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Preps x Phantom of The Opera Gala Night x After Party – 25 April 2019

Ok. What’s for sure is that I DEFINITELY pushed myself a little too hard the day before with that 60 mins on that exercise bike and I was feeling the full effects of muscle aches around my thighs etc when I got up on this day.

I feel like an old woman 😂

Oh and yes – I’ve actually been doing up mini slice of life vlogs daily (okay, some days is only like 10 seconds of my life) but I’m just so lazy to even upload or edit them nowadays. Video editing isn’t my forte or interest as you can tell lol 😂

But yeah – decided to SPAM upload all of them at a go since I didn’t want to waste my videos. You can go catch them on my YouTube or IG vlog channel heh.

Anyway, my day revolved around three main things!


Receiving my Pivo – a Kickstarter project that I backed back in January and FINALLY received!

Prepping for the gala night of the Phantom of The Opera!

And boy, did that take up the most time as it was a black tie affair! Lol.

(Random, but yea – to think that I would be attending it as I wrote about it on SG Lifestyle back last year!)

I took it as if I was attending a D&D which I didn’t get to go for since I left my job. It’s kinda rare (and sometimes, fun) to dress up once in awhile as well! But yes, alot of prep work is involved naturally!

This includes putting on eye masks, getting my wild mane tamed a little (too bad I don’t have a hairdresser hahahaha) and last minute nail fixes to start off with!

And of cos, make up la and I even wore contacts for this event!

Tadaah – the “transformation” 😂

Lol, understand that I seldom dress up or put on the full spectrum of makeup so prepare for quite a number of selfies okay?

And then I was off in a Grab to the gala night!

Boy, did most people dress up to the theme! It’s just lucky I’m not working now so I have the luxury of time to do up my makeup and etc but many people came from work since it was a Thursday night. Heh, that’s easy for men cos you can just wear your office attire and throw on a blazer for added effect. For ladies – more work has to be done la uh.

My lovely date for the night = Candy! Heh, so happy to finally see this girl after so long! She’s a busy one and trying to catch her with our schedule can be tough but we made it for this event! Plus I know she’s a HUGE fan of musicals so naturally she was one of the first few people on my mind to invite as my plus one for the event 🙂

Base Entertainment Asia definitely went all out for this event as it was a pretty grand affair and all attendees received a masquerade mask and a rose each along with a couple of fringe activities. I missed out on the latter cos we arrived late but thats okay – my point of coming was go watch the show and catch up with Candy 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m very very thankful to be allocated really good seats (H27 & H28 <- yes, it’s 28 again) almost right smack in the middle of the theatre in the few rolls to the front!

Best of all, ahhh I was actually seated in between Jemmawei (she’s my blogger idol actually) and the gorgeous @Mongabong (first time seeing her in RL and she looks exactly like in her photos! 美!)

It was a star studded affair and we also saw quite a number of celebrities including Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh (she looks damn gorg also!!), Patricia Mok, Diana Ser, Royce Lee and many more! Lol, Candy was squealing cos Qi Yuwu has always been her bias and it was her first time seeing him in person! Btw as a couple with Joanne Peh, they look super good together!

Okay, paisay to drone on but let’s get back to the show!(:

No photos are allowed during the show naturally but I took a couple prior to the start of the show!

Let’s just say that this is a musical that you MUST catch and I’m ranking it as one of my top musicals that I’ve watched so far!

Everything was perfect – from the cast to the singing to the elaborate costumes along with the amazing stage set up and props was simply impressive!

For a stage play, this is really on a different level and both Candy and I enjoyed ourselves very very much that night. I’m just privileged and blessed to have this opportunity to tick watching the Phantom of the Opera off my bucket list! 🙏

We hung around for abit after that to snap some photos and ootds at the theatre before moving on to the complimentary after party!

Huge HUGE thanks to Base Asia Entertainment for the lovely tickets once again!

If you’re interested to catch The Phantom of the Opera – the good news is that it will be running from NOW till 8 June 2019, thus giving you plenty of chances for you to catch it before it’s gone!

Prices start from $75 and you can purchase your tickets from SISTIC HERE! Highly, HIGHLY recommended! 👍

Meanwhile, arrangements were made with private coaches services for all the attendees to ferry us to 1-Altitude over at Raffles Place!

Oh and this marks my first time at the rooftop bar and the view was spectacular!

We were treated to free flow beer, wine and soft drinks along with some finger bites (pizza, satay and the like) and I gotta say that the food was pretty good especially the pizza! Candy and I devoured two slices and a couple of satays between us – yum yumsss!

We also made a couple of new young friends there, Seth and Hailey and boy, we couldn’t get over how young they were. And impressive for their age to start networking. Lol, I was busy playing games and rotting at home at their age hahaha. The new Gen Z impresses me very much in general 🙂 But please don’t stress yourself out too much or grow up too fast – that’s all I can say!

Meanwhile, we didn’t stay on for too long as Candy still had work for tomorrow so we left before the party really started.

That’s okay though cos the company matters the most and I’m really glad we had the chance to catch up after so long ♥️

What made my day as well is that she got me souvenirs from her Japan / Korea trip 😭😭😭 That got me man, super touched that she remembered me! Likewise for my side – she’s also always on my mind!

Don’t know when we will be able to meet again with her schedule but I know we will somehow carve out a time eventually. Plus there’s always social media and Whatsapp which we use to communicate often and support each other. It doesn’t beat face to face la but we will take what we can with the limited 24 hours we have in a day.

This woman is going far and I’m proud to call her my friend ❤️💙 I’m glad and blessed we reconnected back again almost two years ago and the friendship has never been tighter since then. Heh, things in life I’m grateful for 🙂

Alright, and ending off this post with a couple more selfies and lol – TikTok videos! 😂

Thanks always for reading and I hope you will be able to catch The Phantom of the Opera before it ends it’s run in Singapore!(:


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