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An Oxymoron Rollercoaster of Guilt x Positivity x Re-opening that Pandora Box – 7 Jan 2018

Mondays are always the busiest in the week – for a zillion reasons and one and that’s when you notice everyone getting productive (hence, loads of work being done = a flux spam of emails in my inbox) hahahaha. 😂

Busied till it was time to head out to collect my ezbuy parcel! Super convenient to actually pick it up from the stipulated pick up point, just that you gotta take note of the time.

What I really like about my office place is that it is situated in Chinatown, so I got to see all the CNY decorations for this year. It’s the PIG YEAR this 2019 and it seems like everyone is going down the cutesy route that I really like hehe.

Parcel collected and then it was a quick lunch – microwaved leftovers from my lunch on Sunday!(: Once again, I need to start to budget eat again but I’ve already done it before last year so I know it’s cool to do it again 🙂

Back to work once more, but I did take a break to open up my parcels for the day cos aiyo, I HAVE to stop once in awhile to take a break right?

Loving my new loots so much though! Bought a couple of props for the office and for myself as well along with a plethora of other loots (mainly clothes and such). This is actually my Christmas present to myself from the 12/12 sales back last year 🙂

A light dinner snack, and then I was OFF for my free workshop class at General Assembly 🙂

Tbh, I always feel so damn guilty for leaving my office when everyone is still hard at work. But I have to learn how to prioritize myself and my own stuff as well. Was running late for my workshop already so when I finally left at 615pm after hemming and hawing.

Indeed, this is just the start of learning how to leave work at office. Lol not to say that I don’t work on the go, I still do but on my own things.

Forgive me.

For choosing me and prioritizing my happiness this year.

That aside, I was immensely happy with the free introductory workshop class on digital marketing at General Assembly!

My current job only focuses on the F&B industry but this particular workshop covers loads of industries as a general term and I picked up quite a number of useful tips as well. Very good – and best of all? It was FREE 😂😂

It’s mainly targeted at start ups / small business owners imo with less emphasis on the paid components (Google Ads etc) and I think it’s useful for my own knowledge even if I don’t go into this field or career eventually – though technically I am (my blog and socials) part of the ecosystem if you think about it in a way. At least you know your role where you play in it from a marketer perspective and that’s a really useful skill to have 🙂

Recommended to attend even if it’s just for general knowledge 👌

Note: Understand that classroom theories are just theories and may or may not be applicable or feasible in real life scenarios. 🙂

Sadly, this kinda happened when I was in the washroom after my class. My first and only Pandora bracelet broke. Didn’t have the warranty or the receipt as it was a gift so I had to say goodbye. Don’t know why it felt like the final farewell in the sense. Good bye.

Anw, since I was around the vicinity – I took the opportunity to try out a place that has been on my TO-TRY list since forever: New Station Snack Bar at Far East Plaza!

This is their famous salted egg pork ribs rice ($6.50) which they are known for!

Pork ribs were tender (I was surprised) and the salted egg sauce was relatively flavorful. Enjoyed it soaked with my rice though personally I would prefer a stronger taste. Just glad to tick this off my to try list 🙂

It gets really crowded during dinner time though so if you are in a big group, there might be an issue. Otherwise if you came solo like what I did, just squeeze in somewhere hahahaha!(:

On that note, I’m also really touched/overwhelmed by the outpour of positivity when I posted about the ugly smile comment on my socials.

Choose to be kind (as much as you can, while not compromising on your own values, beliefs and yourself). It really makes the world go round 🙂

It made my day.

Unfortunately, on this day I also made a big boo boo as well. Sometimes I tend to forget that as honest I can be, sometimes I ought to keep my mouth shut on my socials in a way I guess.

I feel really bad about it as well knowing that my actions affected others, especially my own team – but I have to stand by what I posted cos it was the truth. I just didn’t have the obligation to post it so publicly.

Indeed, social media can be a double edged sword. Just some days – I tend to forget that ;/

Forgive me once again.

That’s one of my biggest flaws I guess. Good and bad.

What’s done is done though and I can’t take it back.

Threw a pity party for myself for awhile. But you know what – life goes on.

Let’s get back to work and do something more productive in life aka my blog work.

Gawd and I really need a new lappy cos my current Chromebook isn’t up to par to what I want. The question now is whether to take a risky (and very expensive) investment in the premium Chromebook that I have been eyeing for MONTHS or settle for a lower and more affordable budget one. Well, the answer will come to me soon I guess?

I still needed to find a replacement for my broken bracelet though. And that older bracelet was hidden inside this “Pandora box” (figuratively) which I keep hidden away and thrown to the hidden depths of my cupboard until I unearthed it that night.

Opening that Pandora box made me weak again cos a flood of memories washed over me. This is the bracelet that I bought for myself (chose a freshwater Pearl and my initial engraved on it) with a reminder of who I am.

Seems fitting that I’m wearing it back once again thanks to the recent decision I made.

Still. Has it been almost two years? Time flies.

There are some days when I’m weak
There are some days when I’m despondent.
There are some days when I miss you. A little.
Indeed, there are some days when I remember that I am only human.

And tonight’s one of these days.

As I said, I am only human, after all.

Not to say this despondent feeling lasted for long. Oh no it didn’t.


Thank you, NEXT 🙂

Let’s move on. 😎


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