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7D6N Osaka-Kyoto Travelogue 2019 – DAY 3: Hankyu Kyo Train Garaku (Osaka-Kyoto) x Arashiyama Monkey Park x Arashiyama Bamboo Grove x Rilakkuma Honey Stand x Miffy Sakura Kitchen x Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade x Pokemon Centre Kyoto – 4 May 2019 #DuckyFishyOsaka #DuckyFishyKyoto

My Day 3 started off great with a bread twist brekkie which I bought from Family Mart the day before!

Have you read Day 2 of my travelogue?

It wasn’t too long before I was prepped and ready to head out to meet with Crystal!

We took this chance to check out the supermarket that was finally open next to us and we were pretty much in PARADISE!

Spotted all these unique goodies you don’t see in Singapore as below~

Then we were off to Umeda – first via the Midosuji line before utilizing our Hankyu Tourist Pass (One Day)!

Platform 1-3 will be where you should head to and any of these trains will bring you into Kyoto on the Hankyu line!

My suggestion? Opt to hop on a special themed train called the “Kyo Train Garaku” that runs only on weekends / public holidays at selected hours – do check the schedule online!

Normal Hankyu Train

Kyo Train Garaku

It’s a pretty unique train specially designed in a typical Japanese / ryokan style and I think it’s a fun way to head from Umeda to Kyoto on this themed train!

The coolest part of the train is window facing seats and the fact that there’s a garden of sorts within the train itself. Very very cool!

Can you feel the traditional vibes emitting from the train?!

We got off at Katsura Station to transfer to a normal train bound for Arashiyama Station. No fancy trains design here but your typical train!

P.s please note that there are TWO Arashiyama Stations. This is the Arashiyama Station on the Hankyu Line!

It wasn’t too long till we reached the Hankyu Arashiyama Station after a few stops!

The first thing on the itinerary was to head over to Iwatayama Monkey Park and there were some really lovely sights you can take in plus plenty of snacks along the way 🙂

We also stopped to get ourselves some sweet potato snacks from this obasan here!

Follow the signs and you’ll eventually land at the monkey park characterized by this red tori gate entrance!

The entrance to the monkey park will be on your left and an admission fee of 550 yen is required to enter!

Warning: Getting to the Iwatayama Monkey Park is no small feat as you will need to climb up for about 20 minutes to reach the top where it’s located.

Hiking shoes or sports shoes recommended though yes, it’s possible to walk up in flats, slippers and even wedges. I’m one of those who hiked it up in flats and ow ow ow those stones 😂

The hike is mild and very safe, nothing compared to my hike Okinawa but you’ll definitely reach the top a little sweaty.

I loved the little rest area/play area at the top and they even have their super cool slide for kids!!

But yep, after climbing for about 20 mins upwards – we MADE IT TO THE PARK! Yayy!!

Honestly speaking, the park is pretty small and there’s not much you can do other than:

Take photos of the monkey / selfies with the monkeys! Note they are WILD monkeys, you can’t pet or touch them. Photos should be taken at a distance!

If you really want to somewhat touch a monkey, you can feed them with the 100 yen fruit / peanut feed in the little hut here and feed them through the bars under the watchful eyes of the keepers of monkey park. No touching or petting okay?

You can also stamp your admission ticket at the stamp area here as well!

Other than that – there’s also a magnificent view of Kyoto city from the top and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Trekking down after that is also much easier compared to climbing up with many picture perfect spots for ootds as below!

Lol and obviously I’m totally NOT dressed for hiking/climbing around in my dress and flats. I look so out of place here 😂

It would have been more gorgeous if you come in the fall and when the leaves turn red. But oh well, I’ll take what I can hahah!

The Tori Gates at the little shrine at the entrance of the monkey park also makes a nice ootd spot too~

Huge kudos to Crystal for tirelessly being my AWESOME camerawoman 📸♥️

Then it was time for us to cross the famous Togetsu-kyo Bridge with a lovely view on the left!

It was really crazy crowded getting to the heart of the town as it was Golden Week and on a weekend to boot so almost all the places were crowded or had a queue.

We were reduced to shuffling along with the crowd while we were on a lookout for a lunch place!

Luckily, we managed to seek refuge for lunch in a random typical Japanese restaurant called Choujiya 丁字屋!

I loved the entire decor of the place and it’s so homely! Felt a little like we were whisked back into a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd (and heat) outside!

Best of all? An English menu is provided!

Note that there is a minimum of one order per person or a cover charge of 200 yen will apply.

That wasn’t a problem for us as we were hungry and wanted lunch! The most worth it meal is definitely the set meals where you can try the best of both worlds!

Crystal tried the Syouga Set (mini syouga don) served with Cold Soba while I had the mini Katsudon set which also came with cold soba for 1050 yen each (no tax!)

Don’t expect anything fancy but just a good ol’ traditional Japanese fare that tasted homely and comforting.

It’s not the best but you can’t go wrong ordering these 🙂

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

We headed on next to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, just walking distance from where we were. Don’t worry about getting lost cos you just have to follow the signs/crowd.

