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The Day My Google Pixel 2 Died x #10yearchallenge – 15 Jan 2019

This is going to be a rather short post (I think), cos the worst has happened. No, perhaps not anything major to many but to me = its HUGE!

My rather brand new Google Pixel 2 phone is officially..dead?!

Can’t believe I was so careless with it. I was texting on my phone and crashed into the door (at home, yeah at HOME) and my phone slipped out of my hands and crashed really really hard onto the floor.

I swear, my heart just sank to the floor immediately when I picked up my phone, saw the cracked screen and the flickering light. It was the FIRST TIME in my entire life that I ever had a cracked phone like this. Also my heart broke at the same time knowing seeing that brand new $1.2k phone gone just like that.

Note to self in the future:

  • Invest in a gorilla glass screen protector.
  • Be very careful with my phone.

It was literally a mad scramble after that when I realized that my phone was dead.

First up, I knew I was screwed. Cos it’s my working phone as well. I had loads of accounts signed in onto it and alot of data. More importantly, as my boss’s PA as well..I have to be contactable and need access to my calendar etc. At the same time, I had some client work due to the next day as well and I kinda need my phone for that.

Realized how reliant I am on my phone that I was a little lost without it. This is also A HUGE damper to my plans and finances because getting a replacement phone means that the latter is going to be taking a big big hit. Not good cos this was unplanned since I was planning to hold on to this phone for at least a year more (got this only last year after much contemplation). Quite a few items were also saved to my phone’s storage as well so sigh.

Self pity party aside, that meant trying to figure out how to deal with this problem at hand step by step.

Get a replacement phone first. ASAP. Tried with my iPad and oh gawd i really dislike Apple. It just doesn’t work for me in that sense and my Apple ID was a pain in the ass. Nope, bye.

Thank goodness I still had my good ol’ Samsung S7 from last year. It’s a little wonky, a little laggy but its a working phone at the very least. Spent the whole night just updating updates and clearing my phone memory so that I can at least use it temporaily.

My own recourse of action:

  • Try to fix my Google Pixel ASAP.
  • If it fails, the back up plan is to get a replacement phone ASAP within the week cos I was flying off the next.

Money fly yes, but this is my biggest fault and own mistake for being careless so I gotta live with it. To make ends meet in that sense for my budgeting..I guess the Google Pixelbook dream will have to wait again.

Yeah, decided that I would eat into the budget for my new lappy to split invest into a new phone and a budget lappy for the same amount. Lol you can see my #priorities = phone > Lappy.

Of cos, if my phone can be fixed then that’s a different story. I don’t really have high hopes for that though. Sigh.

Okay I can’t believe I whined so much about my phone in this one post LOL. Have to buck up, hustle on and recover this 1k somehow.

That aside, this was a quick rundown of my day earlier on (thank goodness for Google Photos backup) with the last of my photos from my Pixel 2 😢😢😭😭

Souvenirs from the boss (sankyuuu!)

Team meeting in the office

Over kueh lapis hurhur.

Team lunch (thanks Boss!)

Loads of snacks (obviously) / souvenirs and beer hahaha!


First ever Redmart delivery came too ^^

Random BD meeting which I tagged along with le boss with a GrabShare ride (my first!)

He’s really good at his job and I admire him for that. Deal was literally closed on the spot and hey, suddenly we have a new client in HAHHA 😂

It’s quite an exciting and fun brand but I’m just not sure if I’ll be around to watch it get launched by us though. Let’s see how it goes.

And of cos, perks of the job? Free dinner hahahhaa. It was good 🙂

Hehe and before my phone died, was playing around with the #10yearchallenge.

Lol piangz act cute beh HAHAHHAHA. Guess I’ve always been loving the camera since 10 years ago!

Alright and that’s it for this post! Thanks for making it this far if you have 🙂 Have a good day and be careful with handling your phone 😭😭😂😂

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