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First Bounce Class at BBounce Studio x Donki SG Ready To Eat Meals x Captain Marvel Movie x Dinner at Platform M – 19 Mar 2019

It feels like I haven’t stepped out of the solace of my room/house in a long time so feeling the burning sun on my face felt a little disconcerting. Yeah this night owl and hermit at home wanted to shy away from the brightness of daylight to huddle back in my little comfy and cozy cave at home – but it’s not meant to be 🙁

Hahahaha as I said, signing up for fitness classes forces me out..which is a good thing la or I would be more than happy to just stay at home the whole day err everyday!

As you know, I’m poor/broke/not working blahblahblah so my only and cheapest recourse of action to get some fitness done is via Fave cos it’s discounted and I get to try new studios to see if I really like it. Eventually, yes I do plan on signing up for a package at one that I really like but for now – will just keep my options open and exploring while on my budget!

I paid $15 (U.P $35) for this class at BBounce Studio that I bought off Fave cos I had a $20 AWESOME Fave cashback that I received from YET another Fave deal. HAHHAHAHA. You can stack it with Shopback for ADDITIONAL cash back and your cash back/miles credit card too to maximize the value! I call it..squeezing value as denoted in THIS post here on how I do it 🙂

As always, I have plenty of lobangs pertaining to these sites if you’re not already on them:

Don’t say I never share ah! 😉

P.s I might have a fitness collaboration coming up soon – share with y’all soon!

That aside, back to my bounce classes lol. Can’t believe that I booked it 1030am so this means that I had to wake up early since it takes almost an hour to reach the studio from my place! It’s worth it also so I don’t need to jostle with the lunch time crowd OR after work crowd luhs. And me thinks there should be lesser people there too keke.

Also marked my first time heading out all the way to freaking Orchard/Somerset area without makeup and my hereditary dark eye circles hahaha. Okay la, I’m getting more used to it having done it at Tanjong Pagar and even Raffles Place as well! BUT I still keep my head low and avoid any eye contact la 😂😂🙊🙊

Bounce class was good as always, enjoyed it! This is at BBounce Studio, the sister studio of Beatx Studio so it’s pretty much the same except all lessons are bounce classes at this studio. There’s a very high chance I’ll sign up for a package here eventually but let’s see how that goes. $$

1 down, 3 more classes to go!(:

I was walking back to the MRT using the underpass and fml worst/best decision ever?!

This Supermarket aunty aka me, got suckered by Donki at the basement and omgggg. I felt like I was back in Japan!!

We have the ubiquitous sweet potato that Donki is well known for! But now they have this caramel sweet potato!

The worst part is the ready to eat food section. Holy SHIT.


(Tastewise = unknown)

Just check them out below?! SO WORTH IT FOR THE PRICE I SWEAR!

Of cos in Japan you can get it slightly cheaper or around the same price if you remember all my daily Supermarket adventures at night where they had all the 50% discounts off etc kekkekeke.

Nope I didn’t buy any cos I had food at home. Saved some money 🙂

Hehe I did pop by the new nyonya kueh place near my home – Bibik Caterers and bought these homemade Nagusturi (3 for $1) for my mom! These were handmade by the owner herself while some of the other kuehs are from suppliers. They PASSED the mom’s test if you were wondering 🙂

I like that they are honest about it and seriously speaking, it’s a small world out there. Hahaha.

Anyway, support local businesses okay?(:

Headed out later that night to catch a solo movie, Captain Marvel and yay it was SO WORTH IT!! So glad I managed to watch it as well cos I thought I wouldn’t be able to do so!

Regardless, Can’t wait for Avengers to come out in April, I’m very very excited! Gave me the chills while watching the end credits even though I already know the gist of it.

Rare too, to have a female superhero as the lead!(: #girlpower

Looking forward to Black Widow’s movie if there’s gonna be one!

P.s Golden Village has revised their ticket prices upwards for Tuesdays so it’s now $7 instead of the usual $6.50 😢 Still the cheapest movie ticket on weekdays I think.

Popped by Daiso to meet up with Angela and they had these adorable sugar cube like gummy sweets for $2! Gonna have my eye on them! Japanese stuff ah, hard to resist – but I did hehe.

We then headed off to Platform M to have dinner and I went ahead to try this tendon place.

Was $10.49 after service charge for this bowl of mixed tendon.

Presentation wise isn’t anything too fancy but the ingredients were pretty decent, fried well and the rice was quite tasty. Kudos to that flowing egg too!

It can’t hold a candle to my usual favourite Tendon Kohaku imo, but for $10.50, I’m not really gonna complain too much cos of the price(: I was stuffed after that!

Angela on the other hand, had the kaisendon. She asked for less rice so it doesn’t look like alot.

We finished off with some fruits as dessert from the Kopitiam above at Paya Lebar Square 🙂 Thanks for the sweet treat! 😊

Overall, a good day! Abit of indulgence here and there but occasionally – indeed, you should treat yourself once in awhile! Plus an additional bonus = good company!

Thanks always for reading!~


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