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I love Peanut Pancakes x CNY Media Drops x Digital Marketing Workshop – 14 Jan 2019

Monday morning thoughts: Sometimes I look around me and think about the people I know and WOW. I’m just amazed by how talented they all are. Sometimes I wish I could have their abilities. A little envious but I just remind myself that – hey, I too have my own strengths too ^^

We all do! 💪💪

But eh, recently have been losing focus and motivation. I’m not sure why though and what’s going on with me as well. Sometimes I’m at this crossroad where I’m SURE I made the right decision. But then, I’m like am I doing the wrong thing again?

Idk. Sometimes it’s just easier to just not think about it and see what fate has in store for me. Really no point about it .. cos ultimately I know for sure, it will somehow work out. Somehow 💁

(Gee, I’m a ball of hope aren’t I? HAHHAHA)

That aside, it’s been awhile since y’all seen my two eggs for brekkie so here you go. Lol.

And then it moved on to lunch after that!

Again, may not have the opportunity to be back here again at Chinatown Complex very soon so I’m taking this opportunity now to try the hawker centre during the next few weeks 🙂

Was gonna be on a budget once again so to prep myself and tighten those purse strings – I set myself a $2 budget for lunch to see what I could get.

Mm, actually you’ll be surprised that you can get ALOT of food for $2. Unfortunately, you have to come early though as usually it’s sold out by lunch. That’s the trend I’m noticing.

Otherwise, there’s loads of unique / very affordable food around – you’ll be so damn spoilt for choice and this hawker centre is SO huge!! Kinda sad it’s gonna be undergoing renovations soon as it’s a slice of our Singapore hawker heritage.

Oh and I ultimately settled for peanut pancakes from this stall called Xin Xuan Pancakes!

Each pancake is 80 cents (buy 10 and get 2 free) and they are all handmade and freshly baked on the spot! Only 3 flavors to choose from – coconut / peanut / red bean and yes, it’s vegetarian!

You might have to wait for abit as the uncle churns them out batch by batch. The most popular flavor is the peanut one followed by the coconut.

Lol the red bean, not as popular hahahaha.

My piping hot 80cents loot of a peanut pancake 🥜

Scoffed down within seconds HAHHAHA.

Took this chance during my lunch break to do my usual social media duties aka snap photos of my media drops!

This time round, I had two – one from Bakerzin thanks to my fave BC ladies and a new brand I’ve not worked with before, the nutkins!

Very generous loots from Bakerzin as always, a box of assorted pineapple tarts (orange/rose/chrysanthemum), very interesting flavors for CNY. Tastewise is okay, the rose was my fave.

I actually liked the cookies better – we have matcha / black sesame / orange. Surprisingly the last flavor was my fave heh 🙂

Thanks Bakerzin and Brandcellar for sending them over!

And then we also have the nutkins! Again, interesting flavors and products – I’ve never tried black pepper crab flavored peanuts nor baked prawns flavored peanuts before.

I thought the taste for the latter was a little mild but rather addictive to eat and very crunchy/fresh/crispy.

The former was alright, tasted like black pepper peanuts-ish. I also like the fact that the packaging is resealable though I almost polished off the whole packet alone while working and munching HAHHAHA.

What I really have to applaud is the cookies and cream popcorn by The Kettle Gourmet (the same guys behind The Nutkins brand).

Those were SERIOUSLY addictive popcorn and really good. The team couldn’t stop at one piece, it was that good. They even contemplated on ordering it immediately as well 😂

Proudly made in Singapore. Ah, what a sense of pride to see that 🙂 A recommended souvenir imo hehe.

Thanks for sending it over!

Today’s snack basket is crazy filled up in the office for the taking! Too bad it’s just not Abi friendly (aka vegan friendly). Oh wells 💁

Other foodish of the day?

Grapes and water lol.

I also attempted to air fry the shrimp crackers that Steffi brought for me from Indonesia. But it didn’t work 🤦🤣😭

I dumped it into the airfryer for literally 20-30 mins and they just remained in the same state 😓

Sorry to waste but batch #1 = fail. Halp lol.

Non stop snacking x work lol. As I said – I almost polished this off myself!

And then a quick caifan dinner before I had to run for my workshop. Tee-hee only $2 for this (a wee bit of rice + veg + gulourou) = so WORTH IT! Gonna miss the caifan place the most 😭😭

Was off for my workshop as I mentioned – first time at WeWork over at Suntec Tower 5 as the Wantedly x General Assembly Digital Marketing class was being held there.

It’s hilarious cos this is the second time I’m attending the Introduction to Digital Marketing class with General Assembly – albeit with a different speaker.

And hell yeah there is a huge difference in the slides and even content. Whereby during the first class I attended, the lecturer was focusing so much more on the non-paid portion of digital marketing which I could grasp better.

For this class, the focus was more on the paid part (B2B?) which I’ve never done/learnt before especially with regards to the ad space/ad bidding and all that (basically Google Display / DoubleClick and such) so I was a little cross eyed on that part.

P.s these classes are FREE! I’m just going to kinda see if I can pick up anything interesting to learn or smth. But I don’t think digital marketing is my thing though. Not a fan of the ROI, numbers, KPIs and all that 😭 Too much of a free spirit to be defined by those ._.

Hurhur on a brighter note – yeah, at least I got to chill at WeWork for abit and do some client work.

I love the place and the whole vibes!

Super IG worthy and just conducive for work, the kinda space you would love to be able to chill and hang at 🙂

Really love these privacy booths the best tho. Can forsee myself just cooped up there the whole day to do work hahahaha 🤣😂

And yeah, that’s about it for this post! Am just glad I took the opportunity to come for the class even though I don think I’m really cut for going down the digital marketing route as a career – but at least I got the chance to check out a nice co-working space in Singapore!

Hehe, indeed, you never know if eventually one day I’ll be needing to get myself a co working space for my own 🙂

Will let fate decide


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