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8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 6: Okinawa Hip Hop Bus 1 Day Tour (Nago Pineapple Fark / Kouri Island / Okinawa Chuarumi Aquarium / Cape Manza) x Back to Reality – 30 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

The last few days of my Okinawa trip will be a pretty packed one! Had one of the earliest morning for Day 6, waking up at 7am-ish cos my Okinawa Hip Hop bus tour departure which I booked off Klook was at 850am. I paid $72 for this and booked it off Klook which was slightly cheaper verus buying it directly from the tour operator!

My last bread stick for the trip for brekkie and my ootd before I left back my room!

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Figured to save some time + money plus try something a little different, I popped by the Subway outlet otw to the DFS outlet which was the meeting point for the tour to dabao lunch(:

Already knew what I wanted – the shrimp and avocado sub; something only unique to Japan! And I’m not sure why but I was able to get the double shrimp for free so yay, score for meeee! 😊

Think I had like at least 6-8 prawns for this 500 yen sandwich. Nort bad.

Ran like crazy trying to find my bus cos I realized it wasn’t really specified in my Klook travel voucher. Pick up at DFS Galleria is just kinda vague – I literally walked a HUGE round trying to find the bus.

It did come on time la but I was late for 5 mins (actually I was there earlier but there wasn’t a sign so I bypassed the area to enter DFS to look for my bus).. luckily the bus waited for me cos they would usually leave after 10 mins or so if you don’t arrive by then. Japanese people are also notorious for being on time and they condone late behavior so kindly be on time okay? 🙁

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As part of the Okinawa Hip Hop Bus tour course A which I booked off Klook as mentioned earlier – it would be a full day bus day tour covering the following places:

  • Nago Pineapple Farm / Kouri Island / Warumi Bridge / Okinawa Chuarumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park / Okashi Goten / Cape Manza.

Not too bad for the price paid imo especially when you don’t have a car. I recommend that you get it off Klook for a cheaper price verus buying it online or even on the spot!

For your reference, these are the 6 pickup points for the Okinawa Hip Hop bus tour!

There will be a guide onboard who can speak Japanese and limited English but generally he/she is in charge of taking stock of time management, head count and general enquiry.

Otherwise for a guide, a multi language audio guide is provided for every passenger onboard. Note you can’t take it down from the bus during the actual tour.

Mostly this is self guided / self exploration kind of tour where you’ll be given an allocated timing to come back to the bus with all the entry fees paid 🙂 No lunch is included!

Nago Pineapple Farm (50 mins)

The first stop is Nago Pineapple Park – a place that was on my to-visit so I’m glad I checked that off my list!

As part of the tour, you get a ticket to the automatic pineapple cart “tour” ride.

Bonus for solo travellers? You get the ENTIRE CART to yourself whhahaha.

Sadly, don’t expect too much from the park. It’s a little meh and much smaller than expected. Still cute though (:

After my ride, I popped by the little cafe and got myself a pineapple cream puff. It was alright.

Spent the rest of the leftover time snapping photos and the MUST take been there done there photos.

And ending off at the souvenir shop which is the fun part I guess 🙂

So MANY FREE SAMPLES LOL! I swear you don’t need to have breakfast or worry about it at all cos you’ll be eating and drinking A LOT!

Yeppers, Daph here tried EVERY single sample LOL!

Pineapple soft serve and pineapple curry is also available here~

Kouri Island (30 mins) / Warumi Bridge (View from Bus)

Our next stop was to Kouri Island for a very brief stop.

You probably only have time to head down to this very touristy beach filled with loadsa tourists including myself to admire the view and the Warumi Bridge.

Once you’re done – you can head back to the meeting point / bus or shop at the quaint little souvenir shop.

Lol I picked up my free souvenir from the beach 😆😂 #budgettravel

There is also a Blue Seal ice cream shack here with some limited edition flavors to this place 🙂

Okinawa Chuarumi Aquarium / Ocean Expo Park (3 hours)

Prior to arriving at the Okinawa Chuarumi aquarium, you’ll be given the map in your respective language. I suggest taking a look at it and plotting your schedule in advance so that you don’t waste time and get to hit all the places you wanna go cos you only have a limited 3 hours to cover everything.

It also takes about 10-15 mins walk from the bus stop to the aquarium itself so do factor that into consideration as well.

