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3D2N Genting 2019 Day 1 (Part 1): Transtar SuperstarZ Review x Theme Park Hotel Genting x The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden – 22 Feb 2019

Day 1 of my Genting media trip be like – oh Mai GAWD it’s 430am and I’m awake 😭

Very blessed to have my mom make me a cup of milo and see me off just before I left for my trip. She’s always a worry at the back of my mind and the reason why I can’t travel overseas for way too long. But at least short trips are not too bad!

This is my second time going for the Genting media trip with my first time being last year! Met a few familiar faces in the group again this morning so that was pretty cool. J went alone once again, no big deal considering that I’ve been traveling solo recently hehe.

Our coach this time round was a nice surprise though. Pretty plush massage seats and it even came with a kitchen of sorts with an oven and hot water flask. Yeah that was the first time I’ve seen that.

Unfortunately, nothing was operating during that period.

Oh and yeah I was pretty well prepared with breakfast, water, fruits, my own entertainment and the like.

And of cos a selfie right? Heh.

Crossing the causeway to our neighbor~

Later, we realized that the coach was a temporary one till the Malaysia checkpoint! At first we were all groaning about the fact that we had to change bus etc but luckily, it was worth it!

It was pretty much the same bus BUT everything was operating!

Entertainment system preloaded with plenty of movies – check

Power plug – check

Reclining seats with massage feature – check

There was free WiFi onboard but no matter what, I couldn’t seem to connect to it but that’s alright, I was prepared to catch a couple of winks otw to Genting!

Selfie with Hp! 😀

What was a HUGE surprise was when suddenly two spiffy dressed bus attendants in their business wear came up to each of us to request for our drink choices – coffee or tea?!

I was like what? 😲

Then they started making tea and coffee using that hot water flask for us as per our request.

Nevermind that, then we spotted them heating up bento lunch boxes in the oven and I think I was so shocked cos this was totally unexpected?!

This is a bento box meal from Killiney served to each of us with utensils and serviettes provided.

Definitely a first for me to be dining like this onboard a coach with an entertainment system to boot! There’s free water as well!

It felt exactly like we were on a plane, except you draw the curtains and you’re really on a moving coach o.o

They even provided earpieces (on request only) and blankets for each of us.

Like seriously guys, the level of service is Amazeballs. I never experienced this before lol. #suaku

There were a total of two toilet stops (10 mins each time) with no stopover at the usual Yong Peng since we had our meal onboard already.

Yeah, like a plane hor, we were also served biscuit snacks later (with more drinks as needed).

This is by Transtar Express (Superstar Z) btw. Don’t know the price cos this was a media trip!

We alighted at First World Hotel where we were greeted by the PR team before being led to our hotel! Nay, we were not staying at First World Hotel but at the newer hotel – the Theme Park Hotel where I stayed at the last round!

Construction was pretty completed for the Theme Park Hotel verus the time when we were here and everything was boarded up.

The reception area definitely looks way better now!

We checked in first and dropped our stuff in our respective rooms.

And yeahhh I got my own room once again! It was at the Valley Wing but sadly – unlike the last time where I had a nice balcony and amazing view, the room I had was a smaller and cozier one.

Still a cute room meant for one (or two) with all the necessities you need!

If you are interested to book the Theme Park Hotel room, I suggest booking it via to enjoy a $40 refund on your credit card if you book through my link! 😉

Meanwhile, kunch was at the newly opened The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden – a well known brand for their fish and chips hailing all the way from London!

It’s kinda funny cos I covered it for SG Lifestyle when I first heard wind of the news that it was opening in Genting and who knew that I would be trying it out for myself during this media trip? Woot, score one for Daph!

Both the restaurant exterior and interior looks amazing, love the feel ALOT!

We didn’t get a dish each as there was a pre-set menu for the media to share!

And also a photo booth area for us to snap photos at. That’s why you’ll the same photo spot for everyone 😂😂

Anw, here’s what we enjoyed:

Baked English Brie with Thyme and Garlic (26 MYR). The bread’s pretty normal tbh, but that cheese, yums.

Salt & Pepper Fried Calamari (23 MYR). Average

Classic Harry’s Beef Burger (28 MYR). The burger was pretty good.

Fish & Chips (Cod, Legendary, 53 MYR).

Fish & Chips (Haddock, Legendary, 58 MYR).

We had the fish and chips (both cod and haddock version) so we could try the difference. Surprisingly we all liked the latter more! Their famous fish and chips comes with a choice of gravy / mushy peas / curry sauce and we tried them all. Just skip the gravy. The curry sauce is fine but I actually liked the mushy peas! The fries are cooked the British style (twice cooked) which I’m not a fan of. I prefer my chips thin, fried and crispy tho.

Portions are also pretty huge cos we had the legendary portion if I’m not wrong. It was good for sharing between 2-4 pax.

Their signature lemonade drink (16 MYR) is adorable as well!

Desserts a lil meh for me. Just a lot of cream imo. There’s the Eaton Mess (18 MYR) and Giant Sundae (45 MYR). Skip them and just go for the fish and chips and it’s all good.

For a no frills concept, go for the Harry Ramsden outlet instead of The Laughing Fish – it’s just situated next to it 🙂

And that’s it for this post as I think it’s getting really lengthy! Stay tuned to Part 2 coming up soon! 🙂

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