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Shag Day x Itinerary Planning – 26 April 2019

Guess I was more shag than expected from the night before (read about the Phantom of the Opera Gala night in my previous post!) cos I found myself only waking up in the afternoon on this day.

It didn’t help that it was raining crazily heavy and I was sure that a flood would be expected in Singapore. Lol, it’s times like this when I’m a little thankful that I don’t have to work for today and can sleep in a little hahhaa 😂😂

At the back of mind, I was a little worried though cos I haven’t written my usual round up post for SG Lifestyle. Lol, I was supposed to do it yesterday but hahhaha.. procrastination is always my biggest enemy.

Will also be away really soon for my trip so this means that I need to start shortlisting potential articles for scheduled publication so that I don’t miss a day! Yep, it’s kinda hard to be running a daily publication all on your own but it’s just a start. Will definitely look into recruiting writers in the future for sure 🙂

For now – persevering on and doing it on my own! 我可以的! 💪💪

Meanwhile, quick rundown for the day and I honestly didn’t do much as I was “recuperating” from too much socializing the night before hahaha. Am not really good at networking and the like tbh 😂


Oh and thanks to these lovely people who asked for photos. I’m always game (unless I don’t have makeup on okay Hahhahahahha)

Published my weekend round up of events yay! Abit late lah but better late than never 🙂

Go read the weekly Roundup ah! Striving to do up one every week! 😂

What to Do in Singapore this Weekend: EVENTS WITH FREE ADMISSION (27-28 April 2019)

And I spent the rest of the night planning for our Osaka-Kyoto trip! Crystal and I would be meeting tomorrow as well to discuss our plans but eh, we both know that I would most likely take charge of the main itinerary planning cos I’m #bossy like that 😂

Planning gets me excited and stressed at the same time! It’s insane cos we only just booked last week and the trip is coming up next week 😱😱😱

So obviously I’m a little stressed up HAHHAHAA. Imagine that I used to have MONTHS to plan out my itinerary but now I only have a matter of days!

But okay la, I’m taking travel a little slower and slacker compared to my anal itineraries from before (INTJ => ENFP okay? 😂). Also taking into account of our respective limited budgets due to our unemployed status so yeah, trying to keep the costs low as much as I can too!

Yep and also it isn’t a trip solely for myself, but for BOTH of us, so ultimately we both have to come to make decisions together and employ some teamwork at the same time la 🙂

I’m not too worried. We’ve already done this for:

And now.. #DuckyFishyOsaka: 7D6N Osaka 2019! You can check out the respective hashtags on Instagram for all our pictures 🙂 Follow me at @mitsueki if you’re not already!

But yeah, we’ll be good – I know it! 🙂

P.s in case you missed out, this was an unexpected prize that we won in a giveaway courtesy of atta.ai.sg! Read about it HERE in my previous blog post!


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