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Defining the Role x Back to Back Meetings x My First Beef Wellington – 20 Dec 2018

Lol how apt that this is the first post of 2019 that is being scheduled/published hahaha. Indeed, perhaps it’s time to change this to a different label – no longer is this really the Chronicles of a typical office lady in Singapore but it should be Chronicles of a typical PA in Singapore instead HAHHAHA.

Am sure alot of people are curious about the exact role or nature or my ft job but all I can say is that..I wear many hats in the office la. But essentially if you want to boil it down – my biggest role is to serve as the PA/EA to the boss (for now 😏😼, ye this is a smirk).

Again on top of that there’s a plethora of other things I handle as well (minor accounts/perhaps a little of HR/PR hosting/staff welfare (?)/and a zillion other misc where I’m needed). All I can say – this is what happens in a smaller company 💁

Hurhur then don’t forget the outside roles I play outside of my ft job – my blog and my other new venture where again, I’m the all-in-one. But who knows? Eventually perhaps my #mitsuekimedia “empire” will be expanding(:

Well, time will tell, so stay tuned 2019 cos exciting things WILL BE happening 😊🙊

That aside, let’s start off with this packet of pumpkin chips that the boss brought in for us to share cos the earlier part of my day is all about the usual work stuff so I’m not gonna be touching on that!

Lunch was then at Ji Ji Wanton Mee which was a stone’s throw away from the office and cos the boss had a craving for wanton mee! We are actually really blessed to be surrounded by so much good food around the area but it’s just a pity that at this point of time when we are crazy overwhelmed at this moment, it’s not often that we get the opportunity to head out to eat for lunch other than the usual dabao.

In fact, it wasn’t the whole team who had lunch but just a couple of us cos one was away doing a PR hosting and the other was rushing out work cos she had to help out for a video shoot after that.

What can I say? We’re all extremely busy people lol. 💁

Oh and since it was my first time there – the best thing to order is naturally their signature dish = Ji Ji Signature Wanton Noodles for $4.80!

It may seem a tad expensive for wanton mee on the surface but it’s well worth it!

You get this really springy QQ noodles (so different from the usual wanton mees in Singapore!) and a load of other ingredients such as 3 huge pieces of fried wanton, 3 pieces of cooked wantons, char siew, mushrooms and vegetables including a free bowl of soup!

Worth it? Yeah we think so too!

Oh ya you can also add chicken feet or try their curry chicken as well! But I suggest just sticking to the signature one haha!

Afterwhich, it was a really busy and long day ahead for this day! Oh ya, if you think MY day is busy, it’s definitely NOTHING compared to the boss. As his PA, I know his schedule so yeah, it’s packed worst than mine! :/ hurhurhur and if I’m being evil, I’m also the person who controls his schedule (kinda) 😂😂

That aside, it was the first meeting for the afternoon! It all went down successful I think, deal pretty much sealed perhaps but that’s kinda when the actual work begins after.

Quite excited to get a new client onboard if it’s confirmed and start establishing a good long term working relationship (if possible) – which is the essential gist of every partnership don’t you think so?(: And no, I’m not the one talking – I’m just there to nod nod and carry the lappy, yep my main job hahahaha! 😂

P.s, yes as always – if you’re an F&B owner looking to hire a marketing agency, feel free to drop me a message so that I can link you up with my boss (disclaimer: we are also selective on the brands we work with, thanks for your understanding!) 🙂

I then took a business call in the office after that for my own deal and yep, settled and done with too. Yes, my blogging /#mitsuekimedia advertorial services are also for hire (but I’m very selective as well!) ;p

Gee, I’m learning I guess. Still a fledgling bird though but I’m pretty sure I can hold my own a little better now 🐧 That’s how you kinda learn and grow la 🙂

Snacking on christmas brownies from Christine while doing work 🙂 So thankful!

Haiz and then halfway – I got called out to attend another meeting while running an errand to pick up stuff~

Indeed, I’m usually running around most of the time but this round is a little more inconvenient cos I needed to lug my lappy for the late night meeting AND juggle carrying the prints AND it was raining to boot 😭😭😭

Decided to just heck it and walk in the rain but I was not a happy camper at all :< Yeah not bad eh? Can carry my bag, the hugeass bulky stuff, my laptop and still take a selfie at the same time HAHHAA.

On a brighter note, yayyyy I got to try the beef wellington dish for the very FIRST TIME in my entire life. All MINEEE as well! Some clients are really so generous~ Guess it’s worth walking in the rain and lugging all my stuff for hahahahaha.

It’s a huge pity that the beef wellington dish was only available for festive period at Saveur till 6 Jan 2019! To me, this was really the most value for money 3 course meal during the festive period where you can order a beef Wellington, a foie gras starter and desserts for $32.90+, you can’t beat that kinda value 😱😱

P.s I love my steak rare usually 🙂

Steak x work = woot. Skipped on the whiskey though I have a slight regret not trying a sip at the very least. Oh wells 💁

This meeting overran quite awhile and let’s just say that BTS (behind the scenes), loads of last minute scrambling and stuff was being done to prep for our next meeting after HAHAHHA.

But yep somehow or another, we were then doing our PR hosting at one of our clients after that! Hehe I’ve watched the conceptualizing of this client since the begining so it was nice to see everything coming together. Again not my account but I kinda am involved in everything I guess lol.

Most importantly, our influencer has to enjoy the food (and the company :p).

Hurhurhur and if you think the day ended yet – YOU ARE WRONG! It’s one of those late night meetings at 10pm with one of our clients as well. 😂😂

At least we got to try out the new drinks (R&D on the spot), snack on a few stuff and get some things confirmed to get at least some things moving – which is the main essential gist of all of these client meetings!

It was a long day though (once again, nth compared to le boss who had it worst) and I was finally in the cab at around 1212am. 回家咯!~

Back home and shag life – you basically just wanna die off in bed and not wanna do anything!~

It’s lucky that work starts at 1030am the next day. Phew – some beauty sleep needed!

Thanks for reading if you made it all the way here~

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