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BTS of SG Lifestyle x Random Wanders x #eatinglemonchallenge x The Perpetual Race against Time – 2 April 2019

Mm if I have to say, one thing being in the “media industry” of sorts (cos I’m not officially in it, I think) means being prepared anytime for things to happen or report on!

So last night, I scheduled up this post to be up on SG Lifestyle but in a stroke of fancy, I quickly replaced with this other article that I wrote that very morning instead!

As the editor of my own media news site, I’m glad I have full control over the publication and such – which is a good and bad thing I guess, depending on situation.

But OK la, the other article has no time limit or expiration date so I can always use it as a “filler fodder” or backup news when I really don’t have the time to scour the news for the latest ones to share/report on!

Plans for gym was shelved once again so that I could get my things done with the tight timeline I have but at least I had a good lunch!

Thanks mom 🙂

Spot my chicken essence as always – its my to-go nourishment method especially with all the late nights I have been keeping to rush things out before the trip. Quite eggcited, nervous and worried for it though.

Oh yeah my mom was doling up some financial advice in this part here which I managed to video. She sure shares loads of gems of knowledge and I’m always learning new things from her.

Tho ya la, she does nag alot but generally she usually shares good advice! Go watch/listen to my full vlog below!


Back to work after that cos I had quite abit of stuff to clear up before my trip! But first – peanut butter sandwich!

Fun fact: I LOVE crunchy peanut butter and my mom knows that too 🙂

Headed out later that evening for my IPL appointment at Musee Platinum!

Was attempting to do some vlogging in public and boy.. It’s harder than it seems especially when you are alone and people seem to keep passing by you. I kept waiting for an opportunity where there wasn’t anyone but honestly = almost impossible 😂 Admire those YouTubers and vloggers who really have the courage to do this out in public!

Anw, had some spare time before my appointment so I did some errands including:

Getting a lemon at Cold Storage HAHAHHA.

Buying some kuehs for my mom! Bengawang Solo is also mom-approved!

Popping by Daiso to get some travel essentials.

And got distracted.. Thanks Daiso, lol!


Some bread porn from the newly launched Oiishi bread collection from BreadTalk!

Yummy looking puffs from Twelve Cupcakes! They are really expanding their range now from cupcakes to cookies and now, puffs!

Otw to my next designation, I got stopped by a girl and at first I thought it wasn’t insurance related cos she was holding a sign saying free movie tickets and asked me to download an app.

Later I found out that I had to give my phone number etc and the agent or smth will contact me. It’s only after that then you will get your movie ticket – and apparently it’s for the Avengers movie screening so… 😐 Is this a new sales tactic? Lol I got suckered in by the free movie ticket cos movies are my weakness 😂

Popped the library as my last stop to return / borrow some books and get some last minute printing done.

Man that’s what I miss about having working in corporate = the printer 😂

Last but not least – here’s a quick rundown of what I did that night:



Go watch my full vlog for it – scroll RIGHT to the end around the 7 min plus mark to watch! Or you can just watch the short snippet here lah.



And more writing!

Really feels that I’m always in a race against time especially for this week cos there’s so much to do and so little time.

Still not done with my packing, have one more post that I haven’t written for SG Lifestyle and pending amendments from my client. Sigh 😱😨😵

Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl has got to do.

And I’ll get it DONE, no matter how late it takes 💪💪


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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