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Missing the Corporate Life?! – 8 July 2019

Remote working / freelancing is great. But yet, I kinda (occasionally) miss the physical comradely of like-minded colleagues/friends the most for now, alongside a plethora of other things back in my corporate life.

Yeah, hot damn do I miss the relatively easygoing life back in those days as a typical office lady in Singapore (okay, actually not that typical) where you just have to be hard at work (albeit, rather routine) during the day from 9-6 but enjoy a nice 1 hour lunch break (occasionally, a little longer), lepak sometimes and then have the money and freedom after work to spend chilling out with friends or to go online shopping while enjoying the cushy corporate life benefits (I MISS YOU FLEXI BENEFITS) alongside with a steady paycheck + CPF coming in monthly and a nice fat guaranteed bonus after all that hard work yearly.

I miss my yearly DND as well. Even though I never won anything major, but dressing up and everything is fun! 😭

Lol, yeah my corporate life back then was awesome and the benefits are great too. I’m sorely pampered by them lol.

*Pokes current existing broke AF freelancer life now

There were many, MANY choices I made earlier in life which I sometimes regret when I look back now. Perhaps you can say I lack foresight for the future, because back then – if I had the foresight and evaluated/looked at my existing choices properly.. maybe my life would be so much different then.

However, if I didn’t make those choices that I did back then – I wouldn’t be who I am now either. Which is not THAT bad after all if you come to think of it HAHHAHA.

Personally, I think my biggest takeaway from everything so far are four things: 1) Life experiences 2) A little more knowledge 3) A little more empathy perhaps 4) Most importantly, the lifelong friendships and new connections I’ve made.

So yeah, it’s not that bad because all of the above are priceless and will serve me well better for my future too.

I’m not that young, but luckily, I’m not like crippling old either; albeit being a very picky, fussy, stubborn and headstrong mule (er.. 对牛弹琴, ever heard of it?) so eh. Got hope la har? 🤣

P.s, in case you were wondering what set me off?

  1. An interview request on my Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady. Unfortunately, I’m no longer one, for now so I had to decline! 🙁

  2. Bouncing ideas off with a very like minded individual. That was exciting to work on and that also sparked one of the reasons on why I quit for my adult gap year in the first place for this.

*As in the brainstorming, fun part. Not the individual hor. Back then, it was my short stint in the CO’s recreation committee and I really enjoyed how fun it was!

Oh, then #2 spiralled and BOOM! Whatt, we co-produced an article together! Okay, more like we bounced off ideas/titles here and there and tadaahhh.

All content written by Razoredgez btw, with just tiny tiny edits by moi, of course to make sure that the brand voice of the post doesn’t differ too much! Oh my, am I finally living up to an editor’s role? HAHA

Post is up is here below:


Lol, I guess you might see more of Razoredgez on SG LIFESTYLE soon? That was a big help btw, a load off my shoulders when I didn’t have to keep writing all the time hahah. Well, at least for one day. DELEGATION FEELS GOOD TOO HAHAHHA. But I still need more time to fully let go perhaps.

Nonetheless, woohoo! The first successful guest contribution to SG Lifestyle ☑️

Bounce classes next to end off my night! This is #4 of my unlimited pass and so far, so good! Gonna aim to keep this up! 💪💪

Oh and yes, I finally moved my butt and started applying for jobs again. At this moment – it’s probably resume V5 so let’s see how that goes!

Alrighty, that’s all for this post!

Thanks always for reading and seeya tomorrow at 1228PM GMT+8!


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