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8D7N Okinawa Itinerary 2019 UNDER S$1.5K (No Car) – including AIRFARE, HOTEL AND TOURS!

okinawa itinerary

Quite a number of you have been asking for my Okinawa itinerary so yes, it’s finally up! As always, I didn’t plan it fully before I left except for a bare skeleton frame as I usually just go with the flow on the day of my trip (except for the pre-booked tours!).

This is a no car itinerary as I did not rent a car during my stay. However, it is HIGHLY recommended to rent a car in Okinawa in my opinion. But if you can’t drive or prefer not to drive then this itinerary is for you. However, you will most likely be stuck in the city.

As a disclaimer, public transportation in Naha City is not the best unlike in Tokyo/Osaka (think long bus rides, etc). In this case, I was based in Naha City for ALL 8 days but I paid for day trips out of the city and I’m glad I did because I explored many of the areas already.

As a general gist – this is a BUDGET trip itinerary focusing more on experiences/ slow travel verus shopping. I resisted shopping..ALOT to keep to my budget. Note that I traveled solo. However, this itinerary can be used for group travel as well!

And lastly, I had a friend who drove me out for a roadtrip on ONE day only (out of the 8 days)(:


mitsueki’s 8D7N Okinawa Itinerary 2019 UNDER S$1.5K (No Car)

Meanwhile, here’s my itinerary as below!

okinawa itinerary

Day 1 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 1: Hotel Stork x Okinawan Prefecture Musuem & Art Museum x Naha Main Place – 25 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

  • Singapore – Okinawa (Naha Airport) via Jetstar
  • Pick up Okica Card
  • Take Yui Monorail to Omoromachi Station
  • Drop off luggage at Hotel Stork
  • Visit Lawson nearby
  • Pop by Okinawan Prefecture Musuem & Art Museum
  • Wander around Naha Main Place (Shopping Centre)
  • Lunch at Naha Place Food Court
  • Check in at Hotel Stork
  • Dinner at Naha Place Food Court
  • Supermarket/Grocery Shopping at Naha Place
  • Back to Hotel Stork

Day 2 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 2: Slow Travel x Okinawa Flower and Food Festival 2019 x T Galleria by DFS x Tsutaya x Daiso Okinawa x Supermarket Shopping – 26 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

  • Train to Ohnoyama Koen Station
  • Visit Okinawa Flower and Food Festival 2019
  • Lunch of Yagi (Goat) Ramen at the festival
  • Train back to Omoromachi station
  • Visit T Galleria by DFS Okinawa
  • Visit Tsutaya Bookstore
  • Explore Naha Main Place
  • Walk to Rakuichi Ryobu (Daiso/24 Hour Supermarket)
  • Pop by Apple Town (Apple Co-Op Supermarket)
  • Back to Hotel Stork
  • Pizza and Fruits Supermarket Dinner

Day 3 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 3: Kokusai Dori Street x Palette Kumoji x Pokemon Store Okinawa x A&W Okinawa x Supermarket Shopping – 27 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

  • Walk to Kokusai Dori
  • Explore Kokusai Dori
  • Lunch of Calbee+ Sweet Potato fries and a thousand samples
  • Explore Palette Kumoji (Shopping Mall)
  • Visit Pokemon Centre Okinawa
  • Dinner at A&W Okinawa
  • Shopping at Kokusai Dori
  • Grocery Shopping at AEON MaxValue supermarket
  • Walk back to Hotel Stork

Day 4 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 4: Whale Watching Tour (Winter) x Sakaemachi Arcade x Tsuboya Yachimun Dori x Okinawa Buku Buku x Marushin Wagyu – 28 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

  • Early supermarket lunch in Hotel Room
  • Walk to Toyoko Inn Naha Shintoshin Omoromachi (pick up point)
  • Join the Whale Watching Tour (Winter only) booked from Klook
  • Walk to Sakaemachi Arcade
  • Explore Sakaemachi Arcade
  • Walk to Tsuboya Yachimun Street
  • Explore Tsuboya Yachimun Street
  • Cafe Break at Okinawa Buku Buku
  • Walk back to Kokusai Dori Street
  • Dinner of wagyu A4 premium beef skewer from Marushin Wagyu + many samples
  • Walk back to Hotel Stork

Day 5 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 5: Hiking and Exploring Hidden Castles in Okinawa (Airbnb Experience) x Hamabe No Choya x Shurijo Castle x Lucky Tacos- 29 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

  • Cab to Hotel Azat
  • Hiking / Exploring Hidden Castles Airbnb Experience
  • Cafe Stop at Hamabe No Choya
  • Drop off at Shurijo Castle
  • Walk around Shurijo Castle towards Shurijo Station
  • Train to Makeshi Station
  • Walk to Lucky Tacos at Haewadori
  • Walk around Kokusai Dori Street
  • Walk to Rakuichi Ryobu (Daiso/24 Hour Supermarket)
  • Walk back to Hotel Stork

Day 6 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 6: Okinawa Hip Hop 1 Day Tour (Nago Pineapple Fark / Kouri Island / Okinawa Chuarumi Aquarium / Cape Manza) x Back to Reality – 30 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

Day 7 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 7: Pork Tamago Onigi Honten x Okinawa World x Gyokusendo Cave x Blue Seal Ice Cream x Mister Donut x McDonald’s Japan Teriyaki Pork Burger – 31 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

