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2D1N #DuckyFishyStaycay at Marina Bay Sands Singapore (Grand Club Room) + Room Tour + Club55 Lounge Visit – 15 June 2019

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long long time cos a) yay!! Get to meet my bestie after so long! b) it’s my first time staying at MBS and I’ve always wanted to do so! c) who doesn’t like staycations right?(:

Oh, and in case you were wondering what you were missing out = I won a 1 night stay in the Grand Club Room at Marina Bay Sands in one of those randomly giveaway posts I entered last year! Promised Crystal that she would be the person I would bring along as my +1 for this staycation and this was finally the day after a few months of planning!

Anyway, I started off my day with the usual stuff!

Daily affirmation!

Homecooked lunch (as usual ya?)

Writing abit and then I was waiting for our shared Grab to arrive!

Grab is really going the extra mile by providing water for their passengers now and holding this giveaway!

You need to collect 7 letters to form THANKS in order to redeem $50 worth of Grab vouchers! Don’t say I never share ah :p

Next up was to pick up Crystal and we were off to Marina Bay Sands!

The check in counter was at Tower 1 at this lovely colourful area here!

Heading on to our room and I did a quick room tour with Crystal as my videographer hehe.

Watch our amateurish attempt below if you haven’t yet! 😀

If you’re lazy to watch, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with a written review of it here with photos as always!

Entrance to the room via card key!

Sidenote, I really appreciate the fact that MBS has this additional lock mechanism that can be locked from the inside to deter any potential intruders from entering your room! Personal safety is important!

Let’s start off first with the bathroom on the left!

It was HUGE and came with a bathtub, standing shower, separated toilet cubicle and two sets of sinks generally for his and her, or in our case – Ducky (Daphne) and Fishy (Crystal) hehe.

Amenities for the bathtub including soap, a loofah (my first time seeing one!) and bath salts!

Meanwhile, the amenities for the bathroom itself with everything you need include body soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion from Roberto Cavalli plus all the extras – mouth wash, sewing kit, cotton pads and more!

And of course, we have the full length mirror down the hallway as we proceed into the main room!

This is how the Grand Club Room looks like with the King size bed on one end, a HUGE TV in the middle and a living room area at the other.

My bed was adorable and they even folded a towel crab with an orchid on top!

There is also a study room at the side of the bed and everything is all open concept!

I also appreciate the number of power plugs (plug and USB!) available EVERYWHERE in the room and that’s super handy!

Meanwhile, the wardrobes by the side of the room is where you can find the bathrobes, bedroom slippers, hangers and extra pillows in one, and the safety deposit box, hair dryer, laundry and other storage space in the other.

If you were wondering where the fridge and everything are – they are in the cupboards below the TV facing the living room!

Unfortunately, the fridge cannot be used for your personal storage as it’s by weighted management (automatic private bar charges).

In other words, if you take out something or even store stuff in – they will count it automatically. You’ll need to pay $10 for a delivery of your own personal fridge to be sent to your room so please take note of this ya?

You can find the usual hot water kettle (I checked, looks clean!) in one of the drawers with two teacups while a selection of glasses as well as packet coffee and TWG tea plus condiments can be found in other.

Lol, if you’re scoffing at the packet coffee choices, you can find a Nespresso maker at the living room area! :p

Oh yes, the sofa in the living room is actually a pullout sofa bed for guests! Just drop a call to the front desk to ask them to send someone up to help you do the conversion from this..

To this!

*(Note that the bed will be blocking the access to the fridge etc, so you will need to pull it up if you need anything from the drawers here.

We liked this arrangement because this meant that we could each have own individual space within the room itself and not share the same bed! Hehe

Last but not least, we have a balcony with an outside patio in this room! The balcony was really big by the way, though I found the placing of the two chairs kinda awkward because they were so far apart!

Honestly speaking, the view here to to die for and it’s mainly what you’re paying for if you do plan on booking this room!

For myself, I’m always so proud when I look at this view of HOME and I can never ever get sick of it! This is home 🇸🇬

This is the cheaper room facing Gardens by the Bay / the ocean by the way! Apparently there is another more expensive tier facing the city area/skyline instead from the other side but we were happy with what we were given (can’t complain, it’s free!) 🙂

In addition, the Grand Club Room comes with a number of benefits such as exclusive access to Club55, the Marina Bay Sands private club lounge! It’s really WORTH it because every day, you can enjoy the following for FREE (limited to TWO guests per room)!

