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8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 7: Pork Tamago Onigi Honten x Okinawa World x Gyokusendo Cave x Blue Seal Ice Cream x Mister Donut x McDonald’s Japan Teriyaki Pork Burger – 31 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

There’s only one thing on my itinerary for my final full day in Okinawa and that’s to hang with Kristen for the day! Was so glad that we managed to get this opportunity to meet up again after so many years – 7 years to be exact!(:

We got to know each other though the UNLV Rebels (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Facebook page when I had to travel to Vegas for a compulsory semester abroad for school and I think she was one of the committee members. I still remember vividly that she and her (then) bf took my roomie and I around Vegas back then during one of the weekends and that was really awesome 🙂

Fast forward to today and so much has changed since then! She’s now a military wife based in Okinawa (only recently moved from the States!) with her husband for a couple of years!

And myself? I just quit my job (again, for the second time) and on my adult gap year. No relationship, no job, nothinggggggg gawd HHAHAHA.

What a change in circumstances during these 7 years 😂😂

Regardless, after seeing her big move from the States to Okinawa (thanks to Facebook), I reached out to her when I knew that I was headed to Okinawa to see if we could hang. And whatchu you know – this happened hahahaha. Life is unpredictable, nuff said 💁💁

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Anw, light brekkie and ootd for the day while waiting for Kristen to pick me up from my hotel!

Our first stop was to the popular Pork Tamago Onigi Honten at Kokusai Dori street! This wasn’t the original plan cos we initially wanted Cinnamon Cafe instead but it was closed.

The popular C&C Okinawa breakfast place is also located next to it.

We decided to be boring and go for the ubiquitous spam and egg onigiri – the classic staple of Okinawa.

Number 7, heh my affinity with 7 🙂

The onigiri was just alright tho. Not sure what is with the hype over it 💁

We had a little time so we walked around towards Kokusai Dori Street. I’m usually here at night where many of these stores have already closed so I’m glad to check them out during the day!

We were drawn to the popular Okinawan snack – this brown sugar doughnuts called Sata Andagi and this particular cake shop sold ’em in different flavors!

We tried the banana and pineapple flavor versions of this okinawan doughnuts 🙂 Not bad for 60 yen each as a snack!

As always, there are always samples around and we got to try the rafute pork which Okinawa is known for as well as these torched pork slices. Yum~

Other random shots!

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Then we were off for our little road trip to Okinawa World in Kristen’s little yellow car!

Beautiful sights along the way and a wonderful catch up / learning experience in the car with Kristen 🙂

And then we made it to Okinawa World! Yay!!(:

There are 3 things that you can visit at Okinawa World – the Kingdom Village, Gyokusendo Cave and Habu Museum Park with different attraction fees.

We went for the Cave and Kingdom Village Park pass priced at 1650 yen per person! You can actually get this cheaper off Klook or with a bundle set but it was a super last minute decision to head to Okinawa World so I didn’t have time to buy the tickets beforehand.

Map of Okinawa World!

And mandatory touristy shots 🙂

The actual recommended route is to visit Habu Musuem Park first => Gyokusendo Cave => Kingdom Village.

But due to time constraints, the first thing we did was to catch the drum performance held at Eisa Plaza. Unfortunately no photos or videos are allowed during the performance!

We headed to the Kingdom Village, a mock up of a traditional Okinawan village next and every single one of them is a paid experience though you can browse through the items for sale!

Some of such experiences include an indigo dyeing workshop, sinsa painting, weaving, pottery workshop, glass blowing experience and a pearl extraction workshop.

As mentioned, you can get the combined tickets and selective experience at a cheaper price off Klook 🙂

We paid for three experiences – the Okinawan kimono wearing experience with a free “photo shoot” priced at 500 yen.

I only had 3 shots for that, two cheesy ones and one of my own pose hahaha. The socks ruined it a little but okay la, not too bad.

I do miss the actual kimono experience I had in Kyoto, would love to do it once again!

