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Last day of work in 2018 x Le Introvert Hermit Appears x Self Care – 28 Dec 2018

No, I haven’t quit. Realized the title may be misleading in a way hahaha but what I’m saying is that it’s the last day of work in 2018 for the company cos le boss gave us a full day off on 31st = woot!

Unfortunately the first thing is this = Miss Daphne was late. Like SUPER late on this day. Some stuff happened in the wee hours of the morning as well so tbh, it didn’t start off on a right note. 50c donated 🙁

An irony that I was preaching about the importance of time in my previous post but yet, I myself is guilty of the same thing (being late). Ah, I’m an awful person 😫

I just hope the rest of the day would be good though (:

P.s those cornflake cookies are growing on me!

Was feeling really exhausted again. Not sure of the exact factor causing it but I suspect it could be due to a multitude of factors stuff that happened in the morning and perhaps a general build up of things recently. Perhaps too, my introvert hermit mode is kicking into action and I have had too much socializing recently. I haven’t had the opportunity to really decompress in a long time.

Even though I knew I only had one day left of work till I have an actual, ACTUAL break (1 day only, better than nth) but bth, needed to retreat and hide out from the world and social media for abit.

Due to the nature of my job, I can’t really afford to fully disconnect much but at least I’m hidden in my little self made hermit cave in the office so hopefully that would be better and it can tide me over for abit until my break.

Yeah, that break should be on 1 Jan 2019 according to my schedule cos on the rest of the days – there’s again, always something on. Thinking back, my last ‘break’ was 9 Dec and I’ve been going at it at full speed since then.

Cannot la, engine breakdown today hahahaha. What a metaphor to describe it. lol

Really gotta give it to the boss (if he ever reads this). Don’t know how he can continuously keep it up.

I clap for you boss.

I, on the other hand – cannot. lol.

Time to start practicing some self care, cos at the rate I’m going – I have a feeling I might just burnout eventually and that isn’t the best place to be in.

P.s, here’s how I hide out in social media: my IG stories @mitsueki hahaha, if I actually bother to update. Most of them I do…senselessly. Otherwise, my socials are quite quiet when I’m in this kinda hermit mode lol. Of cos there are more extreme days when I totally cut myself from ALL and just retreat. Depends, I’m a moody and quirky oddball so not many people can take that wahahahaha.

source: introvertdear

And people say I’m extroverted.

Nope, I’m very introverted and my alone time is super important ._.

Introvert hangover is real people :< Yay to self diagnose on Google LOL

“You can express yourself in different ways, and those ways can speak just as loudly as being extroverted.”

Yaoyao Ma Van As

I feel you.

Lol, that aside – I eventually got kicked out of my hermit space to get back to reality 😭😭

But okay la, that little disconnection and self pity/whining party was sufficient to get me going once again HAHAHA.

Back to work ~_~

But something really sad happened after that. Call it fate it or something but Bob, our office pet fish died in this day. The very last working day of 2018 🙁

RIP Bob…

Luckily we could uplift our spirits with desserts for teabreak – homemade tiramisu from Leona and my mom’s homemade almond jelly.

All very VERY nice of cos! 😊😊

And for dinner? I had this tingkat set which Gwen and Genice brought back from their shoot with Empress Porridge the day before! Didn’t have time to eat last night so we kept it in the fridge.

But damn, if we could eat it would have been perfect!

Unfortunately, you can’t put the tingkat containers into the microwave so I had to take everything out and place them on a microwavable plate and such.

It may be a day old, reheated and from the fridge but you know what? It tasted as good as it looks.

Very homely feeling you get when you eat it – which is the brand story of Empress Porridge as well. It really feels / tastes like mom’s cooking if you know what I mean.

Shared it with Gwen, our meal for two heehee 🙂

Haiyo and we were all still OT-ing after 6 as always..well, trying to clear work as much as we can as well cos it’s a long break ahead for us.

But we did leave eventually lahhh. Plus I had to run errands by being a Santa-rina again haha.

This time, dropped by Brandcellar’s new office with just a tiny token of my appreciation for my fave ladies 🙂

It’s a yearly affair for me to do so but this year’s been more busy with my ft job and such so I didn’t get to meet up with them personally. Regardless, at least I had a little time now to drop by to deliver so why not?(:

Only 3 things to do to end off the night!

Cold Storage loots woot! Gonna be awhile till I get any vouchers for the year cos I didn’t hit my Vitality for the last two weeks due to work committments. Ugh but NVM, I’ll work hard for it next year!

Finally, FINALLY did a quick walk after so long. It’s been awhile since I could find some time to disconnect and I really miss it. Glad I finally did it(: This alone time is really important for me (perhaps my sanity too HAHHA). #hermitlife

And last but not least, I remembered to use my hair treatment from Beijing 101 woot! Important ley, cos gotta see the effects (before and after!)! Can’t wait to share~

Meanwhile, that’s it for the day! Thanks always for reading and I hope you had a GREAT Friday on the last week of 2018~

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