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Gold Class Vivocity Movie and Dining Review – 24 June 2019 (Part 1)

It was supposed to be an early night the day before..but THIS took up my attention instead, and I couldn’t sleep till I HAD to get this post up before I turned in for the night at.. 3am lol.

Not what I was aiming for -.-

Mm.. it also does make me wonder how the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game will fare once everyone starts playing it (if they do?) – will it be as major as Pokemon Go?

That aside, today’s a pretty big day for a Ms Claire because it’s her birthday today and I specially took a day off at my freelance gig/usual shenanigans to celebrate it with her.

Ugh specially for this woman, I had to wake up early, try to clear my stuff at work/client stuff over the weekend, prep and all that lol. Of cos this is a joke complaint ah, some people, like my mom and my good friends are worth it 🙂 Claire’s one of ’em!

And yes…I wasn’t joking too when I said that there are so many important peoples’ birthdays this June. 6 of them actually!?

Lol, it’s kinda funny how close we have been recently even though we’ve been good friends/ex-colleagues for so many years already but eh, I’m glad for that!

Again, note that we are both very straight ah.

Like totally TOTALLY straight, even though we do have a running joke between us being girlfriends and going on dates and stuff. 😂

Ironically, for this day – we were back at Vivocity where we had our first “Valentine’s Date” earlier this year to celebrate her birthday HAHHAHA.

However, of course we were not here to relieve that day! Instead, it was a treat Claire (and by default, myself) day starting off with her first Gold Class Experience at Golden Village Vivocity!

Naturally, you will first enter the glass doors of Gold Class to the reception to purchase your tickets (or get them online) and then, into the hallowed sanctuary of the upper echeons of the elite – all for the price of a mere mortal price of $26 per ticket (Mon-Weds, weekday price with the free GV membership).

Welcome to Gold Class, Vivocity where everything that glitters is gold and this is this luxurious looking lounge area.

The toilet is not spared either, eco-friendly premium unbleached bamboo bathroom tissues are provided for your use, and they were indeed very soft.

A darkened mirror selfie taken in my slippered casual attire. Ah, so much class~

I highly recommend to dine before or after the movie to really enjoy/utilize the facilities fully. Trust me, I’ve eaten the meal before on my first Gold Class experience many years ago and regretted it. So my advice is this – don’t order a main during the movie because it’s really very dark and you can’t see!

I’ve never actually dined at the lounge before so this was my first time as well! My suggestion is to opt for the super value for money, 3 for $39++ option (Mon-Thurs) prior to your movie or from the ala-carte menu.

For this day, we ordered two mains to share – the Gold Class Angus Burger that came with truffle fries on the side and Beef Lasagna.

We ordered the Gold Class Nachos as our 3rd dish and requested for it to be served during our movie instead as our movie bites.

Our dear Ms Claire also ordered a cuppa, long black if I recall right.

The food was surprisingly good, especially the burger and fries – I enjoyed them. Wasn’t too impressed with the lasagna but Claire liked it.

Service was very good too, I have no complaints honestly.

Tip: If you want to save more moolah, there’s a $12 nett lunch menu at GV Grand Gold Class and Katong if I’m not wrong.

Our server came over to remind us that the movie theatre was ready for seating as we were finishing our meal and off we went to the theatre.

This isn’t my first time in Gold Class so I could tell immediately that there were so changes made, not sure if it’s only for this particular Gold Class but they now have these plush leather (?) seats compared to the previous one I posted back in 2018 (Gold Class Suntec City).

Reclinable of course, with the controls by the side of the seat and the usual Gold Class blanket (of course, hoping and assuming it’s washed each time for fresh new patrons).

As an additional bonus, Golden Village was giving out free snacks/nuts for all ticket holders so we were actually basically covered for snacks.

However, we had our nachos served to our table as our movie snack as per our request.

No qualms, no regrets, kick off those shoes (or slippers) and just relax and enjoy the movie in comfort.

Trust me, you’ll be so spoilt by the experience. I always am, and I hope I will continually have this opportunity to do so, lol. And for today, Claire as the star of the day got to enjoy it as well! 🙂

Bomb to pocket – expect to fork out about $150 for 2 for this full experience from the movie to the dining experience and perhaps some wine and dessert to end off. It’s still pretty worth it for those special occasions though 🙂

Btw, this is not a sponsored ad, I paid for the experience ah lol.

More importantly, I hope you’ll find this review of Gold Class useful to you!

And no, our day didn’t end here btw – I’ll be separating it into a second post because I think there will be too much of an information overload!

Want to know more about how we spent our day and a hotel review of Crockford Towers? That will up in the next post coming to you tomorrow at 12.28pm GMT+8! 😁😉

See ya tomorrow!


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