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7D6N Osaka Travelogue 2019 – DAY 2: Osaka Castle x Bacon Potato Piesen x Janjan Yokocho x Shinsekai x Den Den Town x Lawson 100 – 3 May 2019 #DuckyFishyOsaka

I realized that 3 May seems to be a day where I usually travel or it’s just a landmark good day in general for travel!

Point note of reference?

3 May 2012: My FIRST ever trip to USA and the trip that started it all (the wanderlust)!

3 May 2015: My Seoul trip with my ex-partner!

3 May 2016: My featured collaboration with Skyscanner previously and it was a multi city itinerary to Osaka-Kyoto-Nara-Tokyo!

3 May 2017: My Seoul trip with my bestie, Crystal #DuckyFishySeoul!

3 May 2018: My Japan trip with my bestie #DuckyFishyJapan!

And of course, fast forward to today, 3 May 2019 – my Osaka trip with my bestie again #DuckyFishyOsaka!

Accomplished much on this morning before meeting up with Crystal including my usual social media postings and replying some emails so it was all good to start off the day!

Don’t forget to read Day 1 of my Osaka Travelogue yeah?

We attempted to pop by the supermarket located just round our hotel to pick up a quick (and cheap) brekkie, but it was unfortunately closed.

Settled for Family Mart instead and Crystal took the opportunity to get the special Crayon Shin Chan x Hello Kitty collaboration cup which came with a free jelly at the same time!

We headed off to the Keihan Yodayabashi Station to pick up our Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass which we forgot to do so previously and luckily it was still valid! Yay! Note that I bought it off Klook! (Free $5 code on Klook 0MF2Zso)

And then next on the list? Osaka Castle!

The nearest station is Temmabashi Station and to get to Osaka Castle, you need to head out by Exit 3! Then follow the crowd or use the GPS! It’s quite easy to locate la, just look out for the castle and walk in that direction! Do note that the walk is around 15-20 mins on foot from the station ya?

We were there during Golden Week so it was super crowded and the queue to enter the castle was horrifyingly long so we decided to skip entering!

There’s not much to do at the castle grounds but you can do the following!

Snap ootd-worthy shots all around the castle park!

LOL like couple photo but disclaimer, best friends, both VERY straight and still looking for Mr Right one day! 😂

Pop by Miraiza Osaka-Jo for some souvenirs shopping such as these unique chopsticks with free name engraving and a plethora of other stuff souvenirs!

They also have snacks all around the grounds but we had ours at the snack booth within the area – Kobe minced meat cutlet stick (350 yen), takoyaki (500 yen) and a cherry blossom ice cream (500 yen)! Fills your stomach but I have to say the ice cream was really nice!

Oh and we made a new friend called Ronny from Canada here!(:

There’s also a charming little shrine right outside the castle entrance called Hokoku Shrine which you can also pop by for a visit, pray and get a omamori charm and/or a omikuji (fortune telling lot)!

We also popped by Shodokan as we heard some fighting sounds from the place and realized that there was a kendo practice going on! Very cool to witness this!

Our short trip to Osaka Castle ended with a visit to McDonald’s at Temmabashi Station to try the limited edition creamy bacon potato piesen and it was really good!!

After that, we were thinking where to head to – a toss up between Umeda and back to Namba and the latter won cos it didn’t seem like there was anything interesting in particular at Umeda for us!

Lucky us – we managed to grab a seat on the Elegant Saloon 8000 Series back to Namba on the Keihan Main Line. Not even sure if we were allowed to take it actually but we did for 3 stops to Namba! 😂

From Namba, we made a decision to take the train to Dobutsuen-Mae Station as our starting point so that we could walk the way downwards to visit Shinsekei, and then to Den Den Town before heading back to Namba Station!

What we didn’t expect is for Shinsekai to be such a delightful place though!

First, we headed through Janjan Yokocho / Nanyodori Shotengai and holy crap, this is literally the cheapest food you can find in Osaka!

