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7D6N OsakaTravelogue 2019 – DAY 5: Kura Sushi x Hunting for Dango Mushi at Shinsekai and Den Den Town x Avengers Movie Night x Dotonburi x Ichiran Ramen x Don Quijote – 6 May 2019 #DuckyFishyOsaka

This morning’s affirmation came at a very time and was a great reminder!

I woke up really egghausted – it has been awhile since I fully had 6-7 hours of sleep and we had long, LONG days over the last 5 days so far.

Fortunately, it was one of those days where it was a carefree free and easy thing so it was pretty cool!

By the way, have you read my previous post?

Anyway, I missed almost all my alarms as I was so tired and got up close to 10am? Also wasn’t really comfortable cos I was itching all over due to vacation rash or smth. Not sure why but they started appearing from Day 3-4. Been trying to figure out why but couldn’t. This is quite common for me cos I do get these rashes occasionally and they go away almost immediately once I’m home 😂

Well, two more days to go!

But first – brekkie!!(:

And then nuaaa + catch up on reading and some of my socials which I have been neglecting for so many days! Lol Crystal and I may be in different rooms but we had the same thought process. She also just woke up around the same timing (past the alarm) etc lol. If we stayed in the same room, we would probably leave close to 2-3pm daily like our previous trip to Tokyo last year lol. That’s the beauty of a holiday = really enjoying ourselves!

This would also technically be our only day to really spend in Osaka just walking around and getting our souvenirs like a last day cos we have a tour tomorrow. Yeah, I wouldn’t have placed it on the last day either.. but that was the only date available so oh wells!

Lols, that being said – we slacked till 12 plus, having brekkie in our respective rooms, nua-ing and just catching up on our socials. BEST way to spend the day HAHHAHA 😂

Ah decisions decisions.

Was a little chilly that day so the latter choice it is!

We trained down once again to Dobutsuen-Mae Station and walked the exact same route on day 2 of our trip but we were definitely more familiar with the route now!

The original plan to have a sushi lunch at a cheap sushi joint at Janjan Yokocho Alley but we decided to bypass it for even cheaper sushi at Kura Sushi along Shinsekai.

Kura Sushi is rather similar to Genki Sushi and it’s a chain store of conveyor belt sushi restaurants where ALL their sushi is 100 yen.

Mostly everything in this outlet is automated / self service from the table allocation to the ordering. No need for human interaction at all except when it comes to paying the bill.

Free water inclusive, just help yourself!

Meanwhile, you can pick up the sushi from the conveyor belt or order it from the tablet and have it freshly prepared and then zoomed to you lickety spit on a separate belt.

There are other food options including burgers and light meals at affordable prices (under 300 yen) too!


Don’t be fooled by the price and expect sub-par sushi. It’s actually pretty impressive considering the price point and very very fresh.

Favourites include the crab leg sushi and those scallops. Amazing!

Note: I have low food standards lol.

The fun part is the gachapon machine which you can get a chance to play when you return 5 plates into the return slot! Sadly, we didn’t win anything!

We were quite puzzled later when the bill came cos we were only charged for 10 plates even though we probably ate around 14-15 plates. That was a little odd but we’ll take it lol.

I also made it a point to molest touch the soles of most of the Billiken Statues around Shinsekai for luck and visited the Billiken Shrine as well! 😂

HUAT AH! Money, career, love, happiness and health! Lol I’m a greedy little bugger 💰😂

Then we were off to explore Shinsekai and embark on my hunt for my Dango Mushi gachapon toy (was sold out at the original place 😭).

I really like the Shinsekai / Tsutenkaku Tower district ALOT and would consider this my favourite place in Osaka to visit due to it’s quirky charms!

Would be back in the future for this old school Japanese coffeehouse for the pancakes!

This place for the beef bowls.

This place in Shinsekai Market for the bao (open on Sundays only).

This place for the beef katsu sandwich!

