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The 3 Best Things to Do during a Public Holiday – Exercise, Shop at SGshop and Write! – 20 May 2019

Now when a long weekend rolls over or when there’s a public holiday – here are the THREE best things to do like what I did!

#1 – Go for Fitness Classes (Exercise!)

During this day, I went for my bounce classes at noon before heading off to my usual gym for a short gym class! Yeah, I’m really trying to upkeep my fitness regime now that I’m almost recovered!

#2 – Indulge in Online Shopping at SGshop!

Meanwhile, the second BEST thing to do on a public holiday is to stay at home and indulge in some good ol’ online shopping! Here’s sharing a new shopping platform I’m trying out for the first time – whereby I spent the bulk of my day on: shortlisting things I wanted to buy and adding into my cart!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but it’s called SGshop, an online parcel forwarder and a Taobao agent whereby they specialize mainly in international parcel forwarding services, specifically from two main countries – China and USA!

sg shop singapore

Instagram: @sgshop_com

Note that this post is a collaboration with SGshop and I was given $100 credits to try shopping on their platform and share my honest experience with you!(: Also, for the purpose of this review, I decided to only limit my shopping to Taobao only and try out their Buy For Me service!

Meanwhile, there are two main ways on how you can use their Buy For Me service!

#1 – Buy For Me (Taobao)

First up – you can browse through the actual Taobao site itself where there is a VAST array of shops and items to purchase from! Once you find an item you like, all you have to do is to copy the Taobao product link and insert it into the Product URL at SGshop!

Copy the link!

Paste the link into the SGshop page before choosing your options and adding it to your Shopping Cart!

Of course, the only inconvenience for this case is that you have keep switching tabs.

#2 – Buy For Me (SGshop)

If you are lazy like me, I recommend you to shop directly from SGshop platform itself like what I decided to do eventually! They have plenty of categories for you to choose from and I think it’s helpful because sometimes, you just need some inspiration for shopping!

Check out some of their categories below!


Naturally, I immediately zoomed into the Women’s Fashion category and was spoiled for choice! I then narrowed down my search to my new love – midi dresses and I spent a long, LONG time checking out the pretty designs available!

SGshop: Find Similar Product Feature!

Personally, one feature that I really love is their new feature called Find Similar Product! All you have to do is to hover your mouse over the product and click on the “Find Similar Product” button!

With this function, a slew of similar products/recommendations will pop out giving you more inspiration to shop from!


And sometimes, they will even recommend similar style of clothes at cheaper prices from your original choice! Spot that S$8+ romper verus my original $22 romper!

Best Part of SGshop #1!

Irregardless of which is your preferred way to shop on SGshop – one of the BEST parts about it (in my opinion) is that you can see all the details about the product summarized in ENGLISH as seen below!

Bad at Chinese and don’t want to waste time figuring things out? No worries, this agent service in English is a godsend for you and me both! It’s also very easy to add the product into your cart, you just have to choose the size, color, quantity, shipping method and click Add to Cart!

It’s just so easy and simple (cheaper too!) to shop on SGshop – so now you know why I kept adding and adding more clothes and other loots into my cart!

My Shopping Cart + Payment!

Meanwhile, here’s sharing some of the shortlisted items available in my cart which I eventually carted out for my first payment for the product, domestic shipping and SG Care service!

Please note that there will be a second payment computed for the international shipping charges, service charge and GST once all your purchased items has reached the warehouse to be consolidated for shipping to Singapore!

In terms of payment, there are a few options below – Bank Transfer (Top Up for Free!), VISA/Mastercard, UnionPay and Rely! Do note the transaction fee involved for the last few options yeah? If you top up using the account balance, it’s free!

Once done, SGshop will assist to order from the respective sellers from Taobao on your behalf and you can track the updates on your Order Dashboard as necessary!

Best Part of SGshop #2!

I’m just glad that I don’t need to do all the gruntwork aka communicate with all the different sellers in Chinese, figuring out how the Taobao ordering platform works, worry about my items etc when I can get SGshop as an intermediary to do it for me in the platform and just wait for their updates! Indeed, it saves me plenty of time, and in a time starved world – it’s absolutely essential!

Here’s a good example – I faced a problematic order which I was notified via email and I just had to respond with my choice accordingly and it’s all good because SGshop will settle everything for me! 

Most importantly, I tend to shop from different shops and SGshop will help you save both time and money by ordering, and then consolidating ALL my parcels received into one warehouse before shipping the entire loot over to Singapore! In addition, they will also inspect your items for any defects, wrong orders and/or chase the seller on your behalf if the item is not received on time!

Arrival in Warehouse + Shipping + Delivery + Second Payment!

UPDATE 2: I just received notification that all my items have safely arrived in the warehouse and submitted it for delivery!

I had a choice of shipping method and you can see how much the parcel would cost depending on the choice you’ve selected!

I could also choose from a selection of delivery methods and I opted fort the Park N Parcel option at $1.95! Of course, you can also opt to take the free delivery options whichever is most convenient for you!

And finally, you can see how much the entire parcel would cost after all the charges and fees involved – which was $22.77 and I just made payment for it! More importantly – I’m super excited for my shopping loot to arrive! ^^

Total Amount Spent!

In case you were wondering how much I spent in total for my shopping spree on SGshop – here’s a breakdown!

  • TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: $88.69 + $22.77  = $111.46 for 6 dresses + 3 hair clips including all shipping and agent fees!

Useful and cost efficient? Definitely! I highly recommend you to shop at SGshop or use their services today if you aren’t already doing so already! 😊

#3 – Write!

Of course, other than shopping and exercising – the THIRD best thing to do on a public holiday is to indulge in a spot of writing! Hahaha perhaps it may not be your choice of past time but it is for me! If I don’t do so, there wouldn’t be daily posts like these and SG Lifestyle right? ;p

Last but not least, thanks always for reading!


Note: This daily blog post was partly brought to you in collaboration with SGshop Singapore!

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