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[SUKHOTHAI DAY 3] Hello Sukhothai x Organic Agriculture Project Sukhothai Airport x DIY Buddha Amulet & Clay Plate Painting Workshop x Sukhothai Historical Park x Sukhothai Treasure Resort & Spa x Networking Dinner – 5 April 2019

Man, I think most of us were not looking forward to Day 3 – mainly because of the super early morning where we were all awake at 4am-ish to catch our 7am flight out of Bangkok! 😂

Go read my Day 2 of this trip below:

But yep, we were up and about, leaving our hotel for the airport at 5am, exactly as scheduled!

It was also my first time at the Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Departure Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport, a lovely privilege courtesy of the airlines for ALL Economy class passengers!

The lounge is pretty comfortable with plenty of seats, charging stations and free Wi-Fi!

And of course, there was a light spread of breakfast items and snacks to choose from including finger sandwiches, puffs, a Thai specialty called khao tom mad (sticky rice with black bean and banana) as well as a range of drink options.

However, this morning, I passed up on the hotel brekkie (packed boxed sandwich with a fruit juice and yogurt) and the lounge breakfast because I knew that there was going to be breakfast served onboard our Bangkok Airways as well.

So, let’s sit and chill ba!

Man..imagine if I kept eating ALL the while, cannot la 😂 #fatdieme

It was also my first time taking a propeller aircraft, an ATR 72-600 model!

Still, even though it was a propeller type – Bangkok Airways is still considered a full fledged carrier of sorts (a boutique airline) so you don’t need to expect anything shoddy other than it being a smaller aircraft.

Snapshots that I took as we boarded the plane = beautiful!

The plane comes with a 2 x 2 seater configuration onboard – small and cozy. There’s a little less legroom but for a short flight, it’s rather acceptable and sufficient for me!

Warning: The toilet is definitely a wee small, a tight fit even for me and I’m not exactly the biggest person you might know hahahaha.

Service is as good as always from Bangkok Airways. No complaints here.

Meanwhile, my comments about propeller planes while on board?

They are slightly noisier, lol. It also feels like it needs more power to lift off combined to turbine planes in comparison which is probably why the planes are usually a smaller aircraft type.

I also felt that the plane is lighter and more exposed, easily buffeted by the natural elements of the weather. In other words, I was prepared for a shakier ride compared to the usual turbine planes.

Luckily, it was a smooth and comfortable ride flying over to Sukhothai which took around 1 hour 10 mins to reach from Bangkok!

We were also served breakfast onboard and again, I don’t think they (or even Thailand in generally) have let me down in terms of food quality.

All of us were given this tomato herb bagel with tuna salad and everything tasted very fresh. It looks delicious too doesn’t it? And yep, it tasted as good as it looked – I polished it off!

Very good supplier choice that specially prepped this meal!

It wasn’t too long before we started our descent after that. Usually I use this time onboard to do productive things such as writing for my blog posts (like for this post), catch up a little on some reading and a very short power nap so that I can keep going for the rest of the day.

Operating on 4 hours of sleep for the entire day isn’t the most ideal of situations for sure :p

My first sight of Sukhothai came into view and in my head, I was thinking – boy, this city cave hermit is totally venturing out of her comfort zone 😂

I was expecting a rural and rundown area but the Sukhothai Airport came as a surprise for me as it was so pretty!

Generally, I find that all the airports under the Bangkok Airways group (Samui is one of them!) have been done up so nicely!

For your reference, Samui Airport’s theme is like a resort feel while Sukhothai Airport reminds me of Africa or something.

I mean come on, the airport has giraffes and deer. Nuff said.

The first stop of the day was to visit this organic farm located a short distance away from the airport and it’s actually an organic agricultural project by Sukhothai Airport (under Bangkok Airways).

The scenery and sight in front of me was lovely, right out of a farm scene with scarecrows, lotus flowers, and even a water buffalo in it’s own shed! But yeah lah, it is a farm after all.

They prepared for us a generous local breakfast buffet using ingredients sourced from the farm – freshness guaranteed with every bite and we were spoilt for choice!

I may have had breakfast earlier onboard (nooo..shouldnt have eaten that!) but I couldn’t pass up on trying out the local food since I’m here at Sukhothai! No regrets as I enjoyed most of the food!

What I found most interesting was the half day farm experience offered here at the farm for 900 baht! Looks absolutely fun but pity, that wasn’t in our itinerary!

You can also buy the locally grown rice here for 120 baht for a packet of 1kg (less than S$6) which is very worth it!

Our next activity was to head over to Ban Prapim Laksamanasilp (บ้านพระพิมพ์ลักษมนศิลป์) to do a DIY Buddha amulet clay molding activity and the setting was absolutely quaint!

Our instructor as well was really nice and friendly and he guided us throughout the session!

Much care was thought was given to each participant where we had snacks, drinks and all the necessary craft equipment provided and decorated so prettily!

Indeed, this is a perfect example of Thailand’s hospitality that can be hard to rival!

The session was really fun and I managed to churn out 4 different Buddha amulets – 3 for myself and 1 for my mom and the different Buddha positions and molds represent different things – i.e health, love and money!

