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Traveling x Fitness x Avengers: End Game Movie – 24 April 2019

I was fresh out of my bounce class when I started writing this post.

Other than the gorgeous view, great bounce class and facilities at Beatx Studio over at Raffles Place – I guess one draw factor for me to choose it over BBounce (I can choose either studio!) will be a chance to give my eyes some eye candy moments with plenty of 帅哥美女们 (handsome men and pretty girls) all over Raffles during lunch time HAHHAHA 😂

Well, it’s sometimes nice to have a look-see also la 🙂

Bonus = treated myself to a peanut butter sandwich for the day!

Was also up on this day doing some planning for my upcoming trip to Osaka and we just received an update from atta.ai.sg that our accommodation was “upgraded” in a sense as the original owner apparently double booked us! So YAY!! Our new accommodation was a hotel and it looks pretty good – not bad for a free win!

Of course the thing about traveling with friends verus solo traveling is that we may or may not agree about doing the same things together! So Crystal and I will have to meet up soon to discuss our plans, budget and itinerary in general because it’s a trip for two, not one after all 🙂

But seriously, I really can’t believe that we will be flying off in a week or so – literally NEXT WEEK?! It’s insane, spontaneous and totally UNEXPECTED!

I’m not sure what to expect but I know I’m going to go there to have FUN! It’s Japan after all 🙂

Very likely it will be a budget trip-ish cos both of us are currently unemployed at the moment 😂 #DuckyFishyOsaka #twounemployedpeopleonavacation

But yeah. Money you can earn back tbh but an experience like this?

You can’t!

P.s 3 years ago on this day (thanks Facebook memories) – I said goodbye to Osaka and that I’ll be back. Who knew that 3 years later in 2019, I’ll make good on this promise?

Can’t wait to build NEW MEMORIES to replace the old here in Osaka and perhaps Kyoto.

Alot of people asked but I never blogged about this trip btw and probably never will. That’s okay too, cos I’ll definitely be blogging about #DuckyFishyOsaka in 2019 okay?(:

Also, Jobstreet just informed me that some of my applications that I sent over the day before was submitted so at least I know they at least made it to hopefully, their HR? It’s nice to that acknowledgement even if they don’t consider me as a candidate la 🙂 Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I went for my gym as usual after my bounce classes and this time – I pushed myself much further to 60 mins on the exercise bike! This is the longest I’ve ever done so and I’m satisfied with the calories lost though my legs were literally like jelly and I developed muscle aches cos of this!

Oh again, I spent this 1 hour very fruitfully too la – uploading stuff and doing all my socials = multi tasking eh? It makes the 1 hour move faster to be doing something else other than just attempting to cycle or listen to music aimlessly on the stationery bike lol.

231 Mountbatten Road, Block D, Urban Mangrove Singapore 397999 (OFFICE: #02-02)

Quote “MITSUEKI” to enjoy $20 for 1 week trial OR $40 for 5 classes (to be utilized within 1 month) – just Whatsapp 88119433 / DM @fame.sg on IG / email: [email protected]!

Then it was lunch and slacking mode.

And boy, did I slack/nua ALL the way till it was time to head out again.

Been waiting all week for this!! Heh so if you read my posts previously – I shared that I anyhow randomly signed up to download an app for a free Avengers movie ticket.

What I didn’t expect was that the movie date would coincide with the actual movie release date (24 April 2019!) – woot!!

Guess I wasn’t the only one based on the longggg queue to enter the movie theatre!

But yes, they skipped the trailers and held a short intro / insurance talk (10-15 mins) before the movie started and the guy was actually pretty funny.

There was also a sign up form on all of our seats but TBH I don’t think that there were people who signed up. I know my entire row and the one in front of me just passed back an empty form. Sorry guys, but I don’t need any financial planning assistance!

If they were hedging on the fact that it’s a full house of people or potential prospects to farm or get some leads..I think the target audience is a little wrong cos I think everyone was just more interested in watching the Avengers movie more than anything else.

But it’s a smart move regardless, a new insurance tactic for your reference. Unfortunately, I didn’t even catch the guy’s name but what I do remember is his first slide showcasing him with a toilet bowl :/

Regardless they were not pushy at all, thank goodness! And thanks for the free movie ticket nonetheless. I already did my research beforehand so I figured they might try to catch me somehow to do an insurance talk – but I didn’t expect this mass group presentation! 🙊

Without further ado – we finally started the movie and I enjoyed my 3 hours worth of Avengers: End Game that very day! #nospoilers

The movie ended at 12am and I “flew” to the bus stop upon realizing I could catch a late night bus home instead of paying for a Grab/Gojek back. Phew, saved my money!

We are so blessed in Singapore to have some bus services running at night! Kudos to the drivers for working on these late night shifts 🙂

And that was pretty much the end of my day! Thanks always for reading and I hope you managed to catch Avengers: End Game as well!

If you did – It was AWESOME (and sad 😭)! Can’t wait for Phrase 4 and what the MCU has in store for us next!!


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