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7D6N Osaka Travelogue 2019 – DAY 6: Abandoned Fukuchiyama Railway Trail (Airbnb Experience) x Umeda Station x Daimaru x Pokemon Centre Osaka – 7 May 2019 #DuckyFishyOsaka

It’s kinda sad but this would be our last full day in Osaka! Had a late night for the day before but that’s okay cos it was a pretty slack day in general with only one item on the itinerary (:

Have you read my previous post yet btw?

Crystal and I met up around 11 plus before heading over one station to Umeda where we would be meeting our Airbnb Experience host (sign up HERE for $45 credits (Airbnb Accommodation) and $16 credits (Airbnb Experience) for our half day guided trip!

It’s a hike of sorts to visit the Abandoned Fukuchiyama Railway trail – hence my legging outfit paired with my running shoes or I would be in a dress hahaha.

Since we had some time first – we went for a quick brunch.

Had some craving for pancakes and went for this at the Deli Cafe cos it was the cheapest I’ve seen and most convenient next to the meeting point!

Very very meh but at least I ticked having a Japanese pancake off my list to eat for this trip lol. Regret not having all the better quality ones I’ve passed by but well – there’s always a next time!

Crystal’s strawberry shortcake was pretty good!

I also took away the pork bao from 551 Horai which I have always been meaning to try. Sadly, it comes in a box of two at the minimum and Crystal didn’t want to share so I had to eat two of them 🙁

But okay la, it’s not bad! I ate one on the spot when it was warm and then the other one for supper that night 🙂

We met up with our Airbnb Experience host, Kazuki at the meeting point at 1230pm and we were off to Nishinomiya-Najio station. You’ll need to take a local train for this if I’m not wrong, check your Google maps 🙂

From here, it was around a 15+ min walk to get to the start of the Abandoned Fukuchiyama Railway trail hike!

Along the way, we passed by a Japanese high school and many residential homes.

The view here for the trail hike is absolutely gorgeous (the gorges and mountain view) and the air smelt so fresh!

If you come during the peak of the cherry blossom season or autumn, it would absolutely beautiful but spring is fine too!(:

Best of all? There were not many people or crowds around hence leaving this spot very unsullied and untouched too much by the usual tourism.

There are a couple of tunnels (5-6) along the way and a Torchlight / flashlight is required to walk the trail. Kazuki provided everything for us so we just had to follow him.

The best part is naturally having someone to snap photos for both of us 😂 Thanks Kazuki!(:

Won’t spoil too much of the trail experience for you so just sharing the snapshots taken!

Within the tunnel itself~

If you’re lucky, you can spot bats, crickets and even centipedes like what we did hidden in the crook and nanny of the rocks.

Prepare for ALOT of caterpillars (crawling and dangling ones) while walking the railway tracks as well so if you are squeamish, please skip this trail lol.

There are MANY, MANY photo opportunities everywhere and my favourite was the one at the Mukogawadainitetsu Bridge.

The usual pose.

And just us being our usual ridiculous selfs 😂 But yeah, these pretty much sums up our 14 year friendship as besties lols.

P.s our height difference hahahaha.

I think Kazuki was very amused by us. You can spot him behind Crystal btw 🙂 Unfortunately this was the only photo I have of him as we didn’t manage to take a photo together 😭😭

Lol Crystal said she wants to improve herself and do a proper plank on the bridge the next time.

So much feel for the following set of photos no? 🙊

Spot the heart shaped rock! And keep your eyes peeled for the big fat trouts / ducks in the river too! (Prohibited to go fishing here btw lol)

The trail in general is quite safe but there are wild boars and bears beyond the mountain. Don’t go off track ya lol.

Plenty of picnic spots and resting areas all around as well. Kazuki was so nice to bring us some rooibos tea and mochi at the halfway point.

Bonus photo of Crystal trying to save a caterpillar she found on her seat lol.