And for ice cream 🙂

My search for Dango Mushi led us to Den Den Town aka the Akihabara of Osaka.

There’s a legit good bubble tea place here called Happy Balls and Crystal FINALLY had a good milk tea with pearls. Thumbs up, she says!

Sadly, though I didn’t manage to get my hands on Dango Mushi, we had a GREAT time at Den Den Town exploring the place!

And there were SO MANY maid cafes of different kinds, adorable gachapon machines, toys, figurines and the like.

Don’t forget the ubiquitous UFO toy catcher machines and arcades.

The COOLEST part is entering the SUPER POTATO store and indulging in memories of the past with these Gameboy Color, old school game cartridges and game machines! They are all in working order I guess but omg the feels are real! Will never forget playing my Pokemon, Zelda and Super Mario!

And of course, there was a surprising array of unique food you can find here including a chocolate melon pan (I’ve not seen this before), ebi-maru and this soft serve store that sells normal and WEIRD flavors including wasabi, mustard, whitebait and many more!

Normal food choices include curry rice (very common meal choice :p), coffee places, themed food and even Gram Pancakes can be found here!

Sadly..I didn’t manage to try their pancakes cos their special pancakes were sold out by then.

I probably could have stayed on longer but the weather wasn’t looking too fine and it would be better to seek shelter so we continued on to Namba and spontaneously decided to watch a movie on the spot at Namba Parks Cinema LOL.

Our eyes almost bogged out looking at the cinema ticket prices in Japan though. It’s 1800 yen for adult tickets, that’s S$20 for a ticket!

We decided to be thick skinned and opted for the college/student tickets at 1500 yen on the ticketing machine.

(Deepest apologies for being unethical T__T)

Still expensive though but for the Avengers: End Game movie (3 hours), at least it’s not so bad/quite worth it!

We also picked up some snacks – popcorn for me and sour cream french fries for Crystal!

My second time watching Avengers and Crystal’s first. Ah~ my bias aka Chris Evans 😻😍💞

P.s yes – it’s in English but subbed in Japanese! Not dubbed, thank goodness!

These were the other kind of movies available, plenty of anime!

This movie looked SO COOL! Dead Aggressor – The Beyond! Lol the art style for the eyes reminds me so much of my previous bias, Kira Yamato (Gundam Seed) but Crystal says it looks more like Athrun instead 🙄🙄

And OMG, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress has a MOVIE on its own?! Would TOTALLY watch this!!

Then it was back to Dotonburi for the rest of the night to walk around and pick up souvenirs cos we figured this would be our only night left to do so!

Ah and Osaka just being quirky as usual.

Dinner was settled at Ichiran Ramen since Crystal had never had it before and this particular outlet in Osaka has both the usual counter seat booths AND normal seats.

My first time eating Ichiran at the normal seat setting but I would recommend the counter seat booths in the future if possible for the full Ichiran Experience.

The ramen never goes wrong btw. So good, I’m a happy girl 🙂

We ended our night at Don Quijote. Best and worst choice EVER becos I spent HOURS inside 😂

So much so that Crystal bth and went back to our hotel first cos it was getting really late at 11 plus.

But there was really ALOT of unique things at Don Quijote. The tip as well is to hit the minimum amount for tax free products and you save quite abit when you buy in bulk.

I spent the most here – 8200+ yen in total stocking up on my beauty supplies (3-4 months worth of Biore makeup wipes, facial wash and masks) as well as a couple of snacks.

For once as well, I just prioritized myself and focused more on getting my own stuff verus buying loads of presents or souvenirs for others.

Learning to do this for myself and in many areas 🙂

Of cos, not working with no colleagues etc does help la 😂 No one to really buy for and I was on a budget!

But yep, that’s it for this post! Thanks for reading and stay tuned to the next post~

P.s don’t forget to watch the travelogue for this day!(:


7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Travelogue 2019

(2 – 8 May 2019)

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