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7D6N Osaka-Kyoto Travelogue 2019 – DAY 4: Full Day Kimono Rental in Kyoto Experience x Yasaka Shrine x Higashiyama x Kodaiji Temple x Gion Cafe x Fushimi Inari Shrine x Makino Station x Tomato & Onion Restaurant – 5 May 2019 #DuckyFishyOsaka #DuckyFishyKyoto

Ohh I was not looking forward to writing Day 4 of this trip due to the sheer number of photos and places we visited, so expect this to be a pretty long and image intensive blog post for your reading!

Let’s go and tackle this post! 💪

Meanwhile, have you read my previous post yet?

Anyway, I started off the day early and doing up extra care for my appearance aka using an under eye mask, putting on contacts while multi tasking with some bread!

And then we were off!

On this day, we utilized our 1 day Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass on the Keihan Line which allows us unlimited ride! Note that I bought it off Klook! (Free $5 code on Klook 0MF2Zso)

We reached Kyoto (Gion-Shijio) way earlier than our allocated time slot of 1230pm for our kimono rental so we took this time to walk around the place!

Stumbled onto Cocoa Market nearby and it was such a lovely little place! Had our eye on that dark chocolate ice cream which looked AMAZING! 🙀🍫

And then 7-11 to check out unusual finds!

It wasn’t too long till we headed up to our kimono rental place called: Kimono Rental Wargo Petite Gion-shijo!

This is actually my second time renting from Kimono Rental Wargo as my first time was also with them back in 2016 as the price of their kimono rentals are the most affordable especially if you pay online!

The special point about the Kimono Rental Wargo Petite shop is that they have a Student Kimono Plan and Girl Group Discount which can net you a HUGE discount of 1100 yen off the usual price of 2900 yen per person! Tickets can be purchased online in advance and you just have to produce your student card!

The kimono rental process is very fuss free and smooth, but expect to spend about 30-60 minutes in total to get everything done from:

Choosing your kimono! (This is the HARDEST part!!) Was debating for a youthful cute feel verus a simple elegant feel and opted for the former since I probably won’t be able to act young anymore as I grow older 😂

Getting dressed with the help of the professional dressers!

Getting your hair done! A free basic hairdo is inclusive in the price but you can top up for a more elaborate version.

It also comes with a free hairpin accessory rental and I chose this cute seal one (again, cos as you grow older, you can’t wear stuff like these anymore :()

Also inclusive in the price will be a free rental bag (you can leave your bags at the shop) and geta slippers!(:

Transformation completed!(:

The planned walking itinerary for this day prior to returning the kimono before 630pm was this: Yasaka Shrine / Kodai-ji Temple / Kiyomizu-dera as they were all around the vicinity!

The first stop – Yasaka Shrine and there was a little festival going on as part of Children’s Day celebration happening that particular day!

And of course, plenty of photos along the way! 😂

Headed next to Maruyama Park for a stroll as it was a really pretty place and managed to snap some nice photos here!

En route to Kiyomizu-dera, you will be passing by the Higashiyama district where you can stop by some of the restaurants for a meal like what we did!

Didn’t know the name but it looked like an authentic / traditional Kyoto restaurant and very charming to boot with a lovely little garden.

Prices was a wee more expensive than usual but it was worth it for the location and the food was not too bad 🙂

It was here where I had my first taste of mackerel soba and this was pretty tasty!

If you want to try this, I only know it’s one of the restaurants opposite Todaiji Temple which we skipped at first.

Meanwhile, you’ll be spoilt for choice to visit the many shops (snacks and souvenirs) along the way to Kiyomizu-dera!

Some highlights include a Studio Ghibli shop and the unique Starbucks outlet!

And yes, note that it is really crowded ya? On this day, it was super hot as well – the HOTTEST day we had during our trip and it was so very warm (26 degrees).

Was close to sweating by the time we reached Kiyomizu Dera!

Lol, we had no feel to pay the entrance fee to enter the temple so we decided to skip it and just snap photos all around.

Just wander and explore and you can find alot of pretty and hidden spots (with considerably less crowds) around the area 🙂

From here, we made a U-turn to walk back to Gion-Shijio and retraced our steps back.

But not before stopping for a drink (for Crystal) and a shaved ice dessert for me to beat the heat!