Then we paid 100 yen for our fortune. Not an actual shrine but okay luhs. I need to head back to Japan get a proper fortune thing at a shrine!

Next up, we went for the Buku buku tea (an Okinawan exclusive) experience for 520 yen. The setting is in a traditional Okinawan teahouse so that was kinda nice.

The tea however, we didn’t like LOL. It’s so weird to be drinking the foam first and then the tea. Tasted a little weird.

It also came with a brown sugar cookie which tasted a little meh lol.

A one time experience here is more than enough for us. K been there, done that. 😂

We went past the souvenir shops next and managed to sample quite a number of things including Three Five hibiscus tea, habu wine, habuball, purple yam and azuki beans cake and Soba with some spicy powder!

Many of these are exclusive to Okinawa World and/or almost impossible at other areas so pick them up here if you have the opportunity to do so 😉

Ya they have these sugarcane dyed stuff, fish spa and whatsnot as well.

Also did a questionnaire and got ourselves some free samples, Okinawa matcha cookies or smth too 😂

After that was our visit to Gyokusendo Cave, a long cave with many amazing rock formations!

It was kinda of a cool experience walking though the cave in a very controlled / safe environment.

Touristy. Yes.

Cheesy. Yes.

Still worth a visit? Yes

An amazing view nonetheless.

You get a free tiny picture at the end – with an option to top up for a larger one at an additional cost 🙂

(Yes cheesy pose as requested by them lol)

Off to the tiny park next we go. Very cute structures around like this cute snake.

And the pineapple thingy.

Pineapples for sale anyone? 🍍

There was this little fruit stall at the end of it where you can purchase some fruits.

I zoned into the Blue Seal ice cream immediately and decided, k – I’m eating this.

It’s my last day on Okinawa after all and I wanted to check that off my to eat list at the very least.

The unique flavor for this shop is the mango and vanilla combination but I went for the classic vanilla and beni-imo (sweet potato) twist.

Happy 🙂

Plus Kristen and I had a lovely time chatting while indulging in our ice cream too! It was a good chat 🙂

She dropped me off back my hotel after and we exchanged hugs and said our goodbyes.

I know I’ll see her again sometime soon within the next 3 years at the very least – be it in Okinawa again (cos I’ll definitely be back!!) or when she comes visiting to Singapore where I finally have the opportunity to bring her around this time 🙂

Thank you dear Kristen for your time and always bringing me around – first in Vegas and then in Okinawa 🙂

I’ll see her around soon; hopefully I’ll ever get the chance to check out the base where she’s staying at, see her dogs / husband and if I’m lucky – wear cheesy Christmas sweaters and even play the White Elephant game for kicks during Christmas hahaha!

Blessed to have friends like these!(: 🙏

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Ended off the night with my usual supermarket shopping and pilgrimage. First to Kokusai Dori again (wtf again?!) and Aeon Valushop for the final time.

Then Naha Main Place for one final time to visit the supermarket / pick up my yummy pon de ring from Mister Donut and my dinner at Mackers (McDonald’s) where I tried the teriyaki pork burger and Sankaku Choco Pie black. These at only available from Japan btw 🙂

Mister Donut

Mackers / McDonald’s

Last but not least will be my final pilgrimage to the Lawson’s and Family Mart outside my hotel.

Saw many unique things there (some which I bought, others I took photos of only) including the Ken’s Cafe Tokyo x Family Mart collection, Melty Kiss White, dried orange and more!

Weather took a turn for the cold too at night where temperatures dropped and the wind was biting cold from the earlier heat.

Luckily I’m very prepared nowadays with an extra neck warmer, sweater, gloves and face mask to combat the cold/wind whenever 🙂 Lessons learnt from 7 days here hahahaha!

Really sad to be leaving Okinawa but it’s time to go home.

I’m thankful, grateful and glad for the experiences and memories made here. And for the new / rekindled friendships as well.

This solo trip has been nothing short of amazing and I know it’s just the beginning of many more to come!

I’ll be back in Okinawa again. That is for sure! 🙂

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