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8D7N Okinawa Travelogue Day 5: Hiking and Exploring Hidden Castles in Okinawa (Airbnb Experience) x Hamabe No Choya x Shurijo Castle x Lucky Tacos- 29 Jan 2019 (No Car/Solo Travel)

Slept at 230am. Set a 1128am alarm. But woke up at 8 plus, then 930am. Thanks ah auto body alarm. But it’s good too! 😂

Nua-ed in bed updating my socials and writing my travelogue. Man, this is the LIFE! I only wish I can be paid to do this and I’m super happy 🙂

Kekeke, am open to collaborations and projects for that – hit me up for rates or discuss at 🙂

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Daph is not Daph without her ubiquitous bread sticks for brekkie. Expired yesterday I know but still edible la.

I only have one thing on my itinerary for the day which is to meet my Airbnb Experience host at 230pm at Hotel Azat. Otherwise, I’m pretty free!

In the end, I spent that time doing quite abit of research and my own stuff. Yep, have to move forward in life after all 🙂

I’m learning also, to let go of some stuff – mainly referring to my lifestyle publication haha. B was right, trends come and go. There will always be something new everyday 🙂

Biggest booboo. I read the timing wrongly at 230pm instead of 2pm for my Airbnb experience. Big mistake and I had to make it up with a cab. This was totally my fault but omg I can’t believe that I remembered the timing wrongly. I felt really really bad because I wasn’t the only one in the group 😭

Luckily my host and the people in my group are really nice and was willing to wait for me >< It’s also fortunate that the cab fare wasn’t that expensive – a 5-8 min ride or so was about 500 yen. Not that bad and cheaper than Tokyo that’s for sure!

And then we were whisked off in Natalia’s little vintage red car and off to visit 3 different castle sites in Okinawa! Note that you probably will not get this same experience offered anywhere else other than with Natalia on Airbnb 🙂

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It was an international mix in her car – Natalia from Russia, a husband and wife from South Korea and of course, myself from Singapore! English was also our main communication channel and Natalia, our host is fluent in both English and Japanese!(:

I also recommend this tour only for people who are physically fit because there is a lot of hiking / climbing and do wear good shoes (non white). Prepare to sweat, even during winter 😂😂

Natalia is very informative and she filled our heads with plenty of information about Okinawa and it’s history so feel free to ask any questions you wanna know(:

I don’t really want to spoil the experience too much so I won’t be revealing too much so here’s a spam of photos with some commentary taken throughout the Airbnb experience 🙂

Limestone rocks – used for many things cos Okinawans believe in their properties 🙂

You will pass by loads of power spots / utakis / healing spots so prep some coins for praying if that’s your thing!

Spot my coins HAHAHHA.

There are also many burial spots and tombs that you will pass by as well – the “Kings” of the respective castles and others.

Please also respect the dead and the natural setting. There was a spot that had Natalia very concerned – it was a power spot / shrine / burial spot which someone disturbed and opened the burial box containing the remains so Natalia climbed in to cover it up. Respect please. 🙏🙏

Ya and this is the reason why I recommend this Airbnb experience only for physically fit people.

You climb ALOT, up and down.

Rocks are dangerous as well.

You will ever need to use a rope to rappel down and pull yourself up at some places.

It may look easy but it’s not.

Think most of the time I was going like fml FML FML lol. But you don’t really have a choice and HAVE to do it cos it’s the only way to move on with the tour. I’m proud of myself for doing this 🙂

P.s as you can tell..I literally crawled down. Many many times I tell ya.

And at the end of it all, you will be rewarded with amazing views and beautiful sights you don’t get to see often.

I’m thankful that my companions were really nice and helped me to take alot of photos (without me requesting okay HHAHAHA).

Thank you so much 🙂

Just follow Natalia into the unknown 🙂 As a note – she moves quite fast so it might be rather hard to catch up especially at the descending portions which I struggled alot with.

P.s we also peeked into a Japanese school cos we used their toilet facilities!

Oh ya. Don’t bring stuff like these 😂 my poor Kuma-kun!

To end off the Airbnb experience, Natalia will bring you to a cafe of her choice called Hamabe No Choya.

It is a GORGEOUS little cafe with many choices of seating (depends on how crowded it is, you might even have to wait).

Of course, the best ones in the house will be the ones at the window.

Here’s the menu for your reference. Everything is all homemade and delicious according to Natalia so take your pick.

Their sandwich is the most worth it of course but I knew I was gonna have a carb heavy meal later so I opted for a lighter choice instead, a mixed fruit yogurt instead.

Lol, this was also my first proper meal of the day actually. Excluding my usual brekkie stick earlier. The original plan was to pick up an onigiri and eat it otw walking to Hotel Azat for the meeting point.. but I saw the timing wrongly earlier on if you recall ><

Not the cheapest meal in Okinawa either but it was worth every penny for this gorgeous setting, amazing view/vibes and wonderful company!

Feel free to head down to the beach as well to snap photos 🙂

So glad we caught a beautiful sunset that evening!

I wish we could have stayed longer but unfortunately, we still had to stick to the schedule in a way to head back to Naha city.

What’s for sure is that I will most likely rent a car during my next trip (hopefully) and I’ll chillax at such amazing cafes all around Okinawa(:

The drop off point was back at Hotel Azat but Natalia told me that the walk around Shurijo Castle was lovely at night so I requested that she drop me off there instead if it was possible.

And she did – of cos, after giving me some advice on how to walk.

Unfortunately, I didn’t follow the recommended route cos it was really dark and as a lone female traveler (regardless of how safe a place is) – I prefer not to risk my life going into the darkness and unknown.

I figured it would have been a lovely walk during the day 🙂

At least I did get to see the entrance of Shurijo Castle and I’m good 🙂

Walked all the way to Shuri Station and then hopped on to the monorail to Makeshi Station to head to my usual Kokusai Dori Street Hahahaha. Told ya I can just to back every single day!

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I already knew what I was gonna be eating for the night – Lucky Tacos! Tbh, it was a toss up between Lucky Tacos and Tacos-Ya but the former won cos it looked better and they have Jimami Tofu!

Lucky Tacos is located inside Haewadori along the Kokusai Dori Street – just look out for the sign and climb the stairs to Level 2(:

My recommendation is to order their Lucky Tacos Set at 850 yen (tax inclusive).

It comes with 3 items – Okinawa Taco, Okinawa Taco Rice and homemade Jimami Tofu.

Served with homemade salsa at the side and you can add salt too!

My first time having tacos and all of these (except the Jimami tofu!). Not a usual fan of tomatoes but wow, these were absolutely delicious!

Enjoyed my meal very much 🙂

To end off my night, I did a quick walk down the street and then trekked to the Daiso / huge 24 hour supermarket near my hotel. And as usual, along the way – I always found unusual souvenirs like this octopus crackers. Free samples and of cos I tried HAHAHA.

My visit to Daiso was supposed to be a short one. But guess what..

Sigh Daiso Japan. Just take my money 😂😂 Think I spent about S$45 here on souvenirs~

And then at the supermarket as well! Found some gems~

But I 忍 and only bought the necessities!(:

Sigh. The mess in my room. Don’t know how two people can share these room cos I think it’s just perfect for only one person 😂😂

Wells gotta start packing soon!

Thanks for reading as always and stay tuned to my next post! 🙂

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🏨 Psst.. Love to travel? Hotel/Staycation Deals for you below:

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THIS link here for S$40 refund (min S$80) on your credit card!

Alternatively if you prefer Airbnb, 
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