Also expect retro vibes – watching people play chess, mahjong, try your hand at old school games and you can find the CHEAPEST Sushi here in Osaka (3 pieces for 150 yen!!) plus LOADS of kushikatsu stores for cheap with long queues!

Crystal needed a break so we were speeding through to find a place to rest. Ironically, we found ourselves back at McDonald’s at Shinsekai area where she had a ice cream float and we chilled here for abit.

With our energy level back up and restored, we were off to explore and wander Shinsekai proper!

Just walk around, soak in the vibes and have a spot of fun here! There’s so much to see and do here, we actually liked this place better than Dotonbori!

What you can do here at Shinsekai include:

#1 -Visit or take a photo with the iconic Tsutenkaku tower (day/night!)

#2 – Spot the mascot of Shinsekai called Billiken and rub his feet for good luck! You can find him EVERYWHERE!

#3 – Indulge in old school retro arcade games!

#4 – Buy some (weird/cute) gachapon!

#5 – Visit Shinsekai Market (unfortunately closed on this day we visited!)

#6 – Eat this ice cream from Karin!

#7 – Eat takoyaki, okonomiyaki etc from the stores here! Definitely less crowded compared to Dotonbori!

#8 – Take a break at one of the old school retro coffeeshops all around the area!

#9 – Play UFO machines!

#10 – Play this old school pinball arcade game! It’s 25 balls for 100 yen and you can win prizes!

Hahaha I managed to win some snacks from lucky #28 booth~ Not easy to win I tell you first lol.

#11 – Watch a retro movie at this movie theater that screens the latest hits and..porno stuff lol!

#12 – Oh and PLEASE EAT KUSHIKATSU here if you’ve never eaten it before!! Crystal and I randomly popped by this restaurant and we had a wonderful meal!

Highball yuzu and grape respectively (beer recommended actually)!

SPAM THOSE FRIED SKEWERS and the dipping sauce and please remember not to double dip!

We also ordered a few other dishes including a fried ham cutlet and fried egg on rice cracker.

The star = definitely the kushikatsu. We ate almost 20 sticks 😂

Our meal was the most expensive yet in Osaka, close to S$55 (for 2!) but this was quite worth it for the amount of food and quality. It was a happy full 🙂

Perfect time in Shinsekai and we left the place happy! Thinking of coming back to try more skewers and the other bar food 😂😂

We finally left Shinsekai and moved to Den Den Town close at 8pm and most of the shops were closed by then lol.

It’s alright though cos we had some fun in a Lawson 100 where almost everything is 100 yen including fruits, snacks and more! Found some good buys to share below~ All 100 (108 yen+ tax)!

For your reference, Den Den Town in Osaka is the equivalent of Akihabara in Tokyo so you can expect almost the same stuff here.

As mentioned, we only visited here at night so the only shops open mainly were the R18 adult shops HAHAHHA.

YES we went in just for kicks to see what was inside. LOL. Interesting fact: you can buy used underwear here 😂😂

P.s this is a Rilakkuma condom. Like WHAT LOL!

And gachonpon shops.

And of course, UFO catcher shops and game arcades like Taito Station!

We spied on people playing Gunslinger Stratos at Taito Station at Den Den Town and that was pretty cool!

Also passed by a Dragon Quest themed Lawson, so cool!

We also popped by another Taito Station located opposite Namba Station (after we finally made it here) and tried our hand at this really cool looking game called Starwing Paradox.

I was horrible at the game but for 100 yen, it was worth trying it out just for kicks!

Yeah I can’t believe it, but time just flies by so fast in Japan and it was close to 11pm when we left Taito Station to head back to our hotel at Yodoyabashi!

But yep, this is pretty much the end of Day 2 in Osaka and it was a really awesome day all in all!

Thanks always for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my travelogue so far!

Stay tuned to Day 3 coming soon!


7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Travelogue 2019

(2 – 8 May 2019)

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