  • Pick up at Hotel Stork (Friend in Okinawa)
  • Lunch at Pork Tamago Onigi Honten
  • Snack of Sata Andagi + samples at Kokusai Dori
  • Drive to Okinawa World
    – Kingdom Village
    – Gyokusendo Cave
    – Blue Seal Ice Cream
  • Drive back to Hotel Stork
  • Final visit/walk to Kokusai Dori
  • Final visit/walk to AEON ValuMart
  • Final visit/walk to Naha Main Place
  • McDonald’s Japan Dinner at Naha Place Food Court
  • Pick up Mister Donut
  • Final Visit/walk to Lawson/Family Mart
  • Back to Hotel Stork to pack

Day 8 Okinawa Itinerary (No Car)

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 8: Checking Out x Naha Airport x Home Bound – 1 Feb 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

  • Check out of Hotel Stork
  • Cab to Naha Airport
  • Okinawa (Naha Airport) to Singapore via Jetstar

Total Costs

  • Airfare: $450 on Jetstar Asia including round trip tickets + 20kg luggage + meal + seat selection
  • Accommodation: Hotel StoRK at $300 (private room + attached bathroom) booked via Booking.com
  • Actual Spending (Food/Transportation/Souvenirs/Shopping/Treats/All-In: $420 (Brought and exchanged $500)
  • Tours booked off Klook: $112.88 for Whale Watching Tour and Okinawa 1 Day Hip Hop Bus Tour (Used discount coupons to offset)
  • Airbnb Experience: $102.07
  • Travel Insurance: $21.75 from FWD Insurance
  • Transportation in SG (Airport-Home-Airport): $16 (Grab) + $15.30 (Go-Jek)
  • Travel SIM Card: $20 Top Up on Starhub Happy Roam 3GB
    Total: S$1458 for 8D7N Okinawa Itinerary

I might have been able to drop it down further if I traveled with someone else perhaps, didn’t buy any souvenirs and shared costs for some stuff but all in all, it was quite alright 🙂 I really resisted shopping alot and did more window shopping vs buying stuff. T___T IT WAS NOT EASY 

Of course, here’s reiterating my previous plug (which is also useful for you) – don’t forget to use my lobangs to help you save some money too! 🙂

8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Posts

(25 January 2019 – 1 February 2019)

I’ll be back to Okinawa again next time – THAT’S for sure!

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4 Comments on “8D7N Okinawa Itinerary 2019 UNDER S$1.5K (No Car) – including AIRFARE, HOTEL AND TOURS!

  1. Hello Mitsueki,

    Thanks for sharing your Okinawa travel experience.

    I am also planning to going there for my holidays this October and is my very 1st trip to Japan.

    Can you share more with me?
    I have the following questions.
    1. Okica card: is this card necessary? What are advantages of this card? Is cash Yen widely use in Okinawa?
    2. I am also taking Jetstar flight. On arrival & departing, I am planning to take Monorail as the Hotel Maruki I am staying is near monorail stn. And as my flight is 9am, I should be on time to catch our flight if I leave at 6am right?
    3. I also intend to join hip hop bus tour with Klook. But I don’t speak Japanese. I wonder how to communicate with the driver / guide on when (what time) , where to board the bus after every attractions stops, etc.

    Can you pls kindly advise me? Thank you Very much.


    1. Hi Evon!

      Just to mention that Okinawa has a very different feel from big cities in Japan like Osaka and Kyoto, it’s like the beach side/relaxed side Hawaii-version of Japan 🙂

      1. If you’re not driving, yes. The okicard is the EZ-Link equivalent public transportation card! And yes, yen is the main currency.

      2. I’m not too sure as I didn’t stay at that hotel, I suggest you check Google maps and measure from there, but give yourself extra allowance of +30 mins. Always give yourself more time, better to be early than late. I took a cab to the airport in my case.

      3. It’s conducted in English (please refer to my Hip Hop Tour review if you haven’t yet) and they will let you know of the time to return back to the bus. Take note of the bus number/bus stop and you should be fine.

      More importantly, don’t stress too much and have fun in Okinawa 🙂

      – Daphne


  2. Hello Daphne!

    I decide on Hotel Maruki ‘cos it is nearby Kokusai Dori St, Palette Kumoji (Shopping Mall), monorail stn & hip hop bus tour pick up point.

    I did read up your hip hop bus tour ‘course A’ (from Klook?) in fact I intend join this same tour as you.

    Would love to hear from you more if you hv more to share as it it very helpful for my coming Okinawa trip

    Once again thank you so much for sharing

    1. Hi Evon!

      Oh that sounds like a good choice of accomodation!(:

      *Do remember that I’ve a booking.com promo ($40 refund on your cc) if you plan on booking any hotels in the future ya (if you haven’t used it yet!). The link is ➡️ http://bit.ly/bookingmitsueki

      And yes, I took Course A cos it seems to be the best of the lot and I wanted to go to the pineapple farm and the aquarium!

      Heh, there’s not much more I have to share though because I’ve written most of it in my travelogue (as much as I remember hahaha!) but I really do appreciate that you found my posts useful to you for your upcoming trip (and of cos, for dropping by to read my posts too!)

      Most importantly, have a GREAT time in Okinawa!(: You’ll love it, I’m sure!



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