Proudly owning my quirky oddball-ness – 4 Jan 2019

✓ Yellow umbrella peppered with brown bears.

✓ My fave Great Eastern red marathon runner tee

✓ Forest green skorts

✓ Purple sports bag slung on my right shoulder.

✓ Camera bag slung on my left shoulder.

✓ Slippers

Hell yeah. That was “work wear” for Friday as I trudged onwards to work at 10am HAHAHHAHA.

Not meeting clients / it’s a stay in office day to work so this is the end result lol.

A far cry from my usual outfits to work that is for sure but honestly..I don’t really care anymore at this point in time. As long as it fits, it’s comfortable and I’m okay with it = PASS. LOL. I think I look like I literally half rolled out of bed or getting ready to go for some sports meet or something.

Perhaps this is the “beauty” of marketing life but okay la, I’m taking it one notch up by such slack wear. 😂😂

Planning also to even wear my exercise wear to office next week cos I’m planning to use my BounceFit trial pass for the Robinson outlet so I wanna just head off straight there without changing at all. Gawd I’m so lazy I cannot 😂😂😂

Indeed, I’m proudly owning and probably flaunting the quirky oddball trait of mine :3

Waves I’M WEIRD AND PROUD FLAG proudly and maniacally in the air

Tbh this honestly reminds me of the time when I signed up for that 2 week unlimited trial yoga pass and literally went to the CBD area with no makeup and the same kinda slackwear. Lol it’s a miracle la cos I’m usually quite conscious about my hereditary dark eye circles.

But of cos, for decency’s sake and to not scare my team too much yet (and the kids), I did apply my usual concealer k 😂🙈🙊

Piangz though when I look at my REFLECTION. CMI wth. BTH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Just lift your head up. And own the outfit yo.

Other highlights of the day?

Using my Tsum Tsum cup, my souvenir from le boss for the first time!

Cai png cos..caipng lyfe

My article contribution to SGCarMart is up~ Lol this was done back in August 2018 actually 😂 Still, seeing my name there is pretty cool!

Thank you you-know-who for this opportunity 🙂 I’m really surrounded by kind souls 😭😭

Got suckered into backing a Kickstarter project 💸 It’s an investment I guess. On a new toy that I hope will be useful in the future 😊 Broke nvm, just eat caifan daily HAHAHHA.

Then it’s work all the way of cos. But 🙁 whyyyy

Something hilarious. Gee, similarwebs, you are funny. And fyi, there’s only one employee here. Moi 😂

Overall, a very fruitful, quiet and productive day all in all. Sometimes I feel like the office is my second home already. I can practically stay in ALL the way – just need a bed, working shower and you won’t even see me leave for DAYS. Well, other than to head to buy food perhaps. 😂

A true hermit at home.

开心!Happy :3

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