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Figuring out that morning routine x John Wick 3 Movie Review-ish – 21 May

Trying to fix up a new morning routine for work on my 3rd day was a little bit of a struggle! I guess I need to prep more in advance, or else – sleep earlier lol. Went to bed around 3am as per usual after I got super caught up writing and such for SG Lifestyle!

Well, at least I have a number of articles are planned out already so that’s so bad! Also, I usually focus on actual work at hand if I’m working so I know I wouldn’t have time to really indulge in writing for my own stuff till I pang kang (aka get off from work!)

Anyway, here are some of my morning preps!

Milo brekkie in the morning! Thanks Mom for always prepping it in the morning for me!

Prepped a quick peanut butter and banana wholemeal sandwich.

One of those weird mitsueki’s salad for lunch – thrown together using whatever ingredients I have at hand which is namely, my spinach leaves, grapes, egg whites (mom’s contribution) and half of the other banana.

Yeah unfortunately, I haven’t been eating out or interacting too much with the rest of the team yet other than for work purposes as I tend to have my lunch at my desk for cost saving / diet purposes $$.

Ugh, speaking of weight gain – I’ve definitely gained FOR SURE. Wore my now favourite ex-office skirt paired with a basic top and poof, it’s tighter to zip up now lol. 😂😂

Damn. And yes, my mom’s mirror needs some cleaning up to do lols.

Some happy news to share is that I think my eczema flare up has improved TREMENDOUSLY! I’m probably at perhaps..80% recovered? I don’t itch as much and mainly it’s just the “scars” left! Hopefully they’re just scabs that will fall off and heal on their own eventually?

I still moisturize using my Suu Balm for now on my arms and legs in case you’re wondering. The arm gets dry so I guess I really need to moisturize more often compared to before!(:

Meanwhile, I thought I would be late. But luckily, it’s pretty awesome that I stay pretty close to my current workplace so I reached exactly on the dot. Woohoo!

Anyway, timing seems flexible at work. It’s an open space (but small) co-working space so there are quite a few people around from different companies or are individuals going about on their early morning routine – making coffee etc, or just starting work. I don’t really talk much in the morning (or am much of a talker sometimes) as the written word is more of my thing.

I guess the thing on my mind is figuring out my poop timing (LOL) and getting stuff done for the day!

Phew, at least I got some stuff down and dusted! Lunch was at my lappy and doing the usual mitsueki’s Blog work during my lunch break before going back to the task(s) at hand!

And finally – pangkang!

I’m observing that the peeps in the office get off pretty on time so that’s a good sign. By 7pm, the office was pretty much cleared out but I stayed to mainly chill and leech the free WiFi to upload my stuff while having dinner lol.

I’m just glad I had time to treat myself to a movie night! It’s usually $7 for a Golden Village ticket (all day) on Tuesday for GV members and I usually take advantage of this deal~

Here’s a quick liner review of John Wick 3 – again, kinda written while I was watching the movie.

















  • John Wick. You’re cool AF
  • Car chase? Passe. How about horse chase?
  • The plot thickens~
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!
  • Doggos. But of cos 🐕
  • Deja Vu. 🔫🐕
  • Headshot. Totally reminds me of Time Crisis (the game) anyone?
  • *Munches away on popcorn at all the bloody scenes
  • Consequences.
  • The stage is set.
  • Baba Yaga is unleashed.

Okay, I can’t wait for John Wick 4.

It was a great movie – highly recommended to watch! 👍

Headed home after that and I’m kinda a little stressed out for tomorrow cos I’m going for a “coffee meeting”. Think this is the second time I’ve ever done so..?

Generally I would just go in, whack and give my usual blur face, but this meeting is a little different cos it’s legit like a professional meeting and I guess I also don’t wanna let the person down who linked us up. Stressed you know HAHHAHA.

I’m also thankful that my role now is pretty flexible and the boss is nice (really nice + understanding) so he was okay for me to take the time off tomorrow to go for my meeting. Again, this is a freelance project role of cos so I’m just hired for this project anyway. I guess as long as you can manage the work, all is good. I hope hahahaha! 😂

But yeah, that’s about it for my day! Thanks always for reading and wish me the best of luck for tomorrow!

P.s hope your day was good too!(:



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