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Knowing your Own Value x Weight Loss Updates x My ERP Grab Ride Adventure x KC Girls Meetup – 19 Feb 2019

Know your value. Then add tax.

Funny how I keep advocating for this but yet I’m not doing it for my own blog.


Don’t worry, I’m learning and rectifying that ASAP. Have been doing this since the start of this year actually – showed my stuff to a couple of my mentors/friends (sankyuu, y’all know who you are) and they gave me a nod of approval.

Yep, I know I’m going down on the right path but THAT was just the beginning.

Basically, I was up all morning tweaking up some updates and revamping my rate card for my blog services! Yep, I’ve always been revising it every few months but to be fair to the companies/brands and all the people whom I’ve sent my older ones – the rates quoted will still stand (within a 1 year period) and they will be honored as such.

Those new rates will not be implemented just yet as I’ll be on an ongoing journey to rebuild my media kit as well – so, this is YOUR chance to engage my services* before that 😉😎 (accurate as of 19 February 2019, may not be valid after that hahahah) #justsaying

**Note: I am ONLY taking in selective paid advertorials that resonates with my personality, in line with my brand voice/personal interests/are useful for my readers

You can drop me an email at if you are interested in engaging my services for your marketing purposes. Paid only, please understand that I place a value in my time and commitment for every single project that I choose to take up. My work or brand is not free 🙂

Speaking of which…on the to-do list is my media kit (almost done!!) for SG Lifestyle as well. Not forgetting my writing assignment test for that dream job (tentative) due on Wednesday! 1 down..1 to go!

Also looked in the mirror today and you know what? All that hard work has paid off for my weight loss journey – I think.

Looking at my body critically, it seems like there IS a difference. I don’t have the exact numbers because I didn’t measure OR take my weight on a weighing scale!

The only thing is this – I’m only NOT sure if what I’m viewing previously is due to bloating from my woman monthlies (I am VERY prone to water bloating during that period, can gain up to 2kg) which goes away after a week, so I’ll just monitor my progress to see how it goes.

A little afraid cos I’m heading up to Genting soon for a media trip and as we all know – we tend to eat more while traveling 😭😭

In fact, I’m pretty sure my current weight gain is due to all my recent trips, media tastings and my previous FT job in an F&B marketing firm and consultancy 😑

No more guys, no more.

Iron Clad Control I tell ya. 😑

Oh yes, then I went for my Beatx Lite bounce classes today and I totally enjoyed it very much! It was tough but I think if I keep pushing through, I’ll be better!

Wrote a speech as well for my award ceremony the following week when I was back after my class! It’s a small award I bagged, nothing major but to be presented with the award is still something major to me!(:

Heh and today, I spent 40 mins in a grab but it was worth it. Asked to avoid ERP and my Grab driver and I went on an adventure to try to see if we could do it.

Unfortunately, the ERP won and I willingly gave up that $1.50 for the wonderful conversation that I had with my Grab driver (John) and the lesson learnt that you can’t drive to my old workplace from my home without incurring any ERP charges 😂😂

I’m thankful too for his time and effort to accede to my request especially cos that time could have been used to drive other passengers. He told me it was okay cos it was a part time job and he wasn’t driving Grab for the money since he was a retiree.

Indeed, this is the difference between a part time verus a full time job :/

Update: My Grab driver didn’t charge me for the $1.50 ERP charge. Gawd that was so nice I cannot 😭😭

Met up with my wonderful KC ladies as well for dinner at Astons that night! No full attendance for this day due to work commitments but it was good enough! It’s not easy at all to schedule a meetup with all these busy ladies and I’m glad they took the time out of their busy schedules to make time for dinner 🙂

And lol, Astons is like our usual spot cos of the affordable prices on the pocket especially since we had 2 unemployed people in the group (yes, I’m one of them) and generally, we are quite budget friendly. The food quality is pretty decent as well and I’m always happy with my food!

We tried the newly launched truffle Parmesan chips ($5.80) and uhm, it wasn’t too nice though. Alot of inconsistency whereby some chips were not fried properly and there was just too much cheese.

Just stick with their addictive fries or other sides! Thanks Crystal for treating us to these two additional basket of sides 🙂

Meanwhile, we each ordered a main each which comes with the typical two side dishes – fish / chicken / steak for each of us respectively.

As I said, I usually don’t have an issue with the food here at Astons most of the time! Lol yeah and I realized we are all a very garden veggie kinda group LOL.

More importantly, the company was all that mattered 🙂 Enjoyed my time very much with my ladies, catching up on life and just talking about random nonsense hehe.

My day didn’t end yet though. I still had my writing assignment test due the next day which I had to work on that very night.

AND I’m also happy to share that omgg, I sent out SG Lifestyle’s media kit and rates for the first time officially hehe. It’s a start lol, don’t even know if anyone will take it up but who knows?! 😂



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♥ mitsueki

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  1. Happy to see you placing a value on your time, work, brand, traffic and the marketing exposure that you can bring to companies. If more bloggers start doing that, companies would naturally start placing the right value on us too. Yes, our time and endorsement is not free. 🙂

    1. Hehe yes agree! But at the beginning, it’s gonna be rather difficult. Regardless, I also need to remind myself that sometimes it’s also okay to eat humble pie once in awhile for the exposure too at the start imo 🙂 hehe

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