And of course – more photos!

Then we decided to pay a visit to Kodaiji Temple since it was along the way.

Again, didn’t want to pay the entrance fee but we made do with paying our respects at the shrine and picking up some charms.

And more photos as well la. HAHAHAHA 😂😂

The sun was setting while we made our way back to return our kimono but we still had a little bit of time.

Decided to spend it at a cafe to chill for a while and what caught our attention immediately was this cafe called Gion Cafe thanks to the three kitty cats in front of it.

Lol, thanks to the cats – we paid 1100 yen for our dessert and drink set per person 😂

Luckily this was a good slice of pie! Crystal had the chocolate pie with an orange juice while I had the raspberry pie with a Coke.

Yep, I’m really indulging this whole trip and planning to work off those calories and weight gain right after that! 💪💪

Our Cinderella moment ended for the day when we returned our kimonos at 630pm. It’s brisk and efficient to remove them and collect our stuff but please don’t be late ya?

Lol and you can easily tell at the end of the day who dressed up in a kimono from their hairstyles/elaborate up-dos 😂

Our day didn’t end here however as we still had some time and other plans since we had the unlimited pass on the Keihan line!

The next stop for us was to visit Fushimi Inari Shrine – yeah, that world famous one with all the red tori gates! It’s open 24/7 with no restrictions on the opening hours so that’s why I saved it for the last.

Of course, it would be a more beautiful sight in the day and you’ll be able to see more things and perhaps, buy more stuff but we made do with what we have.

Fushimi Inari Shrine at night is beautiful regardless!(:

Less crowds too but of course, getting a decent ootd at night isn’t the best.

We only went up to the mid way point before turning back as it was pretty late like around 8pm? If we climbed and did the full trek – we would probably take an hour plus or so coupled with an hour’s ride back to Osaka and most of the shops/restaurants would have been closed already.

Definitely coming back here again in the future to actually complete the climb but this was my second time at Fushimi Inari Shrine and Wx and I also U-turned at this point (also at night!) 😂

I would come back in the day the next time, hopefully!

Since we had the unlimited railway pass on Keihan line and some time to spare, we decided to randomly keep an eye out for any stops with shopping malls or bright lights etc to explore and grab some dinner on the way from Kyoto to Osaka!

Let’s just say that it was a long ride without seeing anything of interest till we passed by Makino Station and some lights attracted our attention to stop and tap out.

The lights came from this bowling alley which we bypassed to check out Lawson further down the road.

Dinner was then settled to be at this quirky looking family restaurant called Tomato & Onion.

To sum this place up in a nutshell = Swensons (American style) infused with a Japanese touch.

Their specialty?

Japanese hamburg!

Crystal ordered an onion hamburg of sorts.

I had the classic hamburg steak. Looked like a steak but it isn’t yeah? But it’s 100% beef, very awesome!

And the coolest thing about it is that it comes with this mini hot stone of sorts where you can cook your hamburg steak for a fun sizzling time!

Very oily though and you need to eat it fast or else it doesn’t sizzle after awhile! Still very fun!(:

Suggested to top up for the soup, drink and salad combo but we were too full. The salad will help cut through the “meatiness” / oily hamburg btw.

We also ordered a plate of crispy fries to share and guess what?

BEST plate of fries EVER! Thin, crispy and addictive. No qualms ordering. It’s even better than McDonalds in my opinion 👍🍟

Oh and this avocado with MENTAIKO and melted cheese. Yum but very gelat after awhile for me cos it was too creamy. Crystal savoured every bite as she was a HUGE fan.

I’m more of a salad person 😂

The bill came up to 2588 yen for two which was pretty reasonable and worth paying for the experience. Thumbs up 👍

Last stop to the supermarket before we hopped on to our train back to Yodayabashi Station and back to our hotel room.

Time to let down le hair and byebye to this prettttyyyy braid! Always find it amazing how hair stylists can tame my unruly hair.

I can’t, for sure 😂🦁

Alright, thanks for sticking by this lonnng post! Stay tuned to the next one coming up tomorrow at 1228pm GMT+8!

P.s don’t forget to watch the travelogue video below!


7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Travelogue 2019

(2 – 8 May 2019)

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