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2D1N #DuckyFishyStaycay at Marina Bay Sands: Breakfast for Kings (or Queens) at Marina Bay Sands – 16 June

We decided to wake up early for Day 2 of our 2D1N #DuckyFishyStaycay at Marina Bay Sands so that we can really enjoy and partake in the free breakfast that was included in our staycation.

But was I excited?

Nope, here’s a disgruntled face at 9am after 5 hours of sleep 😂 I’m not a morning person per se~

If you missed out the post yesterday – here you go:

Meanwhile, Crystal was wide awake by then and making her coffee using the Nepresso machine while waiting for me to get ready! Yeah this woman is really willing to wake up for breakfast lol.

Lol, we didn’t draw the curtains btw so we could enjoy the view in the morning and it was fabulous 😍

My view!

Her view!

We were really spoilt for breakfast as we had 4 choices to choose from!

  • American Breakfast at Club55: 6.30am – 11am (Club Room Access only!)
  • International Buffet Breakfast at RISE: 6.30am – 11am
  • Buffet Breakfast at ADRIFT: 7am – 10.30am
  • Buffet Breakfast at SPAGO: 7am – 10.30am

Naturally, what was recommended to us was Rise which is their main restaurant! We were also advised to head down early at 8am as it was crowded but we probably were there around 10am or so?

Let’s just say that the staff were not joking about the queue at all.

There’s even a waiting time sign displayed for all the restaurants and Crystal and I were highly contemplating to hide out at the club room where it might be less crowded.

But luckily, it moved really fast and we were within less than 5 mins!

The buffet breakfast at RISE is an impressive one with so many options and variety that will definitely leave you spoilt for choice!

Things that you don’t usually see at a typical buffet breakast included: bread pudding, cinamon rolls, lychees and plums!

Meanwhile, I was so happy making multiple rounds and playing stack ’em up on my plate in a beautiful mess.

All them bread first!

Then an assorted mix!

Fruits and weirdly..cereal and a piece of ham lol.

On the other hand, Crystal’s plate was next level. My eyes literally boggled out seeing her beautifully plated buffet plate which according to her – she just picked whatever.

Dudeeee, you’ve got the eye for plating 😂 It looked like some kind brunch cafe plating rather than a buffet plate and received a fair share of passing glances.

I don’t know la, but the plates above (hers verus mine) is like such an accurate representation of our characters, choices and preferences. I’m this messy, haphazard all over the place person who likes to try everything and she’s just slowly and meticulously building it up nicely lols.

Ironically, when it comes to making the bed – I would take more care in it verus hers when we checked out. HAHHAHA.

P.s that’s her attempting to pretend to do up the bed before the capture. You’re too late woman 😂

But well, it’s time for this dream to end and head back to face reality as we dropped off our cards at the express check out box and parted ways to head back to our respective lives.

Most importantly, thanks bestie for your time and company! ❤️ It was a great 1/2-3/4 getaway and I just wish we could have enjoyed it a little longer! 2D1N is never enough for a staycation don’t you think so?

Heh, nonetheless – I’m still blessed and thankful to have this opportunity to stay at Marina Bay Sands! It’s probably my once and only stay and hey, at least it was an awesome one! 😀

And that’s the end of our #DuckyFishyStaycay at Marina Bay Sands!

Signing off right now with..

A quick ootd in my worn to death dress! Yeah I brought my lappy just in case I needed to work but I didn’t use it in the end!

And then a quick snip of those tresses cos it’s been awhile.

Finally, ending off with Day 5 of my masking journey with Dr Jou (Brightening)!(:

Thanks always for reading and see ya tomorrow at 12.28pm GMT+8!~


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