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3D2N Kuala Lumpur Staycation at ibis KLCC Day 3: Buffet Breakfast x Good Bye ibis KLCC x Back to Singapore – 24 March 2019

My stay at ibis KLCC came with a buffet breakfast option every morning but I skipped it on the second day to sleep in and also because I had a high tea lunch buffet. Ain’t gonna be eating that many buffets all the time within a day!!

My biggest issue has always been resisting food that is in front of me and it’s hard when you’re trying to lose weight! Worst still.. When it’s a buffet and everything looks yummy!?Not good for the waist line ahhhh!

That aside, threw on one of my previously worn dresses and just headed down for the breakfast that morning close to 10.10am lol. The buffet breakfast starts from 6am and ends at 1030am in case you were wondering!

P.s prefer to watch? Watch my vlog for this day!

All the buffet meals were available at Kampung Kitchen which is the main restaurant at ibis KLCC that can seat up to 480 pax at full capacity!

Was here the day before for the high tea buffet, read about it HERE and this time, I was evaluating the buffet based on my high tea buffet experience.

There are considerably less food and more breakfast options naturally but it’s still quite a generous array ranging from yogurt, cereal, pastries, bread and all the little things that make up a nice Western style breakfast! Asian options also available such as congee and some dim sum but I’m a very western style person!

Here’s my breakfast for the day! The most interesting thing on my plate is definitely that corn on the cob – you rarely see this for brekkie!

Unfortunately I missed out on my intake of fruits cos they cleared it out when I was done eating. Sad.

Huge shout-out to that mini croissant though. It was so good especially when freshly heated in the oven! I later found out it was frozen but their supplier quality is fantastic. Couldn’t tell it was frozen at all!

Back to my room and I used my time to do quite a number of things – upload all my socials, stitch up my daily vlog, start writing this travelogue, had a quick shower and packed up to leave!

Initially I wanted to head down to the pool so that I could swim off some calories and take the opportunity to take those insta-worthy shots but AIYO so mafan. I have to actually change to my swimsuit and spend time snapping photos etc all that just for my Instagram? Lol..I think my time was well spent doing my usual other more productive work as mentioned above. Living the Instagram life is not easy people, I admire those who actually spend time curating their feed and aesthetics.

But me? It’s okay la. If can, awesome. If cannot – I’m okay too. I live and breathe all aspects of social media – not just Instagram. Unless it’s a paid job then that’s different of cos because you are engaged to create content for your client like what I’m doing for Vivo Singapore! :p

Said my last goodbyes to my comfy room at ibis Hotel KLCC and I’m kinda loathe to leave it. It had been a wonderful stay / work trip of sorts. Happy to have enjoyed it 🙂

Lol and I could bear to destroy those swans so I kept them actually hehe..

Ootd once again – tested out that slimming camera function on my Vivo NEX Dual Display smartphone and lol. Actually you can just angle your body to look slimmer.

Know your angles can liao I guess. I’m only good at mirror shots but others I cannot HAHHAHA.

Met up with Ling who saw me off for that day with some pastries and a drink from Petite Paris Cafe!

Naturally, I chose the croissant and that walnut and banana cake!

Check out that bokeh effect in the photos! Unedited of cos 🙂

Decided to also indulge for the last time with an Oreo ice blended. Gawd.. SINFUL.

It may just be her job to host me but I’m still very thankful to Ling for bringing me around!

Hehe and she willing became my human model to test out the portrait mode on this phone!(:

Again it’s very useful because of the dual screen so she could position herself before this shot was taken! Funny how I haven’t done it for myself yet but there’s always a next time I guess?

Ibis KLCC also arranged for a shuttle transportation for me to get to the airport in a nice, plush and comfy car! It’s available for hire and shuttle services for all hotel guests at a cost instead of taking public transportation. Great for corporate travellers 🙂

The only problem? I gobbled down EVERYTHING in my box. That’s two slices of cake and 1 croissant.

Plus that oreo ice blended as mentioned 😑😑 #fatdieme

I had abit of time at the airport and picked up the following:

Nyonya kuehs for my mom at this popular chain.

Siew baos from Mr Siew Bao. Sadly, only chicken available and no pork. I did pick up a char siu soh here however though.

Stocked up on some cheap eyeliners from essence cosmetics. It’s about S$7 each and I really like them! Not easy to find this brand in Singapore as well!

Then it was time to check in!

Do note that Airasia is VERY strict on the 7kg cabin luggage and they have people stationed at the entrance with a weighing scale to weigh your cabin luggage. You WILL be turned away if you luggage exceeds the weight too much. I think they will close an eye on 7-7.5kg but anything beyond that is a no-go. You either pay for luggage or repack the luggage.

Mine was definitely overweight at 9kg including my laptop. Fortunately I took it out and dumped it into my other carry on bag. Had to throw away quite a few rubbish and phew. I MADE IT drop from 9kg to 7.2kg. YES AHHH.

If you watched my vlog, or IG stories – go spy on my smug face from making it through HAHAHHAHA.

Gotta say this – the world is DAMN small. I met my ex colleagues onboard the same flight home and I was like OMG HI. Wth.

It’s hilarious and IDK why I always meet either my friends, ex colleagues or even ex classmates whenever I travel! The last time round, I bumped into my ex classmate who was on the same flight as me to Okinawa back in January! 😂😂

All aboard and we were off! Very very fast flight. You barely sit for like awhile, read for abit, do some writing and the pilot will announce the descent and you’re like.. I just sat down 😂

So damn convenient I swear. Was back home on a Grab and wheeled in my luggage home to my mom’s gasp of surprise: “Wa, so fast ah?!”.

Yes mom, it’s so much faster verus taking a coach ride..

Yep so that’s the end of my trip and weekend staycation courtesy of ibis KLCC! Thank you so much for this!(:

All my souvenir loots to end off this post! Didn’t buy much except the essentials cos of luggage space and broke hehe.

Ending off with just pure writing at night to try to get things done asap. Don’t procrastinate or you’ll NEVER get things done ya?(:

Thanks so much for reading and following this KL travelogue post / my daily posts!

The usual daily blog post with all the nonsensical ramblings and slice of life will be back again for tomorrow onwards! (:

Don’t forget to read my KL travelogue below and WATCH all the corresponding vlogs posted on my IGTV and/or YouTube channel! (:

3D2N Kuala Lumpur Staycation at ibis KLCC

Note: All photos in this post were taken by the Vivo NEX Dual Display smartphone! Also, this media trip was fully sponsored by ibis KLCC but all opinions are of my own!


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