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Back to Reality x Healing – 9 May 2019

If you were to ask me for my plans once I’m back from Japan – I’ve got 4 main things on my mind.

First and most importantly – heal.

Pardon the graphic image but somehow I was struck down with a very bad rash when I was in Japan and I can’t figure out where I got it from.








My biggest suspect is the hotel itself but it could also be attributed to the weather? I’ve had small rashes on and off during colder weather but this is on a different level because it spread EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t control scratching the itch. Perhaps I’m very sensitive or something but sigh.

My right hand is the most affected one and just looking at my entire body condition from hands, body to feet just makes me feel sad. No off shoulders, bareback or spaghetti tops for a long time till I’m completely healed. Hell, even wearing a T-shirt exposes how awful the rash looks and it looks so pockmarked!

At the’s not on my face so that’s some good news. But yep, will be taking the time off to really recuperate from this rash.

Currently spamming my Suu Balm anti itch moisturizer at this moment to combat the itch and hopefully heal better. Yep, it’s lucky I have all of these creams and such cos I used to suffer from a minor case of eczema back then. I still do have a couple of patches that get affected on and off when it gets too hot but 99% of the time now I’m okay. The environment really factors a part.

I only recall having a full blown severe case rather similar to this when I was in Vegas for 1 month in 2012 and I had a full blown rashes on my arm only, rather similar to this too. Thinking back now – I wonder if it’s because the hostel room was dirty?

Well, no use trying to figure stuff out. Just heal!

Secondly, I really treated the trip like a holiday especially from Day 4 onwards when I stopped writing the travelogue/blog and responding much to my emails etc other than sharing the usual stuff.

Of course, this means having to focus on writing/completing the travelogue upon my return and that’s about 4 very long days to write about. Lol, those who blog about their travels or travelogues will know the pain of writing and uploading it – it’s not easy but my aim to get this done! 💪

And of course, reply all my emails, be alive again on my socials, update my IG feed and all that.

Ah. But I’m feeling the lack of motivation to write for SG Lifestyle at this moment :/ Not sure if it’s the post holiday blues or just me?

Anyway, this also leads me to my 3rd one. I mentioned that I’ve been really indulging in my trip (food) right? Yep, this naturally means I definitely gained weight = START MY FITNESS REGIME AGAIN!

The only problem is the rashes. Very, very unsightly but still has to be done!

Fourth and foremost – figure out my life. The adult gap year technically has ended and I thought I have everything going. A career switch to marketing etc but guess what?

I’m actually rethinking it and hell. Seems like I’m back to square one where I’m not sure exactly if that’s what I want to be doing?!

Crystal and I were just talking about it – about life, dreams and goals. Yep, suffice to say..we don’t have stuff figured out either and I need to remind myself’s okay.

Self doubt, low self esteem and comparison can be killers that’s what I would say.

And the age old question – what do you want to do in life?

My answer: I have no idea.

Well, baby steps – get my butt down to finishing the travelogue first! 💪

Took myself offline all the way till the evening to finish writing it. Well, at least only the text la. I shudder to think about uploading the photos cos that would take another couple of hours, excluding scheduling etc lol.

But not too shabby, I was productive on this day even though I snacked / ate quite abit including:

This yummy red bean bread!

My massive load of caifan for lunch 😂

A couple of slices of this cake!

I can’t believe I polished off this entire packet of biscuits in one setting! This was an amazing bag of biscuits – consider me impressed! Bought from Japan of course 🙂 Hope I can find this in Singapore!

Finally touched my laptop after 1 entire week of not using it and got my butt down to writing a post on the spot for SG Lifestyle!

Yay, done and dusted too!(:

The only few things left – reply emails, DMs, messages and finish that travelogue! But all in all, overall a good day despite that rash!

Thanks for reading!(:


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