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The Introvert v Extrovert Debate x CNY Day 1 – 5 Feb 2019

I think most people think I’m an extrovert – yeah all that extrovert vs introvert nonsense. Lol

I think I’m more of an intro verus extro though. Or perhaps a mix of both (aka an ambivert?) depending on the situation. Don’t know and don’t really care that much lols 🤔

source: YouTube

But yeah whenever CNY (Chinese New Year) rolls in, eh suffice to say – it’s not exactly my favourite on Day 1 cos it’s the obligatory visiting lol.

And also cos I rather just lock myself up in my room to watch my anime. HAHAHAH

*inserts cheeky smile here*

I’m better now verus in the past where I once HID in the storeroom so that I didn’t have to interact with my relatives LOL. I kept praying inside that they would leave soon – very bad hor.

Now no la, I don’t do that cos I gotta help my mom and it’s rude LOL. Please don’t do that 😅

Anw, it’s like the usual drill for CNY every year and it doesn’t deviate much so I can just go along with it with my eyes closed.

Of cos I’m thankful my mom does everything and I don’t need to do much. But eh, if I have my own place in the future – I’ll probably do it a little differently and maybe even create my own kind of Chinese New Year tradition.

Different families will have different CNY traditions naturally and this has been mine for years!

Prepping CNY goodies to offer to our guests! My mom’s a genius, these little treats are what she herself would eat (and enjoys eating) so there’s no wastage if our guests don’t finish ’em. She will just eat them all~

Microwaved leftovers for a light lunch before the first visit!

Hiding all my clothes and rubbish in my room to give the appearance of a neat house HAHHAHA. My mom kinda gave up on me and that chair. I’m like ah, just close the door. It’ll be good 😂

She also prepped the usual desserts – red bean soup which she spent the entire morning boiling and of cos, the favourite almond jelly dessert! They were super popular and got completely wiped out by the first two visits 😂

My mandatory CNY Day 1 mirror ootd cos I’ve got no one to help to take 🙊

And then the waiting game begins for all 3 “waves” to come.

Thanks for coming~ Tis family after all! 🙆

This year’s entertainment was this. Lol. No gambling at my place but we have a game called “Let’s all try to open the stuck bathroom door!”.

Everyone failed btw 😂

Vegetarian food for dinner – thanks to my cuz for bringing them over! 🙂

And ending off on a wonderful note finishing off my Goblin Slayer and starting on my Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online cos I was waiting for Sword Art Online: Alicization to finish it’s run before I start watching it! 😁😁

A perfect bloodthirsty way to end off this CNY with a splash of RED! 😁😆















Yeah sorry but I LOVEEEE such bloodthirsty anime such as Attack on Titan, Goblin Slayer and such. Though I gotta say that the latter is a little too R21 in terms of other areas (not violence) imo.

Anyway, hope y’all had a GREAT CNY Day 1 and thanks always for reading! 😊

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