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Pockets of Time x Emails x Toy Story 4 x SG Lifestyle – 22 June 2019

Woot okay, it’s finally the weekend – something I’ve been looking forward to all week yay!! (Lol, don’t we all?)

My little daily affirmation to start off the day!

And leftover fried Mantou from the day before from Jiak Modern Zichar!

Grateful for my mom’s cooking as well!

Not forgetting to get a dose of my Centrum for Women’s multivitamins!

More importantly, I’m thankful that the rather rough week is over and done with (for this week at least), and I finally have some pockets of time of really come back alive on my social media, do my usual research / scrolling on my feeds and catch up with the world! 🙏

Y’all don’t know how happy it makes me to be able to sit my butt down and take my time to leisurely respond to ALL my emails and REMOVE THEM OFF MY TO-DO LIST!

I do read them daily la, but sometimes I don’t have the time to reply (unless it’s urgent).

Nonetheless, a few hours later = ALL EMAILS cleared for the week!

*Heaves satisfied sigh of relief 🙂

Heh, thank you for your patience in my slow replies! But generally, do give me an average of 3-7 days to respond (unless it’s super urgent)! Take note however, I don’t respond to press releases and stuff that don’t require responding ya?

Moved my butt out as well to treat myself to a movie (X-Men) for the week since I had a voucher to use!

Unfortunately, as I was lagging behind on time, I missed the original showtime and decided to go for another movie at a slightly later time! Thank heavens for having a variety of options!

I’m also really appreciating all the commercials shown before the movie now now that I’m kinda in the marketing line-ish? But hor, it’s really much longer now than I remembered. The movie started at 7.14pm verus 6.50pm..that’s a whole 24 minutes from the lol, maybe I should have gone for my original choice of X-Men (6.40pm).

Anyway, so here I was that Sunday – watching Toys Story 4 (6.50pm)!
















Was initially regretting it at the start cos I didn’t watch Toy Story 2 or 3, except for the first movie but you know what? You don’t really need to. It’s a movie perfect for adults and kids alike, though honestly speaking – it felt more like an adult movie more than anything.

Let’s just say that I teared up TWICE in this movie. So much feels watching this as an adult because it’s really all about growing up, letting go, seeing the world and everything. So much truths about life too, very, very VERY relatable!

I really like the fact that they made the female characters butt kicking AWESOME in the movie. #girlpowerGO

At the same time, I’m also reminded of Avengers: End Game.. when Capt chose to stay with his love right at the end of the movie. Just like Woody finally chose to stay with his after 9 years and said goodbye to his friends.

It was a perfect ending honestly, and I don’t think there will be a Toy Story 5 (unless they want to milk the franchise).

Oh ya, there are about 4 after credits so stay all the way till the end!

Meanwhile, thank you for the memories and all the feels in this movie! It’s worth at least 4.24/5 stars for sure 🙂 Please watch even if you haven’t watched ANY of the earlier movies, I promise you will enjoy it 🙂

Heh, no rest for me after that though cos I headed off after that for a quick gym session at my usual gym spots ( with a 30 minute workout on the cross ramp, my current favourite machine for now.

231 Mountbatten Road, Block D, Urban Mangrove Singapore 397999 (OFFICE: #02-02)
Quote “MITSUEKI” to enjoy $20 for 1 week trial OR $40 for 5 classes (to be utilized within 1 month) – just Whatsapp 88119433 / DM on IG / email:!

At least taking some time now to exercise as I really have been gaining an excessive amount of weight which I haven’t been too happy with. Along with the hair loss too 😂

And last but not least, I ended off the day with a couple of hours working on SG Lifestyle and it was a fruitful/productive one! 5 posts scheduled and up to cover me till Thursday so that gives me some leeway to keep writing. Yay!

On this day as well, I expanded my category to officially include SG Lifestyle BEAUTY into it 🙂

Been also using Toggl to track my hours of writing for all and to be honest, sometimes I do wonder if the number of hours spent on SG Lifestyle (especially till so late at night daily) with absolutely no ROI is worth it in the end..

As we speak, it’s 4am now as I sign off on this blog post. Yeah perhaps hair loss + weight gain could also be due to my late nights too.


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♥ mitsueki

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