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(OKINAWA) Hotel Review: Hotel StoRK @ Naha, Okinawa

During my recent trip to Okinawa, I stayed in Hotel Stork located in Naha City for a consecutive 7 nights as I didn’t rent a car.


The price was also the cheapest for a solo traveller on a budget with my own private room with a toilet and I paid a total of S$300 for the 7 nights which I booked off!

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Hotel Room Tour

There are 7 levels to Hotel Stork and mine was the highest floor at 723.

This is a non smoking floor and if I’m not wrong, a women’s only level 🙂

For the price paid, don’t expect anything too big or fancy in your room though. To me, the room is very small and ideally meant for one person rather than two. The space is super limited luhs but it was just nice for myself. A little squeezy but I can work with it.

Main area of my room includes a workdesk with a tissue box, pen, assigned cup per room plus useful information, two chairs, a small dustbin and this tiny corner for my luggage on one side.

On the other side will be a full length hanging mirror, a hanger, a small fridge, Handy phone, hair dryer and provided amenities such as a bath towel, face towel, toothbrush and toothpaste set and one body sponge.

Bedroom slippers are also provided.

The bed is a loft style bed and you need to climb up this ladder everyday to get to your bed.

It’s surprisingly very comfortable and I had a wonderful 7 nights of sleep here. Of course the only inconvenience is climbing up and down especially when you need the freaking toilet or when you have muscle aches from your hiking experience lol 😂

There’s also a TV located at the top. Guess you don’t even need to leave your bed at all. Just remember to bring the TV remote control up(:

Oh yes, an additional light switch is located near the bed so you don’t need to climb down just to switch off the lights one level down lol.

View from my bed to the room! Told ya the space is damn limited but you really have all the facilities and amenities you need for a comfortable stay 🙂

Of course, I can’t forget about the bathroom! It’s just located right below your bed and it’s quite big to be honest.

Toilet at one corner.

And the sink plus shower area at the other corner.

All bathroom amenities are provided – shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face/hand soap and look to be of quality. Had no qualms using them 🙂

Even the shower head is special lol. Scalp care and facial treatment in one!

Check In/Check Out

Check in time is at 3pm and you can leave your luggage at the reception! Check out is at 10am with an extension price of 500 yen per hour up to 12pm.

P.s checkout was very swift. Pass them the key and you’re done.

Other useful hotel information as needed 🙂

Other Hotel Amenities & Facilities

These are the other amenities and facilities provided by Hotel Stork.

Alcohol vending machine at Level 2 and 5.

Coin operated washing machine and dryer at Level 2.

Small community room at Level 1 with an instant noodles vending machine, pay per use laptop and printer, induction cooker, microwave oven, kettle and free drinks.

However, do note that you can only help yourself to the free drinks using that one tiny cup available in your room 😂😂

Blue Seal cup ice cream also available for sale~

Bicycle rental services also available as well as other services.

Yes and of cos the front desk has been really helpful thoughout my trip! Most can speak English!

I also usually leave my key here when I step out of the hotel cos if you lose it = 10k yen fee. They can also help to call for a cab for free as well.


The location of Hotel Stork is lovely cos it is within walking distance to everything!

There’s a Family Mart and Lawson’s less than 2-5 mins walk away. A huge shopping mall called Naha Main Place is also located about 5-10 mins walk while a 24 hour Supermarket with Daiso, Muji, Uniqlo etc can be found further down at Rakuichi Ryobu around 15 – 20 mins walk with Apple Town, Apple Co-Op supermarket, a huge Toys R Us and Yamada Denki + post office along the way!

If you like art, the Okinawan Prefectural Museum and Art Museum is also round the corner about 5-10 mins walk away~

The nearest train station is Omoromachi Station with a DFS Galleria (the pick up point for many bus tours and car rentals), about 15-20 mins walk. A Tsutaya bookshop with a Subway and T’s Coffee can be found along the way too.

You are also walking distance to Kokusai Dori street, about 20 mins walk with a 24 hour Aeon supermarket along the way.

On the whole, if you love to walk around to kill calories. This is the perfect hotel for you lol as a good base in Naha City. Plus that price can’t be beaten la. -.-

The only issue is lugging your luggage from Omoromachi Station to the hotel when you land or vice versa when you take the train back to the airport. I half died lugging my luggage from the International Terminal => domestic terminal => Airport station => take monorail to Omoromachi Station and then lug my luggage to the hotel cos it was super far and my luggage was damn heavy. Doing this alone is no joke and I was sweating like crazy in the weather.

Anw, I suggest splurging on a taxi (approx 2000 yen, S$25) for the trip back from the hotel to Naha Airport. Trust me, it’s worth it cos you would have a lot of luggage and you save a lot of time and energy. That’s what I did for my last day cos I didn’t want a repeat of the above 🙂


Overall, a lovely little hotel that fits all my needs and budget. Recommended for SOLO travellers (too squeezey for more than 1) or you can get 1 room per person. I would return again 🙂

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