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7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Itinerary + Travelogue 2019 #DuckyFishyOsaka #DuckyFishyKyoto

Osaka Kyoto Itinerary 2019

As you know, Crystal and I won a trip to Osaka (thanks to atta.ai) and we just came back recently if you have been following the travelogues posted recently! For those asking about our 7D6N Osaka – Kyoto itinerary 2019, I’ve compiled them all here in this post for easy reading! Note that this is a relatively budget itinerary and we resisted shopping (okay, I resisted shopping).

Most importantly – we had FUN on our 2019 girls trip to Osaka-Kyoto! 🙂 #DuckyFishyOsaka #DuckyFishyKyoto


And of course, I have PLENTY of travel lobangs to share to help you save $$ for your trip! Traveling is expensive after all~


  • Alternatively, you can also use atta.ai to help you plan for your trip! Our accommodation and flight was planned and booked using the atta.ai platform as a prize awarded to me in a giveaway that I won!

7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Itinerary 2019

Here’s my itinerary as below! 🙂

Osaka Kyoto Itinerary 2019

Day 1 Singapore – Osaka Itinerary – 2 May 2019

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Day 2 Osaka Itinerary – 3 May 2019

  • Pick up Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass at Keihan Yodayabashi Station
  • Train to Temmabashi Station
  • Walk from Temmabashi Station to Osaka Castle
  • Explore Osaka Castle Grounds
    – Visit Miraiza Osaka-Jo for Souvenirs / Quick Bites
    – Hokoku Shrine
    – Shodokan
  • Walk back to Temmabashi Station
  • Try limited edition creamy bacon potato piesen from McDonalds Japan
  • Train to Dobutsuen-Mae Station
  • Walk through Janjan Yokocho Alley
  • Rest at McDonald’s Japan
  • Explore Shinsekai (Arcade games / Tsutenkaku Tower / etc)
  • Kushikatsu Dinner at Shinsekai
  • Walk to Den Den Town (Night) and explore
  • Visit Lawson 100
  • Pop into all the arcade places like Taito Station
  • Walk to Namba Station
  • Train back to Yodoyabashi Station and back to hotel

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Day 3 Osaka & Kyoto Itinerary – 4 May 2019

  • Pop by Super Market Kohyo
  • Train to Umeda Station
  • Use 1 Day Hankyu Tourist Pass
  • Take Hankyu special themed train “Kyo Train Garaku” to Kyoto (weekends only at selected timings)
  • Train to Hankyu Katsura Station and then change train to Hankyu Arashiyama Station
  • Hike up to Iwatayama Monkey Park / Arashiyama Monkey Park
  • Cross Togetsu-kyo Bridge
  • Lunch at traditional Japanese restaurant Choujiya 丁字屋
  • Visit Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
  • Pay a visit to Nonomiya Shrine
  • Pop by Rilakkuma Honey Stand and Miffy Sakura Kitchen
  • Walk back to Hankyu Arashiyama Train
  • Take Hankyu line to Katsura Station and then transfer to Kawaramachi Station
  • Explore Shinkyogoku and Teramachi Shopping Arcade
  • Walk to Pokemon Centre Kyoto
  • Train back to Umeda Station on Hankyu Line
  • Change line / train back to Yodayabashi Station and our hotel!

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Day 4 Osaka & Kyoto Itinerary – 5 May 2019

  • Utilize 1 day Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass on the Keihan Line
  • Train from Yodayabashi Station (Osaka) to Gion-Shijio Station (Keihan Line) in Kyoto
  • Walk around Gion-Shijo (Cocoa Market and Family Mart)
  • Kimono Rental Appointment and fitting at Kimono Rental Wargo Petite Gion Shijo
  • Walk to Yasaka Shrine
  • Stroll around Maruyama Park
  • Explore Higashiyama district + Lunch at random Japanese restaurant along the way
  • Walk to Kiyomizu-dera
  • U-Turn and walk back to Kodaiji Temple
  • Teabreak stop at Gion Cafe
  • Return Kimono Rental
  • Take Keihan line (Gion Shijo) to Fushimi Inari Station
  • Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine (night)
  • Train to Makino Station (Keihan Line)
  • Dinner at Tomato & Onion
  • Pop by Life Supermarket
  • Train from Makino Station back to Yodayabashi Station and our hotel (Keihan Line)

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Day 5 Osaka Itinerary – 6 May 2019

  • Train down to Dobutsuen-Mae Station
  • Lunch at Kura Sushi at Shinsekai
  • Pop by Billiken Shrine and molest the feet of the Billiken Statues all around Shinseikai
  • Hunt for Dango Mushi (gachapon toy) at Shinseikai
  • Walk to Den Den Town
  • Satisfy Crystal’s craving for decent bubble tea at Happy Balls Bubble Tea
  • Explore Den Den Town + hunt for Dango Mushi (day)
  • Walk to Namba Parks
  • Watch Avengers: End Game at Namba Parks Cinema
  • Walk to Dotonburi
  • Dinner at Ichiran Ramen Dotonburi
  • Souvenir shopping at Don Quijote Dotonburi
  • Train back to Yodayabashi Station and our hotel

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Day 6 Osaka Itinerary – 7 May 2019

  • Train to Umeda Station
  • Light brunch at Deli Cafe and 551 Horai
  • Half Day Tour: Abandoned Fukuchiyama Railway Trail (Airbnb Experience)
    – Train to Nishinomiya-Najio station
    – Walk to Abandoned Fukuchiyama Railway trail hike (5km, torchlight required)
    – Early dinner at restaurant on tour
    – Free onsen foot bath
    – Train back to Umeda Station from Takedao Station
  • Explore Umeda Station
  • Pop by Daimaru, Tokyu Hands and Pokemon Centre Osaka
  • Train back to Yodayabashi Station
  • Visit Super Market Kohyo
  • Back to Hotel to pack and leave for tomorrow

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Day 7 Osaka – Singapore Itinerary – 8 May 2019

  • Check out of hotel
  • Train to Namba Station
  • Pick up last minute snacks
  • Take Limited Express rapi:t from Namba Station to Kansai Airport
  • Check in at Kansai Airport
  • Do a takeaway (dabao food) at departure hall before going through immigration
  • Souvenir shopping after immigration
  • Kansai Airport – Singapore Changi Airport via Scoot (Direct)
  • Hitch a ride back home

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Total Costs

Of course, here’s reiterating my previous plug (which is also useful for you) – don’t forget to use my lobangs to help you save some money too! 🙂


  • Alternatively, you can also use atta.ai to help you plan for your trip! Our accommodation and flight was planned and booked using the atta.ai platform as a prize awarded to me in a giveaway that I won!

7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Travelogue 2019

(2 – 8 May 2019)

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Last but not least, thanks always for reading and I hope that you’ve found this travelogue and itinerary useful for you to plan your trip to Osaka-Kyoto! The usual daily posts will be back again at 12pm (GMT+8) from tomorrow onwards – till my next trip ;p

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