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7D6N Osaka Travelogue 2019 – DAY 1: HELLO Osaka! x Dotonburi x Creo-Ru x Shinsaibaishi-Suji – 2 MAY 2019 #DuckyFishyOSAKA

The announcement that we would be landing in a few minutes woke us up after barely catching a few winks of sleep over the last three hours onboard the plane from the night before.

Bleary eyed and half awake – I peered at the plane window for my first view of The Philippines as we landed at Clark Airport for a very short stop before proceeding to Osaka.

We would be taking the same flight out but nonetheless, all passengers had to disembark.

An airport transit representative was stationed at the plane entrance holding up the Osaka transit sign and we shuffled along to form a line like obedient school children.

Once all were gathered, we were taken to immigration before heading back on the same plane and waved goodbye to Clark Airport. That was a really, really short stay for my first time there! 😂

I never expected that it would be such a such flight from the Philippines to Osaka – only 3 hours and 10 mins! Wow, you guys are so lucky!

The most awesome thing is that we landed 1 hour before schedule! Lol, Crystal and I held out one index finger at the same time and looked at each other in disbelief when we heard the pilot’s announcement.

But you know what? We are really here in Osaka!

Oh yes, please don’t forget to fill up your immigration form before disembarking! It makes immigration done faster if it’s completed beforehand 🙂

After immigration, the first thing we did was to go around collecting all our passes that I bought off Klook beforehand.


My 4G SIM card (3GB for 8 days) and 1 Day Hankyu Tourist Pass from the same collection counter!
*(Free $5 code on Klook ➡️ 0MF2Zso)

And then to the Kansai Airport Station to collect our Limited Express rapi:t tickets with reserved seating from the counter!

It was a very full train and we couldn’t stuff our luggage at the front.

Fortunately, it was just a 34 minute ride to Namba Station so we just placed our luggage in front of us.

It’s fast, quite comfy and worth the extra top up to get this ticket verus in the normal trains. Plus I had some vouchers from Klook (Free $5 code on Klook ➡️ 0MF2Zso) that offset the costs a little!

As we bought the round trip tickets, we popped by the Namba Station counter to prebook and make our reservations for our trip going back because we bought the round trip ticket from Klook. Yep, it’s much cheaper and all settled!

And then off we went to our hotel, HOTEL UNIZO Osaka Yodoyabashi! We had to take a local metro train from Namba Station to Yodoyabashi station on the Midosuji line (about 3 stops away from Namba) before making our way out.

Note that alot of places in Osaka (especially the not so popular places) don’t have a lift or escalator so be prepared to lug your luggage up and down the stairs!

Fortunately, I did my research beforehand and I knew that there was a lift available near the departmental store so that saved us some luggage hassle.

Our sense of direction was awful though cos we went around in circles trying to locate our hotel cos the GPS was pretty bad around the CBD/high rise buildings. But okay la, we are also pretty bad at navigation 😂

Luckily they did let us check in a little early and the first thing to do => CRASH. We were just completely exhausted by the travel and lack of sleep due to the red eye flight(s) but it’s okay la.

We expected it as well because the same thing happened to us in Seoul back in 2017, and then Tokyo back in 2018 LOL.

No difference in 2019, hence my itinerary on Day 1 = usually nothing / nothing too heavy cos I expect to sleep it off! 😂

Oh yes, it was a lovely little business hotel that atta.ai.sg kindly booked for us! Note that both Crystal and I had our own Single rooms each! 🙂

Updated: I didn’t do a review on this hotel because I suspect that my eczema flare up after this trip was caused by something in the room!

Shag faces at 7pm but we were finally out of our rooms!

Honestly speaking, I had no plans for the day except just to have dinner so we decided to hop on a train to Namba and head to Dotonbori!

We had absolutely no regrets doing this! There were PLENTY of things to see and check out!

You’ll be so SO spoiled for choice in terms of food and we decided to settle dinner at Creo-Ru Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki cos they were pretty popular and it’s a MUST to eat takoyaki and okonomiyaki when in Osaka right?

One thing special about Creo-Ru is that they don’t just serve the usual takoyaki balls but interesting versions like the negi one with poached egg, salt and lemon, truffle and more!

We ordered three dishes – tonpeiyaki (650 yen) / pork Okonomiyaki (850 yen) / takoyaki balls (6 pieces) with negi and poached egg (680 yen)!

Sadly, the food looked better than it tasted in my opinion.

Crystal really liked the takoyaki balls due to the copious amount of negi (spring onions) which I loathe lol.

The tonpeiyaki was my favourite but it wasn’t exactly the BEST either. Still pretty decent!

The Okonomiyaki was just a disappointment after a 25 min waiting time. It lacked something and we tried putting more mayo, seaweed, chili etc but it just didn’t work.

We left full, but entirely unsatisfied.

It’s not this restaurant btw because the last time I was in Osaka, I also ate at another famous Okonomiyaki restaurant and I had a similar experience. Yeah, we would probably skip on Okonomiyaki in Osaka lol.

I had a GREAT takoyaki the last time I was here though so I’m hoping to have a repeat experience during this trip! The one here = naw. Not my cup of tea. Maybe we should have gone for the yakisoba or modanyaki instead. Hmm.

Anyway, since we left a little unsatisfied – Crystal wanted to make her tummy a little happier and bubble tea was her answer (ya, seriously this woman lol) so we went on a hunt at Dotonbori for bubble tea!

Along the way, we passed by the famous bridge with the iconic Glico Running Man sign and of course I had to snap a photo with it 😂

We also popped by the drug stores cos she had to pick up some stuff for her friend and I was looking around at all the cute and unique stuff!

Man, Japan is AWESOME!!

Oh yeah, we fulfilled Crystal’s bubble tea craving at the newly opened Chatime at Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street!

Damnit, I’m usually not a milk tea or sweet drink person but on this day – I splurged on a passionfruit juice and added pearls while Crystal had the usual milk tea with pearls!

Ah..those chewy tapioca pearls are the best honestly lol.

To end off the day – we decided to walk back to our hotel from Shinsaibashisuji since it was (almost) a straight road down! It takes about 30 mins according to Google maps but we figured / factored in our walking speed and it should be 40 mins or so?

Good to kill some calories after all that food as well! Heh, this is why Crystal is one of my fave travel companions as well cos we love exploring and walking on foot!

Okay, one last stop before we headed back to our hotel = a visit to Family Mart cos duhh!

These were the special/unique stuff I spotted btw :p

Ah Japan. Why are you so AWESOME?!

P.s on this day, we forgot to collect one of the passes! Hopefully we can collect them tomorrow (one day late…)! Fingers crossed!!

And yep, that’s the end of Day 1 in Osaka!

Thanks always for reading and stay tuned to Day 2! 🙂

P.s here’s a quick video of this travelogue on my Youtube channel!


7D6N Osaka & Kyoto Travelogue 2019

(2 – 8 May 2019)

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