The trail ends at this spot where there is a small restaurant called Hatakuma (?) which we stopped by for an early dinner.

What’s so special about the restaurant is that it serves wild boar meat and deer!

Crystal had the wild boar katsu don.

I had the wild boar curry rice.

And Kazuki had the fried skewers set of wild boar and deer!

He was so nice to share a portion of his meal with us to let us try! Also because this is inclusive in the Airbnb Experience (Click HERE to sign up enjoy $16 off (min $100) your Airbnb Experience!) so he has already been to the restaurant many, many times lols.

In fact, before us – he just brought another group for the morning slot on the same trail before having lunch at the same restaurant 😂

The food was good btw, expenses at your cost (prepare about 1000-1500 yen for the full set + drinks, no tax!). Worth for the meal 🙂

It was a short trek after that to a hot spring area! The usual hot spring is chargeable but Kazuki showed us a hot spring foot bath area which you can enter for free!

Apparently it’s a natural hot spring – you can see that water flowing in from this very tiny waterfall/stream here before it’s pumped into this foot bath.

Just soaking your feet here feels SO GOOD and the natural minerals in the water makes your feet feel so refreshed and light! Unfortunately, it was just a short one as we had to get going after that. I would have loved to enjoy it longer but this is a tour after all!

Heh, well – at least we managed to enjoy a mini onsen of sorts during this trip even though we didn’t get to try Spa World!

Oh yes, Kazuki was so well prepared and had everything ready including a towel each for us to dry our feet!

From here, it’s a short walk to Takedao Station whereby this Airbnb Experience (Click HERE to sign up enjoy $16 off (min $100) your Airbnb Experience!) would officially end off at as we took the train back to Umeda Station!

For your reference, this trip is a half day tour from 130pm – 6pm (may end slightly later i.e 630pm) and it cost us S$113.06 (S$57) each, booked on Airbnb Experience. Click HERE to sign up enjoy $16 off (min $100) your Airbnb Experience 🙂

Everything is inclusive from the train fare, guided hike (Kazuki speaks English!), snacks and a drink. Only the meal is at your own expense 🙂

It’s also a very flat hike and all ages can do this (note it’s about 3 hours of walking at least, but on flat ground). Very easy to walk and nothing compared to the hike I was on in Okinawa earlier this year! That was lol, really not easy to do LOL. Go read about it HERE!

Anyway, since we were at Umeda – we took this time to explore the area for awhile and grab some final souvenirs!

We also popped by the Pokemon Centre Osaka.

And then Tokyu Hands! Man, if I had my own place in the future (and working!) – I would so get these!

Sanrio store at Daimaru department store.

And finally – the food hall at the basement of the departmental store with the plethora of yummy looking and pretty food and snacks!

And bread of cos :p

One of the best times to visit is the closing time whereby prices of the fresh food are usually slashed down to 50% off and I managed to snag a good deal!

My supermarket journey didn’t end here because the supermarket at our hotel was finally open after that lonngggg Golden Week holiday and weekend and we popped by for a visit.

By then, I was just stocking up once again for my snacks and Crystal headed back up first.

It would be my last time here after all 🙁

Here’s my loots for the night!

Including more food! Got them really cheap at 50% off – the sashimi was approx S$2.50 and the beef, S$5 after discount. Sadly, the quality isn’t the best but still okay.

Polished off my last pau from 551 Horai as well. Yep, last night of feasting 😂

It’s always sad to say good-bye but it has to be done.

For once, I’m quite happy to leave Japan – but ONLY because of my rashes. Convinced it’s the room and I even slept on top of the bedsheets instead of under it for this night. Lol, a little too late-ish since it’s quite a full blown rash now but ah well. :///

Pardon the graphic image >_<

More importantly, thanks always for reading and stay tuned for the last post for this trip!

P.s prefer to watch? Here’s my travelogue video for this day! 😀


7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Travelogue 2019

(2 – 8 May 2019)

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