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3D2N Genting 2019 Day 2 (Part 1): Zombie Outbreak x Eagle Landing Zip Line x Jurassic Research Centre x Ripley’s Believe it Or Not x Gold Class D-Box at Bona Cinemas x Medan Selera x Sky Symphony x4D Trick Art Musuem – 23 Feb 2019

Brekkie was provided at the little takeaway joint at our hotel – a choice of nasi lemak or mee siam with a cup of Nestle drink (12 MYR) between 930-10am but I chose to skip that to sleep in for abit and have some time to finish my writing etc.

Besides, I’ve got some food as well, my fruit cup I bought last night at The Hilltop Grocer and leftover bread which I brought from Singapore! Whee~ 😊

Yeah and you pretty much don’t have to bother with the fan or air-conditioning at all at Genting because it is cold in your room! Woke up to a 17 degree temperature – brrrr.

In the end, I spent this time doing a quick 5 min workout before having brekkie “in bed” and doing my usual stuff wahahhaa. Nua-ing is literally the BEST thing to do luhs.

Have you read my previous posts?

It was a pretty packed day for us with plenty of activities lined up to try and check out and here we GO!

Note: This is my second media trip with Resorts World Genting so I have already been to many of these attractions below but some were new to me as indicated by the (New) as bracketed!

Zombie Outbreak

This would be my THIRD time at Zombie Outbreak (read about my first + second time here) and you know what?

It was still as good and fun. Hahaha. I had a fun time with a different group each and every time – hilarious. Worth a visit 🙂

Bonus ootd photo and a BTS group photo of the influencers/bloggers from Indonesia! They were so full of swag lah!

Eagle Landing Zip Line (New)

This was a new attraction to me as it wasn’t open the last round! Basically it’s a zipline across SkyAvenue!

Refused to go on it as it was a little too scary for me but I snapped a couple of photos around the attraction of the others who went ahead.

Gotta admire their bravery but honestly, I could never do this omg hahahaha. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love the ride!

Jurassic Research Centre

Went to the Jurassic Research Centre next, still a pretty cool place to snap photos even though it’s my second visit!

Had an entertaining time regardless, hehe.

Hehe 🦕🦖

Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Oddity Centre

Have been to Ripley’s a number of times in Genting and San Francisco so yeah. If you’ve never been before, you’ll like it 🙂

But okay la, still can take IG worthy photos all around – even if you’ve been there more than 2-3 times hehe.

My fave is this – the Good Luck Buddha and Cai Shen Ye of cos, because #HUATAH!!

Movie at Gold Class D-Box at Bona Cinemas (New)

Moving on to our movie (Alita: Battle Angel) at Bona Cinemas and we were treated to a Gold Class D-Box Experience!

May have already watched Alita in Gold Class back in Singapore but I didn’t mind watching it again cos I wanted to try out the D-Box Experience and compare it to our Gold Class back in Singapore.

Think it’s a different experience. Small theatre with individual seating and reclining seats. BUT what you’re really paying for will be seats that move / vibrate etc as per the movie.

It’s quite dynamic and adds to the full experience of watching movies in the movie theatre which you can never find at home!

Best for action packed movies for the BEST feels! But of cos you can always adjust the intensity if you prefer something lighter. It’s not suitable for pregnant ladies and such cos it’s similar to a motion ride (a 2.5 hours one HHAHAHHA).

Since I was situated right at the back of the theatre on my own with my own seat etc, this offered me a lot of privacy and space to do my own thing esp since I’ve already watched it. 🙊

So.. I spent the 2 hours or so updating my socials and writing my blog post while chilling, watching abit, enjoying the D-Box experience and relaxing with my free popcorn and drink combo courtesy of Genting Resorts 🙂 Enjoyed it very much!

Bonus when you have friends to help you take this Instagram worthy pose there. Woah lol damn posey la I cannot but Nathan’s photo skills really damn good.

Late Lunch at Medan Selera food court.

We had a late lunch at Medan Selera food court, the same place where I had one of my lunches at the media trip last year as well.

Since I’ve been there before, I already knew that the rice stall was the better food stalls (not bad).

Decided to opt for something different this time round and went for the bakso (with noodles), one of the cup fruits and a bottled water. The bakso was not bad la.

The rest of my group had the chicken and lamb with fries from the other stalls and they said it was not bad too 🙂

Sky Symphony

Moving on to check out the show at the Sky Symphony. Though it was my second time watching it but it was still a nice sight to view. Very innovative piece!

4D Trick Art Musuem

We went back to AdventureLand once again and checked out the last attraction there – the 4D Trick Art Museum!

Again, it was my second visit there and there wasn’t many changes so I just snapped BTS photos of my friends. Hehe it’s still a cute place to visit for photo spots 🙂

But okay, I did eventually succumb to some photos there cos some of my group members snapped photos for me 😂

Lol that’s the few perks about traveling in a group I guess?

Bonus photo with my new friend from Indonesia!(:

Like what you have been reading so far and wanna read more?

Well, you have to wait cos I’m ending this post here as I’ve split the posf into two parts as it’s too picture heavy!

So stay tuned for the next part (yes, it’s another super lengthy one!) coming up soon!

Thanks for reading! 😁😎


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