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Welcoming Pre-CNY 2019 with a Little Faith, Hope and a Tiny Sprinkle of Pixie Dust – 4 Feb 2019

Don’t know why but my thoughts have been swinging wildly between the freelancing thing and actually taking up/applying for a proper job. My adult gap year is about to end within the next few months after all.

The latter is obviously better for my career prospects and progression naturally. But ah..just thinking of going back to the proper corporate life is hmm, actually doesn’t seem so bad now (on paper lah) 😂😂

Was wrestling between letting things unfold verus being proactive and decided to do a little of both.

Already updated my LinkedIn and am currently using it as my resume as well. Plus as I mentioned before, I decided to merge my own “online personality/persona” (mitsueki) and my “real world reality” (Daphne) into one and I’ve presented all within this resume rather than keeping it a separate thing which I did for years until last year when I decided to quit for the adult gap year.

To me, I think it’s just good to be absolutely transparent to the (future) company that I am working for about my blog and everything cos what’s for sure is that I will STILL be blogging with or without a full time job. No hidden surprises from me here – plus they ARE both me anyway. 😅

Anyway, shortlisted two jobs and just threw in my application just for kicks. I doubt I’ll get a response but hey, you never know hurhur.

Meanwhile, have also been busy scheduling all my meetups with my friends as promised (and even potential (?) biz partners/employees). It’s the time now that I’m free to be able to do so (for now).

Don’t know why, but it’s like I’m subconsciously prepping myself for something to happen soon which is why I’m doing everything that I can this month. Now let’s hope it’s a good thing! 🤔

Well. Trust the universe and follow your heart/gut 🙂

Oh and embrace your inner child.

Like what I did today = ticking off my to-watch anime!

*punch fist in the air

Y’all don’t know how much I’ve missed watching anime. It’s a non productive leisure pastime that takes up a lot of time (very much like reading my usual fiction, but more addictive) but today, I shall indulge in just that 🙂

And I did 🙂

Thankful too for my mom who went to collect our CNY reunion lunch! Of course I paid for it la hehe. The duck and char siew is from Roast Paradise 🙂

Also prepped clothes for my CNY visiting for the next few days!

Keke the two animes I was watching / catching up on after a LONG LONG time = Attack on Titan S3 part 1!

And then I moved on to binge watching Goblin Slayer!

I love such short series and episodes cos I can finish binge watching them within 1 day! I tend to like to pile everything and then do/watch/etc at one go cos it’s very efficient for me – in life, in work etc.

Anw, doing this as well while I have the time (for now). Time is luxury to me and I value it very much.

Hehe but I did tear myself away from my show to do the yearly tradition of watching the Channel 8 CNY countdown just to watch the zodiac portion together with my mom(:

It was a good one for me this year and hehe I hope it bodes true for myself and all of my same Zodiac pals and friends! I was most interested to hear more the career portion over anything la. Hehe for relationship wise, eh – lol career first imo.

Also received my FIRST red packet of the year from my mom. Thank you 🙂 oh cos she gave me the usual “you better find a ft job this year ah 😂” haiz, am I that irresponsible uhhhh?

Regardless, in return will be my virtual “red packet” to her 🙂

Looking back – the last year or so, I haven’t been giving her the fattest red packets during all the important occasions (but of cos still give la, just a thinner one) due to my adult gap year aka not working a ft job (and this year as well) so I do hope from mid year onwards, it will just become better.

I miss getting my bonus the most HAHHAHA 😂😂

Regardless, I’ve got faith. Hope. And MAYBE a little sprinkle of pixie dust cos I’m childish that way hehe. Yeah I’m a Disney girl alright!

Oh and of cos, gotta shou ye/守夜 to end off the night as a CNY tradition 🙂

And that’s it for the day~ Thanks always for reading!


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