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A Very Special Delivery: Hello Baby Leroy x Food Galore – 23 Jan 2019

As always, there were a thousand things (yeah exaggerating cos that’s me) that needs to be done on my to-do list especially during these few days before I fly.

But for special occasions and the important people in my life, it means dropping everything at once and dashing over when I got wind of a special delivery that morning 🙂

Knowing that I probably would be leaving office late as always (don’t I do that all the time anyway? Hahahha) so I figured I had better drop by during my lunch break.

Hurhur and it was also my first time using Go-Jek cos of the free welcome $5 vouchers to offset! It’s not exactly the cheapest either so do compare it with Grab or Ryde first before making a booking!(:

It was a little last minute but fortunately Thomson Medical Centre has this florist where I picked up a fruit basket (good for the mummy) and a balloon! Not cheap la but bobian hehe. And it’s worth it 🙂

Hehe it’s almost as if my prayers were answered in a sense. I was initially disappointed that I couldn’t meet up with usual kderellas gang due to schedule changes and Jess’s delivery date was originally supposed to be during the dates when I was away. So obviously when she announced to us of this special delivery, come hell or water – Aunty Daphne is coming down to visit!

Oo and it was my first time in the Premier Suite of Thomson Medical. Not bad eh? Jess was in the Lincoln Suite(:

Hello Baby Leroy!

Aunty Daphy is here to visit you~~~ Wahahha and guess what? I was the FIRST visitor there. Muahahaha 😂😂😎😎

Oh and the staff will always make sure they you check the tag before they pass the baby to you – just in case he/she is the wrong one!

So glad I got the opportunity to catch up a little with Jess at the same time too 🙂 Thank you for entertaining me hahahaha 😂😂

The star is of cos Baby Leroy – but let’s not forget about the biggest superstar of all, aka the mummy who went through so much to deliver a healthy baby boy! 🙂

Rushed back to work after that – again, in a Go Jek cos $5 voucher hahaha. Luckily I have a relatively understanding boss 🙂

Le boss also bought some CNY goodies for the office peeps – this time, homemade pineapple tarts from one of our clients, Empress Porridge!

These are the legit pineapple tarts whereby the owners actually bother to make the paste themselves and not use the store bought version.

You can tell when it’s kinda store bought one vs the real deal cos a) as our clients, they were updating us on the pineapple cooking process b) you can see the individual strands of the pineapple fibers when you bite into it.

Alot of love and hard work went into each and every handmade creation of this pineapple tart so you really must appreciate it 🙂

Thanks boss for getting a couple for the team!(:

Also on the things to try – shrooms chips which the boss bought too~

And then he made prata for us all of us. LOL. Disclaimer – store bought one ah. Hahahaha

But okay, we didn’t just pop it into the airfyer okay. He actually went to buy a frying pan so that he could heat it up using the induction cooker that we have in office and fried it with a touch of butter.

K, A+ for effort. Sankyu lol.

Pity we had no sugar in the office so these chocolate sprinkles he got for me as a souvenir from Jakarta worked as well. Hehe prata with chocolate sprinkles yummyyyy~ I still prefer my sugar though!

Was also my second last day in office so that meant packing up and carting things home. Hehe I’m sad to leave la but this was a choice that I made.

Gawd, and I’ve got a lot of barang barang to bring along with me lol. Carried this whole loot back home (part 1 that is) in my wedges. Crayyyy heavy but okay la, can handle! Hehe

It was a beautiful moon that night btw. Interestingly different from the usual nights!

And to end off on a bright note? CNY goodies / gifts from the Tanjong Rhu Pau uncle for my mom and I! Really thankful for these little gifts and friendship from the people around me 🙂

I’m thankful and really blessed! 🙂

Lastly, thanks ALWAYS for reading as well!

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