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3D2N Genting 2019 Day 2 (Part 2): Awana Skyway Cable Car x Genting Highlands Premium Outlets x Dinner at Motorino Genting x Pikachu Parade x RedTail by Zouk x Zouk Genting x RedTail Karaoke – 23 Feb 2019

Moving onto Day 2 Part 2 of my Genting media trip!

Have you read my previous posts?

Awana Skyway

Right after our visit to the 4D Trick Art Museum, we were given the glass floor cable car tickets to Awana Skyway (cable car) and were free to roam after that till our reporting time back at 830pm for dinner!

Initially was going to skip the cable car as well since I’ve already been there but y’know what – I decided to take the chance to head down to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets since it was otw.

Might as well check it out when I have the chance now right? That’s also cos I doubt I’ll be back there since I’m not really a fan of branded or designer wear!

Joined Mag’s group and off we went in a cable car ride down!

Note: To skip the queue, top up for the glass bottom cable car. No queues and barely any waiting time!

There’s also a bonus free stop at Chin Swee Station if you’d like to stop by for a visit but I didn’t cos I knew we wouldn’t have the time. Perhaps my next visit (if there is another one again…). This is for all riders, not just limited to the glass bottom one.

The only perks about the glass bottom cable car is that you can snap photos like these I guess? Ahahahahhahhaha

Tbh, I’m actually a tad scared of cable car rides of my fear of heights and it’s quite scary (to me) but luckily, as long as you’re not facing’s not so scary..

Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (New)

Ultimately yay!! We made it to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets! It takes around 15 mins or so by cable car to reach?

If you’re a fan of brands and designer wear, I guess this is your best bet.

They have loads of different designer brands ranging from the mid tier high end such as Coach, Furla and Kate Spade, sports brands such as Nike, New Balance as well as designer street wear labels such as Superdry, Polo Ralph and many more.

I mainly ventured into a few outlets such as Furla, Kate Spade, Godiva, Victoria’s Secret and Universal Traveller to name a few to check out the prices and have a looksee.

Don’t really buy branded stuff but I guess they should be cheaper than retail?

Lol the price range between a Furla and Kate Spade is pretty huge tho. Hahahaha.

Was also treated to an amazing view of Genting as I was walking around and I took a moment to stop and enjoy the beautiful view in front of me!

Perfect backdrop for my nails done by my usual nail sponsor, Myntefingers as well!

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After that, I just chilled and waited for my friends to be done with their shopping while continue writing my blog (cos what else do I do right? HAHAHHAHA). I love having such me time to myself 🙂

Also popped by a tidbits store while waiting for them and tried out a number of samples. Enjoyed the lemon slices and the Philippines mangoes the best imo. Was tempted to buy 🙁

And then we were back onto our cable car and on the way back to Resorts World Genting! Super convenient no?(:

Dinner at Motorino

As mentioned, our hosted media dinner was at Motorino – the same place where I had one of my meals the last round so I already knew what to expect.

In all honesty, just skip everything else and only go for the pizza.

The pizza is pretty alright, freshly baked from the oven. Serving portions are big too, so it’s good for sharing.

Bonus photo of the media at work!

And extra bonus sneak shot photos taken from my new friend from Indonesia 🙂

EXTRA BONUS? I witnessed a Pikachu Parade LIVE in front of my eyes!

Saw it from far and I literally excused myself from the table to run out and check out the parade. Kyahhhhh my heart!! So happy to see this 🙂 A highlight for me!!

Note: The Chinese New Year Pokemon Parade at Resorts World Genting ended on 28 Feb 2019!

RedTail by Zouk

Lol, don’t think that our day ended yet. Oh no, it didn’t for us! The last item on the itinerary for the day was to check out RedTail by Zouk!

Once again, I’ve already been there before so that was nothing new for me. Here are some obligatory shots taken there for your viewing pleasure though.

It’s a nice place to end off your night in Genting with some drinks and play some games at RedTail by Zouk cos you can play beer pong, listen to the good music and people watch with some alcohol such as beer towers, cocktails, wine, shots and more!

Or alternatively, you can see it as a pre-drinking place to get your game on before you enter into Zouk!

Zouk (New)

Zouk was under construction the last time we were here so we never got the opportunity to check it out.

This time round, it was open and naturally we had a free pass to go in yay! I was honestly ready and prepared to go in for some dancing but well, we didn’t in the end haha.

We did head in to snap some photos of the interior so you know what to expect.

Very very nice 😎

Fuhu (New)

There is also this new Zouk Vibe dining experience restaurant called Fuhu. No idea what it’s about though.

RedTail Karaoke

However, you know what was my favorite for the night?

The RedTail Karaoke joint!

Note that it’s a little hidden between Fuhu and Redtail by Zouk as seen above!

They have many different rooms catered for different group sizes (max up to 40!).

It’s quite instafriendly as well with many spots available for you to snap photos if that’s your thing.

Note; apparently in Malaysia – the K culture is to stand and sing using these mics while in Singapore, our K culture = seated and sing. (K culture = karaoke culture).

BTS of the Instagrammer life lol.

Oh and this is the reason why I said this was my favorite for the night! 😂😂

Cos in the end, we spent HOURS singing our hearts out singing K at one of the rooms provided for us!

Loads of song choices and we had fun singing classic old school boybands (Westlife) and old school songs (ABBA) to lame ones like Baby Shark to Chinese songs (Jay Chou), Korean songs and EVEN Japanese songs!

Yeah..with 432 pages of albums/artists to choose from here at RedTail Karaoke – you will definitely be SPOILT for choice!

Most importantly, I had loads of fun with my new friends made during this trip! Shared all of these on my IG stories and you can check them out under my highlights (Genting 🇲🇾) if you wanna view them!

Let’s just say that we sang till the place closed (3.45am?) before heading back to our respective hotel rooms.

That was a really fun way to end off our last night here at Genting on this media trip!

And yep, indeed – there are really ALOT of fun things you can do at at Genting from day to night activities catering to all the different age groups! The only thing that would make everything perfect is just the opening of the outdoor theme park and you’re pretty much set for an awesome time at Genting!

Otherwise, in all honesty – the existing activities are still not too bad for a short getaway from Singapore!(:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to my final post on my Genting Day 3 coming up to you tomorrow! 😊


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