Don’t expect too much from the forest due to the crowd as well cos you’ll be pretty much shuffling through in a queue. You can peer at the above and it’s still a beautiful sight nonetheless but if you’re looking for photo worthy spots..I don’t think there are many around the grove TBH.

Here are the best kind of shots around the area with the grove! But not much feel la hahaha.

Best to come early in the morning if you want some serenity or else just prefer to shuffle along~

There are a couple of small shrines and temples and we visited the Nonomiya Shrine for some love luck hahaha.

HUAT ah for Mr Right and for good business, luck and career in general 😂♥️💲🧧💰

Rilakkuma Honey Stand

I was more eggcited to head to the Rilakkuma Honey Stand which we passed by along the way towards the bamboo grove!

It’s so SO CUTE and there’s a cafe on the second level selling Rilakkuma themed food and a full fledged gift shop on the ground level.

Oh my heart ♥️

Oh my heart x2 ♥️♥️

I was sorely tempted by the ice cream because it was so cute and went to get the unmeltable Rilakkuma popiscle (sweet potato flavor)!

It was a toss up debate between that and the usual Rilakkuma face with a pancake (the latter more worth it!) but I still went with the former cos cuter.

Tastewise was not so nice tho!

Couldn’t leave without snapping photos with my Rilakkuma love ♥️

Miffy Sakura Kitchen

Along the way as well is the Miffy Sakura Kitchen and it’s another one of those adorable character shop places!

I’m not a huge fan of Miffy but I think she’s really cute and I do like rabbits!

Wasn’t really tempted to get anything till the freshly baked Miffy shaped red bean buns caught my attention! Too cute and I couldn’t resist! 🐰♥️

Again, I could leave without first snapping a photo together with the cure Miffy statue!

Kawaramachi Station

We decided to leave Arashiyama since there was nothing much to do here other than visiting the Tenryu-ji temple which I already did so during my last trip so we decided to head to Kawaramachi instead!

To get there, you need to take the train back to Katsura before transferring to Kawaramachi! I would also suggest you leave this for last and go to Arashiyama first like what I did because most of the places at Arashiyama closes at 5-6pm!

Kawaramachi on the other hand is within the Kyoto city area so the shops close a little later, giving you a little more time to shop/stroll around!

Shinkyogoku-Dori Street and Teramachi will be the main shopping arcades/streets that greets you the moment you head out and we decided to take a stroll along all the shops!

Spotted some really interesting cafes, restaurants and souvenirs – especially pet cafes (hedgehog/Shiba Inu/Cat/Owl/Otter cafes)!

Plenty to see and explore and perhaps pick up some bubble tea and other street food like fried chicken or taiyaki!:)

Pokemon Centre Kyoto

Before we left to head back to Osaka, we decided to pop by the new Pokemon Centre in Kyoto at their new location (if I recall right) as it was within walking distance to the station!

I had no regrets heading in because I managed to find the newly launched Pokemon jewellery / accessories I was interested to get for this trip!

More importantly, they were all affordable and under S$20! Note that these are only available in the Pokemon stores in Japan!(:

Other assorted stuff at the Pokemon Centre!

And of course, please don’t leave without snapping a photo 🙂

Yep, this was pretty much it for Day 3 of our day trip to Kyoto as we took the train back to Umeda, and then back to Yodayabashi!

Ending this post off with my loots, snacks/dinner and a good ol’ soak in the bathtub for those aching feet!

P.s got cheated with the oranges at the Lawson 100 outlet. Japan – I’m shook!! :(

Lol anyway, thanks for reading and stay tuned for Day 4 coming soon to you at 1228pm GMT+8 tomorrow!(:

Meanwhile, WATCH DAY 3 on my Youtube here!


7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Travelogue 2019

(2 – 8 May 2019)

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  1. Thanks for your informative post! I’ll be going to Japan during Golden Week this year and I definitely want to try this train. Overall, the crowds don’t look too bad other than trying to find a place to have lunch. Do you have any other advice for travelling during Golden Week and sightseeing? I’ll be travelling solo.

    1. Hi Evelyn! Thanks for popping my blog and sorry for the late response! Are you still heading to Japan now even with the current situation? Just to take note of the timings for this train ya? 🙂

      Depending on the situation this year (if you are still headed to Japan), I would reckon Golden Week will not be as crowded as the years before. Unfortunately, I didn’t really travel solo for this component of my trip so I didn’t manage to explore other hidden places on my own other than the ones that I’ve blogged about during this trip.

      P.s stay safe and not stay out too late! If you stick to the usual travel attractions; it should be generally quite safe 🙂

  2. Hi May I know do we need to reserve a seat in advance for the Hankyu Kyo Train Garaku train? Or just hop in only at the selected timing?

    1. Hi Christine, if I recall right, back in 2019 we took note of the timing and bought the right tickets to get onboard the train. I’m not sure if the ticket system has improved for 2023 where you can purchase it online now instead, do check the website for more information:)

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