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Spoilt for Choice at Old Airport Road Food Centre – 19 June 2019

Woke up super early today with some positive news that I’ve been waiting to hear! At least this portion makes me relieved for abit as it had been occupying my mind for awhile now(:

Also really gotta start working on my fitness/weight loss routine more seriously. Wasn’t too happy with my weight gain on the scales so I would like to do something about it!

Here’s my attempt to kick start it again 😂😅 Trying la huh lols. 100 skips to start off the day and I’m already so out of breath/unfit!

Off for the day! Keep smiling, push through and always try to keep optimistic as much as you can, no matter what life throws at you! 💪

Easy to say but it’s not easy. All I know is that I’m trying my best la heh.

Lol and I know I was mentioning about the weight loss thing right? Well, ironically my next few photos will be all about the food and snacks I’ve been consuming for the day 😂

Since I was driving that morning, I made a stop at Old Airport Road Food Centre to pick up lunch and some snacks for my mom!

I’m always so spoilt for choice when it comes to food here! Are you?!

For those who follow my blog regularly, you might always see this jiggly looking cake that my mom really likes right? So if you were wondering where it’s from – it’s from Chong Pang Old Flavor and priced at $5.50 for a small slab.

Unfortunately, the standard has been dropping badly the last 2-3 times I tried their cake and I’m quite disappointed. I did however, pick up a hot dog bun ($1.30) from their stall for this day!

It was rare to see this Siang Kee Traditional Crystal Pau open when I’m there cos they are usually sold out or closed. Picked up a yam cake ($0.90) here for my mom. She later did mention that their Crystal paus are nice; albeit oily.

For lunch, I headed to my favorite store but sadly wasn’t opened that day. It’s called Jack’s Kitchen and I kinda like their food – affordable and nice! My mom used to keep buying from them and I think that’s how I got hooked to them too 😂

Debated between having char kway teow from Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow ($3/$4) verus lor mee from Tiong Bahru Lor Mee ($3/$4/$5) for lunch instead then!

They are both opposite each other if you’re wondering!

Lor Mee ($4.20, with fish and takeaway charges) won for some reason.

Hahaha, I think it’s been YEARS since I had lor Mee! Not bad and I can’t believe I finished up everything as I’m usually not a carbs person! I noticed that if I finish all my carbs during lunch – I don’t get AS hungry for dinner though so that’s a good thing 🤔

As a snack, I also picked up two curry puffs ($1.40 each) for my mom and myself from Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff!

All their curry puffs are handmade and that’s alot of hard work to do!

Was appreciating my curry Puff that evening as I had it for my teabreak/early dinner and yep. It was still as crispy and flaky as it looks even after so many hours!

Recommended and I will get their yam or black pepper one for my mom to try next time!

I also forced myself to head out to the gym later that night so that I can get some exercise done and just stop myself for working+get some fresh air/get a life.

And I’m glad I did!

231 Mountbatten Road, Block D, Urban Mangrove Singapore 397999 (OFFICE: #02-02)
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Back home and it’s time to start scheduling all my posts for this blog for your daily reads!

Only had time to do one, cos luckily I’m covered for SG Lifestyle for at least one more day so that I can rest for this day. I will have to work on the posts eventually tml tho~ 💪

Yeah, it’s really not easy to run everything as a one wo(man) show and I’m probably reaching my limit after so long.

Maybe that’s why I’m starting to drop so much hair now. A little too excessively me thinks :S Anyone having the same problem too?

If anything, I just wonder – what does life have in store for me next? I pray, it’s something good!

Pushing on, it’s 3am now.

Ah, time~


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