have the opportunity to work together again in the future!

Honestly speaking, I’m gonna be missing the laptop the most! And PAINT LOL. Y’all don’t know how useful Paint and a screen screen button is, but I love it!

Meanwhile, I’m just glad that I got those emails cleared all scheduled for release the next morning at 10am! That’s a nice nifty function from Gmail if you never knew!

Lol, bonus video of me – de-stressing with TikTok, just because lols. 🐼

Last but not least, in the name of fun; I’m proud of my work and how strong the SEO is for SG Lifestyle! Heh, least somehow.. something is going right in my life 😆😅

Smile 🙂

P.s and don’t forget – who are you, not to be?(:


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♥ mitsueki

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