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First Day of 2019: All about Work x Trying Out Mary Grace Ensaymada – 1 January 2019

I was initially a little worried that I would be dying from my first BounceFit trial class that I took on the last day of 2018, but fortunately – my fears were unfounded cos I woke up feeling absolutely fine!

Granted, I did feel a little tension here and there but the muscle aches that I was expecting wasn’t there so not too bad. I was really expecting myself to not crawl out of bed actually HAHA.

This day was really simple though. No plans to head out and such cos I have A HUGE LOAD of pending work that needs to be done. Frankly I’m really worried for January as my schedule is PACKED to the brim.

I doubt I’ll have the time to meet most of my friends in January so most likely I’m pushing everything back to February while I focus on the last bout at my ft job, my ongoing blog clients’ work while juggling my BounceFit classes which I signed up for. Yep, all of these have to be done and I definitely overloaded myself once again. Not good.

But nvm, I’ll tackle this. One step at a time. I will till the very last day on 24 when I’m finally (mostly) free from my shackles and committments to my freedom.

T-23 days to go. I can do this.

Anyway, I started my day naturally with the usual blog writing – cos what else do I do right? Hahaha. And then enjoyed a homecooked lunch by my mom(:

I’m blessed. Heh and I’m still trying to cut down my food intake to keep to my weight loss resolution in 2019! Hopefully it will all go well!

Of cos it’s not helping when my neighbours gave us a gift from their home country (the Philippines) – the ensaymada from the famous Mary Grace bakery! Heh

But I’m really thankful to them for sharing it with us. That was a really really nice and thoughtful gesture 🙂 Can’t believe I never thought to get them anything for Christmas. Ridiculous, definitely getting them something for the New Year!

They look really cute though like little burgers in their Mary Grace wrappers!

Anyway it was my first time trying out this ensaymada and boy, I gotta say that the pungent smell of the Edam cheese will hit your nose the moment you remove it from the wrapper.

Sorry..I only love melted cheese (and certain one) but not strong cheese smells like these which are a little pungent for how durian or smelly tofu smells like to certain people. Pure cheese lovers and aficionado alike will absolutely LOVE the smell though.

Anw, I tried to put the smell aside cos I really wanted to conduct a taste test. But phew, I really had to take a deep breathe before putting it into my mouth.

But y’know what? The taste wasn’t as bad as I expected! I was really expecting like a really heavy cheese taste or something but nope. The bun itself was soft and fluffy, and the outside was sweet and sugary – like condensed milk on top. Granted, there was some cheese on top which I tried to shake off (sorry lol) but honestly when I ate that one piece – I was surprised by the delicate taste, in a good way.

Yeah. It was actually really good tbf. Wow.

Packed one to work to share with the team of cos 🙂

After that, it was pretty much back to work! Unfortunately, I was really distracted doing other things for my blog and personal stuff which I had been meaning to do instead of focusing on my current work. Not good for the latter..

BUT, on a brighter note – at least I managed to get some things going including:

  • Getting my second venture SSL verified
  • Update all the Google Webmaster Search console nonsense for both sites which I have no exact idea on what I was doing. Just whack.
  • Publish and record a few episodes of The Mitsueki Podcast
  • Update my LinkedIn
  • Write my 2019 resolutions and do some self reflections for 2018

Didn’t run or walk for this day. Even though I don’t really suffer from major muscle aches, I can feel abit of tension so I better not push myself too much.

Control. And more time 🤦😾

I really need that. Especially the latter.

Ugh and I really need to work on my clients’ work.


Sigh. Sometimes I just wanna create stuff. My own stuff ALL the time. Freely and without a care in the world and not worry about anything like money. That’s the dream from many – isn’t it? 😿😭


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♥ mitsueki

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