You can also inscribe your name at the back of your amulet in English or ask the instructor to write it for you in Thai!

Just remember the inscriptions for later on as they will be baking the clay (will take approximately a day?).

P.s free souvenir from our teacher!

We headed over to Suthep Sangkhalok (สุเทพสังคโลก) next to learn about Sangkhalok ceramic arts next with a DIY clay plate painting session.

Don’t you love the cute classroom setting of the place?!

Our teacher was really sweet, showing us the step by step method of drawing the fish – which is a common motif of Sukhothai along with flowers and the like.

Unfortunately, it looked nothing like the practiced brushstrokes of our instructor 😂

I’m still happy with my end product though cos it’s uniquely mine!

Again, they carefully prepared these snacks for us at the end of our session.

You can also buy the ceramic wares at their gorgeous gallery as well.

Lunch was at Coffee Plus by Baan Kru Iw, one of their local restaurants!

Here’s an array of what we had including plenty of Thai appetizers to start off with to share! It was also my first time trying this Thai style of popiah!

We each also had our own main course and had 3 to choose from – the pad thai, dry Sukhothai noodles or Sukhothai noodles in soup! The best of the three is the dry Sukhothai noodles in my personal opinion!

Desserts and of course, Thai milk tea!

We then made a pit stop at the Information Centre at Sukhothai Historical Park – the place we would be going for a sunset cycling tour later that afternoon.

But first, it’s good to learn some history and background about the place!

It would be suicidal to ride a bike in the blazing hot sun so they kindly arranged for us to cool off and enjoy some drinks at this lovely place called Baan Ma Kwid (บ้านมะขวิด).

We came at the wrong timing (dry summer weather), hence the rice paddy fields were dry and there wasn’t much of a view but it was an enjoyable and chilling place to take a break and cool off in the weather!

Recommendation: come during their cooling season, 22-25+degrees or so around the end of the year, verus the 35-43+ degree weather in April now!

As the temperature cooled off in the late afternoon (no, it was scalding hot but not suicidal hot) – it was time for the bicycle tour portion which I wasn’t looking forward to during this trip as I didn’t know how to cycle HAHAHA.

Fortunately, for lazy people and non cyclists – there’s the option of the tram ride around Sukhothai Historical Park!

We bid our adieus to the other 3/4 of the group who went off to cycle while the rest of us sat on the tram to enjoy the view in blissed shade!

It’s a hop on hop off tram with a couple of stops so you can always stop by the areas of interest if you are interested to view it on a closer up basis.

Otherwise, if you are not really a history buff – a simple tram ride will suffice because it will also stop at iconic places area the park to snap photos at such as the most beautiful part where you can take this iconic photo of Sukhothai!

P.s the Sukhothai National Park is a UNESCO Heritage Site!

Naturally, the group who went on the tram ride came back earlier than the ones who went on the bicycle tour and to kill some time, Rainer and I borrowed the mini car rental to drive around the park.

That was a hilarious thing cos it was such a slow ride HAHAHAHA. Shared it all on my IG stories and it was hilarious!

Okay la, you can watch my daily vlog and watch right up to the end for the bonus scenes. Quite funny okay lols. 😂 Perhaps I should be a comedian instead of anything else.

Regardless, the company makes everything fun and I’m glad I got to make friends with Rainer during this trip. Just kinda knew it right off the bat when I saw the namelist hahhaaha!

Well, after a long long day – we finally could check into our hotel, Sukhothai Treasure Resort & Spa!

It’s really a lovely resort and one of the best rated place to stay in Sukhkothai especially if you want to visit the National Park!

Again, here’s a quick room tour around my hotel room! I also did a vlog version if you prefer to watch instead!

Seating area at the front that greets you once you open those doors!

There is a small pantry area with free water, snacks, a mini fridge and the usual coffee and tea condiments! Bonus for the free orange juice in the fridge! This is also where you can find the hair dryer and bedroom slippers by the way!(:

Facing it is a wardrobe where you can find the bathrobes and safety deposit box.

The bathroom can be found if you walk further inside and it’s a huge Instagram friendly one with marble walls and a bathtub! Water pressure for my room was really slow though 🙁

There are three mirrors in this room, along the side and two in the bedroom including one in the dressing room (excludes the 4th one in the bathroom!).

This is my bedroom and it has a great view as mine faces the field outside! An outdoor seating patio is inclusive as well!

Note: the double bed is made up of two twin beds pushed together so it might a little uncomfortable if you plan on sleeping in the middle!

We ended off that night with a networking dinner at the Pink Lotus Restaurant in our hotel (Sukhothai Treasure Resort & Spa) and I changed out to a new ootd since I brought this dress along!

It was an enjoyable dinner and a pleasure to make new connections over lovely food that night!

The pool looked really lovely at night! Pity I didn’t bring my swimsuit nor did I have much time to really enjoy the hotel’s facilities since this was a really packed media trip!

Oh well – at least I have a nice ootd post with a cute kitty cat, courtesy of Rainer to end off this post, thanks dear:)

Meanwhile, thanks to you as well for reading this travelogue series! Stay tuned for the next post coming up soon!

6D5N BANGKOK – SUKHOTHAI – SAMUI (3 – 8 April 2019)


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