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Crockford Towers (Deluxe King Suite) Sentosa Singapore Review + Room Tour – 24 June 2019 (Part 2)

Harlow! It’s Part 2 of the post you’ve been waiting for! Now in case you’ve missed it, read Part 1 here on my Gold Class Vivocity Movie + Dining Experience:

Essentially after our gold class lunch and movie – next up was to pick up Ms Claire’s birthday cake, an eye-watering $10.20 slice of Japanese strawberry shortcake from Henri Charpentier before heading on to her treat yo self solo staycay at Crockford Towers in Sentosa.

Lucky ol’ me got to tag along to chill and snap photos of her room to do a quick room review for y’all in this post. It was mine and her first time too and we were both suaku to the max to be honest HHAAHAHA.

You get free entry to Sentosa as well woot.

I’ve never stayed in any of the properties under Resorts World Sentosa (other than W Hotel Sentosa Cover, in a giveaway I won many years back) so trying to figure how to get to Crockford Towers was a little puzzling.

Anyway, for those who never knew (like myself), the entrance to the hotels are via this walkway and the shops underground at The Galleria are super atas. Hurhur, I never even knew that such a high end place existed at Sentosa luhs.

Then off we went to Crockford Towers and into her room we went! Lucky 0808, HUAT number ah!

I believe this is a Deluxe Suite King room by the way and you can be expected to fork out about $800 PER night for this room hor. 😱😱

(Well, unless you’re lucky and you have friends who can get you discounted rates)

Opening the doors, we were greeted with a living room/sitting quarters done in a lavish Oriental style complete with mini statues, Chinese vases and the like.

Along with a lovely fresh fruit platter, water and nuts. The latter isn’t free if I’m not wrong.

There’s a little bar area off to the side where you can find the usual amenities (and more) including a kettle, a selection of packet coffee and TWG tea, a coffee machine and a wine cooler. I’m not sure if the bottle of wine inside is chargable but I assume it is?

What was impressive was the selection of cups available from the lovely teapot with the matching cups and even these Chinese style teacups which reminded me so much of those old school Chinese wuxia shows lol.

Here’s the bedroom as you proceed further into the room. Plush I guess? The king size bed was really comfortable btw, I hear it’s a Simmons bed!

The two wardrobes by the side contained the usual, very fluffy high quality bathrobes, one of the most plush hotel bedroom slippers I’ve ever worn, hangers, an ordinary ironing board and the I’ve no idea whatsitscalled thing to place your luggage on.

The safety deposit box is in the other cupboard.

Meanwhile, the balcony isn’t the most impressive but the view is pretty decent where you can spy on the villas with their own private pool and the hotel’s main swimming pool slightly beyond.

The opulent bathroom was the impressive part of the room, sectioned off in a couple of areas including a separate toilet.

A HUGE resort style bathtub with candles lined at the side. No matches or bath salts are provided, but you can give your in room Butler a ring and they can be brought up to your room lickety split because that’s what Claire did HAHAHHAHA.

There’s also a standing shower with a choice of a rainforest shower head or a shower wand but I believe it doubles up as a sauna room as well. I saw the switch somewhere if I recall right!

Then you’ll find the vanity table on the left and a his and her / her and her / or even his and his sinks.

All amenities are provided and you are furnished with ESPA brand bodycare products, all high end and luxurious.

Just to mention, you will find no lack of mirrors here at all as there are at least 3 mirrors in the bathroom including those behind the doors!

And yeah, that’s about it for my review of the room!

Generally I usually highlight the main/generic points of the room but if you want me to be the picky and critical Virgo, I can be too~ Here are the flaws:

  • Obvious stains on the arm rest of one of the seats in the living room.
  • A couple of spoilt grapes in the bunch 🙁
  • Don’t suggest you use the pillows on the sofa to lie on. Some are a little dirty but that’s the material’s fault more than anything.
  • There’s a kitchen-ish, okay bar area but there’s no soap and such to wash the dishes. Are we supposed to just leave the soiled/dirty dishes in the sink? Perhaps that’s why there’s a 24/7 Butler/room service and laundry/dry cleaning facilities that come with this room.
  • There are some tiny holes in the duvet covers lol.

Claire was like “Eee, walao eh DAPH!!” as I pointed them all out. 😂😂 Hahhaha sorry la gurl, force of habit. It’s freaking ironic that I don’t apply the same critical eye to my own mess that I call my room lols. But yes, I cast this critical eye on myself alot lols.

Jokes aside, it was an important moment aka, time for birthday song, followed with the special birthday wish and then EAT!

Harpi Birdday girl, and may all your wishes come true! 🙂

We kinda got mixed up and opened the present first though lol. Heh

(Sorry for unglam photo if you’re reading this Claire!)

And then ending off with random nonsense aka TWG tea with cut fruits (green + red apple) and just some generic nua-ing.

Ah, this is the wannabe taitai life man. If only it could be like this er.. everyday? Lol.

But of course not la and it’s time for me to head back to reality first as our Ms Claire enjoys the rest of her first ever solo staycay on her special day. She deserves every bit of it for the hustle she has been putting in!

Seriously speaking tho, I swear that my photos of her in this entire post and every photo I take do her no justice but I can’t seem to capture really nice photos of her 😂 #sorrybuttoobad

In return for my bad photos of her, she took a photo of me in all my chorlor-ness. Actually nice hor? I like HAHAHHAHA.

To end off, it’s time to join the queues for the monorail and take that long train ride back home for the day.

Andddd back to work because work kinda never ends. Not for me, and not for Claire either. I betcha she was still working slightly on her birthday too. But probably soaking in the bathtub while doing so, like what I would have done HAHAHA.

And that’s pretty much the life of the #selfemployed.

tldr; we work. And occasionally, we sometimes have some fun too la, like for this day!

More importantly, thanks for taking the time to read this very wordy and long winded post split into Part 1 and Part 2 and I hope you found it useful, or perhaps entertaining to read and CONGRATS if you made it here! ;p

I’ll see ya tomorrow at 12.28pm GMT+8 for the usual posts~ 👋


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