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Bounce Class x FAME.SG Gym & Studio x Administrative Woes aka Reality / Income Tax – 25 March 2019

Phew, it was back to my fitness routine once again the next day right after my trip cos I really went all out and indulged during the last 3 days! Go read my travelogue below if you missed out! 😀

3D2N Kuala Lumpur Staycation at ibis KLCC

Was on my 4 class pass at BBOUNCE Studio which I bought off Fave and utilized my second pass to attend the Bounce Lite class! However, it was with a slight regret that morning cos I was quite tired.

No matter – dragged myself off for my class that morning!

Daily affirmation for the morning to remind myself!(:

Little reminders as well!

Was worth attending the class in the end cos I feel that I had a great workout. Woohoo!!

Was off next to FAME.SG, my new gym and studio partner at Mountbatten to register myself for the biometric fingerprint scanner so that I could have 24 hour access to their gym!

Again, as mentioned – one of the key benefits for my readers is that if you quote “MITSUEKI”, you get to enjoy $20 for 1 week trial OR $40 for 5 classes (to be utilized within 1 month) – just Whatsapp 88119433 / DM on IG / email:!

P.s that’s $8 per class! U.P $90 for 5 classes and $20 per class!

I actually never really been to their gym before and I was surprised to know that there are two levels to the gym at level 2 and 3 respectively catered to different users. I’ll probably not be found at Level 3 (Strength Room) cos that’s where all the heavy weights and strength machines are located.

You will probably see me at Level 2 (Cardio Room) on the bikes or threadmill 😂

Note that for all users of the gym – you’ll need to fill up the acknowledgement/health declaration form yeah?

It’s normal because the gym is in operation for 24 hours with open access but there will not be anyone manning it! The building is manned by a 24 hour security guard btw (:

To be honest, if you enjoy going for studio classes AND hitting the gym at the same time – their unlimited gym and studio class package at $79.99 is the cheapest you can find in Singapore I think. The only catch is that you have to commit for 1 year to enjoy that price.

Otherwise it’s $20 per studio session!

The 30/50 classes are sharable btw!

231 Mountbatten Road, Block D, Urban Mangrove Singapore 397999 (OFFICE: #02-02)

Quote “MITSUEKI” to enjoy $20 for 1 week trial OR $40 for 5 classes (to be utilized within 1 month) – just Whatsapp 88119433 / DM on IG / email:!

Didn’t use the gym after that cos I didn’t want to push myself too much after my bounce class and headed home for lunch!

Oh yeah, there was a weighing scale at the gym and I took my weight. Let’s say that I’m hoping the number is right cos it made me VERY happy to see it. That’s because the last time I took my weight in Genting, I was very unhappy about it.

Knowing that you gained weight and actually seeing the numbers can be demoralizing la but I think maybe the weighing scale back then could be wrong? However, it’s only a matter of 1 month since I started working out / cutting down on my food intake – can’t be that fast right? Anyway, will observe the weight now that I’ve seen the numbers.

For now – I’m happy that it’s otw down back to my ideal weight goal. Still have a couple of kgs more to go! But not gonna be easy cos of another upcoming trip in the works and that’s where all the weight gain comes from.

Gogo food portioning to control my food intake for this week. 💪

For the rest of the day all the way to around 2-3am, I was just clearing work, doing all the administrative stuff/backlog which I have been procrastinating on and a whole slew of other things.’s like though I’m not holding a full time job (yet!), all of these still take up my time! But I’m glad to be productive as well!

  • Income tax. Did my first filing and also declared all my income derived from my part time blogging business and other freelance gigs. Still $0 tho lol. Please utilize all your tax relief to help offset your income tax and always track ALL your income and expenses. 😂

  • Shortlisted a few more jobs but gonna spruce up my resume soon to tailor it into corporate speak. Hopefully that would help land an interview eventually HAHHAHA.

  • Have a media trip confirmed and mentioned earlier and erm.. I think it’s time for me to invest in the PO box I have even thinking of doing so for the longest time!

In the end, guess what? I just paid up for the My Mail Box (Residential) service! Original price is $107 per year but luckily I stumbled upon a discount code on Qoo10 and snagged it for $85.60 + $3.70 discount code, all tax included. Privacy is super important to me and worth paying for. There were also a couple of reasons why I didn’t opt for a PO box or a VO, but I predict I’ll be doing so in the near future but not now(:

– Also bought my travel insurance immediately the moment the trip was confirmed! As always, I get mine from FWD and I use Shopback to get some cashback ($3 per insurance)!

– Speaking of insurance, I learnt about AXA Cyber Security insurance today and I’m highly contemplating on getting it!

– Was browsing TravMedia and realized the latest trend in travel now? Solo travel and women only travels, hehe 🙂

– Reply 99% of my emails including those that I have been procrastinating on! Gawd, replying emails take up ALOT of time but now I try to take the more efficient route and say no to many / send out my media kit etc.

– Wrote and scheduled up a couple of blog posts for SG Lifestyle!

Phew and that was done for Monday on top of my usual daily shenanigans! Still ALOT more to do especially for writing up my pending collaborations etc but I’ll do that tomorrow.

Persevere! Go! Do it! 💪💪

Thanks for reading!

P.s watch my daily vlog on this day!


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