  • American Breakfast: 6.30am – 11am
  • Afternoon Tea: 2pm – 4pm
  • Evening Beverages & Canapes: 5pm – 7pm

Plus a few other benefits as well like free Internet, free usage of laptops, MacBooks at Club55, 1 piece of free laundry a day and discounts at Banyan Tree Spa and more!

Unfortunately, we missed out on the afternoon tea as we checked in pretty late but we did make it in time for the evening Beverages and Canapes session!

Lol, everyone had the same idea so the lounge was really crowded and you have to be put on a waiting list!

Luckily, it wasn’t too long before we managed to get our table for two facing lol, it’s almost the same view from our room hahahaha!

Btw, this is the view that people generally prefer – the CBD / Padang / City view and this is the more expensive view I was mentioning about!

To me, it doesn’t matter as the company is the best! Hello date for the night aka bestie!

Anyway, from 5-7pm, you can enjoy free flow beverages from the evening beverage list as seen from the menu ranging from alcohol such as champagne (Piper Heidsieck Brut NV), cognac, rum, bourbon and the like on the rocks or a mixer as well as the usual drinks like water (still or sparkling, of course), tea, coffee and fruit juices etc! Yes, all free!

Then of course, you have a Canapes buffet as well ranging from some hot Canapes (crab, satay, roast pork etc), small bites like bread, biscuits, cheese and nuts as well as desserts!

Hooboy did we both enjoy ourselves! The food was delicious and the service – friendly and impeccable! Thank you to the staff for taking care of us! 😀

Bonus? The NDP rehearsal was happening on this day and we managed to get a small glimpse of our national flag being carried by the helicopter as well as the Jets! If you sat on the other side of the room facing the padang side – you’ll be able to see the parade I believe!

After a lovely meal here, we decided to pay a visit to the famous Infinity Pool right above at Level 57! Access is exclusive to hotel guests only but unfortunately due to the lack of time and my monthlies that came – we didn’t get to enjoy the pool. It’s okay la, have a look around and take a photo is enough for me! 🙂

We spent the rest of the time strolling about Marina Bay Sands Shoppes and picked up a bubble tea from R&B Tea (for Crystal) alongside with some late night snacks from 7-11.

Sadly, these are the only pocket friendly options around the vicinity!

Otherwise, if you have the money to spare – there are plenty of bars, entertainment (Marquee or the casino anyone?), high end shopping and more where you can really splurge!

Heh we were fine with our small loots in our room!

Last but not least, to end off the day =

A luxurious soak in the bathtub!

And my Dr Jou (Revitalizing) mask for day 4 of my 7 day mask challenge!

P.s I took my weight again and yeah, I’ve gained again (quite frustrated!! I don’t want to reach back the weight I used to be prior to Han Dian!) :/

Bonus video – yes, I’m a joke HAHAHAHA 😂

Overall, both Crystal and I had a very pleasant stay at MBS as you can tell!

However, there were just three issues that would have made it better!

  • The room was very warm for my side of the room, not sure if the air conditioning over my side of the room was spoilt? Had to turn on to max fan speed and drop it to 20 degrees or it was just too hot to sleep. It was much better after that and I had a good sleep!

  • Found a lipstick stain on one of the towels and I was surprised to see that! Luckily I noticed it before I used it, but I think that slipped the QC heh.

  • Sadly, there is only 1 7-11 convenience store and no supermarkets at MBS for cheap snacks/late night snacks. Suggested you stock up in advance if ever you choose to stay here but this is just my personal preference!

Otherwise, this is definitely one of the better staycations that I’ve been on (duh!), and I’m just really lucky and blessed to win this giveaway to have the opportunity to stay in this room for free! Otherwise, this room experience with the club room benefits will cost approx S$700 for ONE NIGHT! 😱🙀🤯

Is the price worth it though?

  • Yes, for a very special occasions for a one night experience to enjoy for anniversaries, bridal parties, or a special treat 🙂
  • Or a proposal :p

More importantly, thanks for reading! 🙂

Will be sharing more about my breakfast experience inclusive in the room giveaway in the next post, so stay tuned to 12.28pm GMT+8 tomorrow to find out more!


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  1. Wow. Looks like you ladies had a great time. The canapes and hot bites came in such a wide assortment – as good as dinner? You’re so lucky. I should look out for some giveaway to join too. 🙂

    1. Hehe yes we did!! I’ve got a small appetite in a way so the Canapes and hot bites were good for me as dinner, but not so much for Crystal HAHAHA! Giveaways are fun stuff, I usually randomly join those and well, you always never know! Good luck!!

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