The expo park is a pretty big place so your guide will bring you all the way to the aquarium and pass you your ticket.

Afterwhich, it’s your free and easy time for 3 hours!

Having plotted my route etc, I hit the aquarium first. We are lucky that we have a pretty good aquarium in Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa and I’ve been there at least 2-3 times.

The Okinawa Chuarumi Aquarium is rather similar so that’s why I could breeze through it quite swiftly.

It’s still fascinating. If I had more time, I would be slowly enjoying but well, my dolphin show beckons.

I spent the most time here – the classic MUST take touristy spot on many people’s bucket lists! Checked off mine for now 🙂

Magnifique – these whale sharks and mantra rays. Definitely a sight to be behold! 👏👏

Sadly, I didn’t make it to a seat or even a standing spot at the Dolphin show at the Okichan Theatre after rushing there. Suggested to be there at least 20 mins before schedule or else you will be resorted to standing at the entrance area (I was there 5 mins before the show started).

Fortunately, the view wasn’t so bad but the sun was bad. A little obstructed yes but still not too shabby. I’m glad to catch it nonetheless 🙂

Went for the Dolphin observation next. Wanted to do the dolphin feeding but figured I wouldn’t have the time so nayy.

Kawaii neh~

And then the Diver show with front row seats! Perks of solo travel – just squeeze into the unwanted seats that people tend to leave in between them kekeke.

Educational. Informative. (In Japanese but you can understand la).

And absolutely adorable 😍💕

I even had time to check out the sea turtles, admire the view before sitting down and tucking into my avocado shrimp sub for lunch.

Hehe my lunch is definitely a cheaper (and perhaps even nicer) alternative (500 yen!) from the usual food choices available here. I don’t have to fight with the crowd too!

Keke and I made it back to my coach with plenty of time to spare as well. Not bad.

Okashi Goten (30 mins)

We also had a shopping/souvenir stop at Okashi Goten where you can get a zillion tasting samples of all the sweet potato snacks and etc. I’ve been eating these every single day at Kokusai Dori so yeah. Just eat again lor HAHHAHAH 😂😂

Cape Manza (20 mins)

The last stop for this tour is to Cape Manza. As a basic gist, you just walk one round, admire the view, snap some photos and you’re done.

It is a beautiful view 🙂 And yep, don’t you think it looks like an elephant? Hehe

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And yeah that was pretty much the end of the tour! The Okinawa Hip Hop bus drove us back to our respective pick up points (possible to change in advance) and I was back at DFS by 6pm!

Bonus? A free sweet potato tart 🙂

Interested to book the same tour as above? I highly recommend booking the Okinawa Hip Hop Bus Tour off Klook HERE!

Went back to my room first to do some laundry at the coin laundry in my hotel. Was 200 yen for a load (38 mins), 50 yen for detergent and 100 yen for a dryer (30 mins). Not too shabby la.

Was well worth my 350 yen cos this means lesser washing for my mom when I get back 🙂

Lol and some other housekeeping lol.

To end off my night, here are my usual 3 things!

#1 – Going to Kokusai Dori street (AGAIN). Yes I recce daily but this time – I bought my stuff. Luckily I kinda remembered where I saw the cheapest stuff so it was alright.

Also picked up some of my usual Biore facial wash and cleansing wipes cos they were much cheaper (almost half price verus Singapore!).

#2 – To me, Yoshinoya is an institution that MUST be eaten when I’m in Japan. Sadly, the nearest Yoshinoya to me in Naha is really far away. I’ve only seen this one outlet throughout my entire trip as well so yeah. Sad.

Luckily there’s this 24 hour place off Kokusai Dori street that offers the beef bowl with raw egg that I love so much!

Prices here are also very affordable for all budgets.

Simple, fast and no frills Japanese food.

This entire set for only 550 yen!(:

It’s not as good as Yoshinoya imo but I think not too shabby. The extra bonus is that ubiquitous tofu soup that is unique to Okinawa 🙂

My soul is happy from this meal 🙂

#3 – And finally – more combini and supermarket shopping.

Nope. Never sick of it. I can do this errr everyday!! 🙂

That’s it for my Day 6 in Okinawa! Thank you so much as always for reading and following my travelogue if you have 🙂

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