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When everything will be all worth it in the end – 6 June 2019

I was feeling a little lack of motivation the night before but luckily, it was just a phrase and I was kinda back to my usual self again after a good night’s sleep!

This post is really going to be a short one because my life everyday generally consists of almost the same routine?

Remote work from home in the morning till lunch and it was awesome to be able to have brekkie and lunch in the comfort of home while working away!

In general, at work – sometimes I just wished that there was something more efficient that can be improved at instead of working on an almost day by day basis but eh.. I guess eventually when the dust settles, it should be better.

Something that made my day for this day were these screenshots sent over by my reader from Germany! He was curious about the Google algorithm from the search engine about my blog and was testing out some keyword search terms and yay! My blog did rank as well!

It’s interesting to see this because usually I only check my own (usually via incognito tab) and to know that this is also confirmed by others makes me happy too!(:

P.s I do appreciate it when my readers/followers reach out to me to share all of these, or take the time to leave comments / write messages. And more importantly, when you pop by to read my daily posts on both mitsueki’s Blog / SG Lifestyle or check out my IG stories on @mitsueki! Thank you! :p

That aside, in the end – I did head back to office that afternoon because I am more productive in an office environment verus at home in general.

I’m smarter now as well cos I know I’ll just sit there all the way and not move so I bought dinner in advance first wahahahha. Slowly learning okay LOL.

Because of this – I actually had dinner on time at a proper timing instead of my usual super late omg,..just missed dinner timing. Yayyyyy!!

And of cos, while working la. Yeah unfortunately for now, it’s quite common to be working beyond 6pm in order to get stuff done (not just for me!), but I hope it’s just a passing phrase as we settle into a proper routine. Fingers crossed!

I shut down by 8 plus and didn’t touch work related stuff beyond that and started working on SG Lifestyle after that. Lol, if I don’t do so – how do these daily posts come about right? Hahhahah.

This is also when I regret my slacking off from the day before when I was super free and refused to get any work done. But gurl, I need a break too 😂

It was too late to hit the gym by the time I was done. Sad, well – time to head home to clear more work (10% work / 60% mitsueki’s / 30% SG Lifestyle) before calling it a night.

Overall, a pretty productive day and also cos I needed to clear the work for the weekend as I just accepted a new last min gig.

Yep, time management and self discipline are needed (including some sacrifices) in order to able to handle everything so that you can still deliver by all the necessary deliverables by the deadlines as promised.

More importantly, I know that somehow, at the end of the road – everything will be all worth it in the end! 💪💪


Thanks always for reading btw!


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♥ mitsueki

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4 Comments on “When everything will be all worth it in the end – 6 June 2019

    1. hey nicole! thanks always for taking the time to drop by my blog as well despite your busy schedule! lovin’ the new revamps on your blog and keep it up too! 🙂

      1. My pleasure. Thanks for sharing about your life. I read it everyday when I need a break. :o)

        And thanks for checking out my revamped website. It was grossly overdue, but glad I finally pushed it out! A big burden off my chest. 🙂

        1. Aww thank you Nicole! Hehe I should get off my butt and do something about my blog and revamp it etc but lol, been too lazy and have too many entries Keep going you!

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