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Flight Report: Jetstar Singapore to Okinawa (Airbus A320)

singapore to okinawa jetstar

I’ve always remembered my experience with Jetstar Asia being a below average one (small squeezey seats etc) compared to other budget airlines like AirAsia which is my usual preferred choice.

I didn’t really have a choice for my Okinawa trip because it was one of the few carriers that had a direct flight there (and the cheapest also if I recall right) so I found myself booked on a Jetstar flight. Anyway, it was only a 5 hour flight so I figured that I would survive somehow.

But guess what? It wasn’t that bad except for a few downsides; but it was due to the flight timing rather than the flight itself. The timings for the flight for Okinawa are quite awful though (depending what kind of traveller you are) and these were mine:

  • 2am – 8am (Singapore to Okinawa, Approx 5 hours)
  • 9am – 1.25pm (Okinawa to Singapore, Approx 5 hours 25 mins)

Price paid: $450 (Airfare + 20KG luggage + meal + seat selection both ways)

Flight Report: Jetstar Singapore to Okinawa (Airbus A320)

And here’s my trip report:

Pre-boarding prior to my flight at Changi Airport. It was very smooth and seamless with the check in done with the kiosks.

Dropping off my luggage was easy as well.

Here’s my view of the Jetstar aircraft before I boarded!

This is an Airbus A320 with a 3 x 3 seat configuration.

Seats are black and were relatively comfortable.

The legroom looked a little squeezy at the start but after I settled in, I realized that the space isn’t THAT bad. However, please note that I am only 156 (5 feet 1).

They were quite generous in the space below in front of the seat as I managed to stuff my entire Fairprice Finest tote bag below.

My backpack would have fitted just fine too. Again, do note that if you choose to place your bags below the seat in front of you = less legroom for you to stretch out.

Unless you need to take things from the bag frequently, I suggest you put your luggage up on the overhead bins instead. What I like about them is that they are quite roomy and most importantly – I can reach to open/close it with my height 😂😂

This does play a part because there are some planes where I do struggle to open up them up and need to ask for assistance lol.

As always, there is no entertainment or in flight entertainment available on this budget airline so bring your own or read their magazines.

As a point to note, their in-flight magazines were a little torn.

I liked their free in flight magazines alot. It’s free to take home as well and I took it cos there were many valuable tips and itinerary ideas inside that I liked.

Incredible Kansai

In flight Jetstar magazine for Jan – Feb 2019!

They do have a nice in flight menu as well. I noticed that that is one point of Jetstar = they do focus on improving the food and revamping the menu as I’ve seen ads on Facebook. Just that it’s Abit expensive but if you take the bundle with the luggage, it’s not so bad.

I also like the fact that they actually bring in alot of local brands / offer local Singaporean food and options(:

My flight package came with a meal and luggage because I added them on knowing that I need luggage for the trip (it’s cold!). Due to that, I took the opportunity to order the most value for money option (duh) and to try the food at the same.

Meal to Okinawa: Hainanese Chicken Rice Set which comes with Udders dark chocolate ice cream (Singapore local brand) and a small bottle of water.

Let’s just say that this easily topped my list of one of my fave in-flight meals! Some parts of the chicken rice isn’t too good but 90% of it is really flavorful.

But yeah, there I was at 3.15am – tucking into a piping hot bowl of microwaved chicken rice and thinking how good it is. It tasted like home.

Gawd I feel fat eating it all. Plus that Udders dark chocolate ice cream too. That was good.

Okinawa to Singapore: Nasi Goreng Kunyit Ayam Bakar

I opted for the nasi goreng ayam bakar for my flight back from Okinawa to Singapore.

Again, it came with the bottled water and Udders dark chocolate ice cream.

Not many pieces of chicken but the flavor is there. I really like the rice. Very tasty. A decent in flight meal that I enjoyed from a budget airline. Not bad. 🙂

Moving back to the aircraft once again!Mainly the A320 plane is a short body aircraft without any toilets in between so the only toilets are located right at the back of the plane or all the way in the front.

Hence, if you are a frequent toilet go-er like myself, know where the toilets are. And this is also why I took Seat 28D, an aisle seat close to the toilet but not directly behind.

There were two toilets right at the back. The space is okay, but don’t expect too many amenities other than the usual facial tissue, paper towels, barf bags and hand soap.

Lastly, with regards to the service from Singapore to Okinawa – I don’t have an issue. Everything was smooth, well handled and organized and all the flight attendants were polite and friendly.

For Okinawa back to Singapore – I gotta commend one of the Jetstar crew (one of the senior ones, in terms of age). Cos there was this toddler who kept crying during the descend. While most people would get annoyed, she went the extra mile to make a free hot drink to pass to the family cos perhaps it was due to the pressure of the ears that caused the toddler to keep crying non stop. I thought that gesture was really nice 🙂

The child was a little better after that. Still cried but wasn’t as bad.

So here’s a great job to this crew member of 3K792 Okinawa to Singapore 1 Feb 2019, 9am – 1pm flight! Her name starts with an O btw.

P.s don’t forget to get the immigration and customs declaration forms for entry into Okinawa! This is usually distributed before you land / takeoff by the flight attendants(:

Overall, will recommend to take Jetstar for your Singapore to Okinawa trip and I don’t mind doing so again for my next trip. For the price, you can’t really complain and I’m satisfied for what I paid for(:

Thanks for reading this flight report!

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